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Syrian Militants Playing “Children’s Games” Waiