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Syrian Military Bombs Oil Smuggling Infrastructure In Turkish-Occupied Areas, War Report

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Syrian Military Bombs Oil Smuggling Infrastructure In Turkish-Occupied Areas, War Report

On November 26, Kurdish rebels from the so-called Afrin Liberation Forces announced that their forces had eliminated 5 Turkish-backed militants and injured 6 others in an attack near Tuweys in northern Aleppo. The killed and injured militants were reportedly belonging to the al-Waqqas Brigade, which is involved in Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring as a part of the Syrian National Army.

On November 27, Kurdish rebels launched at least 6 rockets at the Turkish-occupied town of Azaz. The shelling reportedly hit a prison run by Turkish proxies injuring at least 3 people.

On November 27 and 28, clashes between the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces and Turkish-led forces were ongoing near the village of Abduki in northern Raqqa. According to pro-Kurdish sources, the Syrian National Army advanced on their positions backed up by the Turkish Army. However, the attack was repelled.

Additionally, 2 Turkish soldiers were killed in a mortar attack that targeted their position in the vicinity of the town of Akcakale on the Syrian border, according to the Turkish Defense Ministry.

19 people were killed and 45 others were injured in a car bomb explosion in the Turkish-occupied town of Tell Halaf on November 26. The explosion took place at the town’s main market, which was crowded by civilians and Turkish-backed militants. Turkish sources immediately accused Kurdish armed groups of being behind the attack.

On November 26, unidentified warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes on oil tankers and facilities belonging to Turkish-backed militant groups north and northeast of Al-Bab, and near Jarabulus. On November 27, the Syrian army took responsibility for the attack and announced that it will take measures to put an end to oil smuggling from the eastern bank of the Euphrates to Turkey. Oil looted by US forces at the Syrian oil fields are being smuggled with help of the SDF/YPG leadership to Turkey through northern Aleppo and Iraq’s Kurdistan Region. It is unlikely that Damascus even with help from Iran and Russia will be able to kill this business in the near future. Nonetheless, efforts in this field could create some obstacles for the sides involved.

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Rüdiger Preiss

Nothing of this in main stream media of course …

Bill Wilson

The general public isn’t interested in minor actions that occur daily in war zones.

Tudor Miron

No one is asking sheeple what they are interested in. Sheeple are fed with stuff that is required to not allow them to develop into humans.

Bill Wilson

LOL! They’re born human so naturally become sheeple as long as the local grazing stays good.

Jens Holm

I see the picture as poor grass but guarded hard with fences and armed support being a no choise.

Several other scenaries are possible too.

Rüdiger Preiss

I wouldn’t consider this a minor incident. If the Syrian Government was “smuggling” Iranian Oil via Iraq and the Coalition Forces were to bomb them, with a degree of certainty this would quickly make headlines in major western News outlets

Jens Holm

I can conform Bill Wilson. There are so many smaller incidents to very small targets. People here write in BIIIG letters: change th map, even its only 100 meteres and the terrain is taken back the same day.

To many locals expect Middle East is the center of the world and they are the most important ones.

Too many think we are uninformed, but the world has about 8 billion inhabitants and even people having a lot of time – which I now and then has – cant read and understand in more then 24 hours a day.

The fightings in North and West Syria is well covered compared to the coverage for other parts of the world.

We see Your version of selfmade Babylon every day and only bad solutions or none for and against it.

Smugling in warzones is made because of contrast of lacks. Some is supported, some is fighted against and some is accepted. People doing that are not only Jihadists but also people needing any possible income.

Dirty – YES.

Well make Assads reasign and Emmigrate to Sibiria or something. Thats the reasons for the uprises.

Rüdiger Preiss

Get lost, Ziophile


Clearly, you have no idea of what your talking about. The Syrian people support Assad 100%, that must hurt his detractors immensly. Otherwise why would they VOLUNTEER to fight with the Syrian forces ???????? Get the F*** out of Syria, and everything will then settle down. The U.S. KNOWS this, and that’s the reason they REFUSE to leave. Keep the kettle boiling.


This is going to mess up that trade.

Bill Wilson

Nah. Those primitive stills are everywhere because their operators don’t have any problems buying the crude petroleum to distill and having buyers for the end products, which are crappy Diesel fuel and kerosene for heating and cooking. Those teapot operations run the very heavy sour Syrian crude which makes up 60% of Syria’s oil reserves so most likely are buying it from those that purchased the crude from the Kurds, the Syrian government or tribes that steal it from local oil fields to earn some cash. There’s plenty of those small tanker trucks inside Syria since they were used to deliver potable water and kerosene to the small scattered villages. If the government in Damascus wants to cause problems for the Turks then the SAA needs to destroy the two modular refineries that were set up SW of Jarabulus. Those actually produce decent fuels, lubricating oils and kerosene that fetch higher prices so destroying those expensive units would cause more economic harm to the Turks and their proxies.


Well, they are beginning hit stuff. Let’s see where it leads. I think the hits will get bigger and nastier, especially after Idlib is settled.

Jens Holm

I agree. A possible income or delievery often gets compensated by a semilar possible one.

fuel, heavy weapon, food, medical care. People in those nets even steal from UN and Red Cross to finance, what they need for trade.

A good bad example by Houtis being dirty was robbing UN supply. They took everything and what they did not need themselves, they sold to the civilians.which should have had it for free.

Ralph Conner

Oil transport cost goes up and thieves’ profits go down with every attak on the theives’ logistics. Ha ha.

Jens Holm

Ypu fx forget, that market prices can go up and it can become easier to get an income. Its also about vitallity as assumed by this article.

Its off fighting importance for Assads, that “FSAs” get no fuel. Assads do feel that one very much themselves.


One is reminded that Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was selling oil to the Germans as they invaded Holland in WWII. When it comes to oil, nothing gets in the way of business. Even ISIS seemed to be able to do business with the kurds, turks and even the Syrian government

Jens Holm

You should write more about that, then You do. Duth oil(as I racall it Shell being 50:50 with britts) has agreements with the germans and fulfilled it. Furthermore Nazis took Hollaand fast.

There was no choise apart from German revenge. And true, the revenege came and Netherland was the most plundered part of the german possitions and manyu even starved to death in the last months after Market Garden.

And Germany has Friends as well as “Not enemies” outside Germany. I think You would be more sober explaining why Bernhards did this and that.

Its the same for my even smaller country Denmark. We had followed the Chamberlein line well and by that and being poor as well, we only had few nor well armed troops. We had just seen Germans take Poland and the results for the population there.

A wast majority of the danish elected Goverment decided to be a mainly loyal affiliate to the Nazis and had that relative succes from 1939 to 1943. That made no honor among danes as well as outside Our country. But many of us felt, it was not Our war. We had good relations to Germany even we had few nazis here.

But afterwards I am more gratefull then shamefull about it. Many1000 danes was not killed beacuse of that. I think stay alive is above being a dead non hero.

Maybee I wasnt even born and can write here today. My parents and Gransparents lived in a big town being a road and railroad center having 200 infantery soldiers in baracks just outside the towncenter.

Tommy Jensen

You are right. Its better being a coward than dead, its even written in the bible. A little country need to zig zag when major neighbours as Germany and England fight over their land. However, here is the Danes on their way to joint the Nazis in Operation Barbarossa. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/21d1ae324730b4be35da5517320510387466b32860bc236e6aeecd5e848631b7.jpg

Jens Holm

Thanks for the picture. I dont know if You can read danish even You have a common Danish name. But the link is where those first danish nazist were involved and hard.

They kept the Demjansk pocket open. By luck I saw a danish journalist visiting the roads they defended. There was a big danish war churchyard with many many names. She found 2 danish names there.

She was assisted by Russian Civile defences cleaning up the area still finding Nazi and Russian skelletons, when they had time for it. 14 days before they had found 3 more, which later on should have a funeral in at a nearby church.


My Gransmother and father remembered those Danish Nazis comming home og leave. Things had changed. When they left, they were kind of accepted agaisnt the Communists or something.

When they came home, they were very unpopular and even had to take up their pistolds to calm people down.

We all have strange stories. My Grandfathers sister emmigrated to USA and was married to a Japanese in San Francisco. The son being not in the War but coem civile clerk was killed at Peral Harbour and her housbond almost same day was taken into protection as a maybee Japenese enemy.

Jens Holm

I have known a real nazi maybee being there. He was at the Leningrad front and got his kidnyes destroyed because they only got bad alcohol and hardly any food.

I was porter at a hotel 3 years with him. Normally he was dressed normal, but several days a year he had a nicer suit and a very nice tie.

When I asked him why, he said it was the Geburtstag of Hitler and a Victory day for this and that. He said he became a nazi because he had no family and Hirlerjugend defende him and learned attacks against mobbing.

He learned me at least 3 things: 1) Everybody sit on the toilet in the same way 2) Whatever You are poor or rich Yiu have exact the same worries for Your children and famiy things and strange enough 3) Here we dont divide in nationalities. We divede all incommers in good, in the middfle and bad ones, but some countries has more bad ones then others:)

I was 18. It was my first job. He was very nice ro me and I respected that part of him more then the nazi one. I didnt talk about his good and bad old days.

Have a nice day. I have a small garden and an old wooden fence to repair.


You didn’t have to be a Nazi to be at the Russian front. My Dad was in the Weremacht (whatever) he was wounded twice, as a reward, when he recovered, he was sent to Rommel’s Africa Corps where he stayed until the end of the war. He had no choice, he was conscripted and like everyone says, followed orders, just like the American military today is doing. Anyone objecting was summarily dealt with. Again, just like today in the U.S. Military. The similarities are frightening indeed.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans spend huge amounts to steal and then they fail to smuggle their stolen oil

Denyse Viney-Pez

What a world!

Rodney Loder

May Allah (swt) have mercy on my Martyred Turkish believers in Paradise who found their peace with the Prophet Muhammad (pbuH) and may the Kurdish terrorists find their place in their israeli hell.

Karen Bartlett

If a prison is run by Turkish-backed terrorists then it’s probably regular Syrian citizens inside.

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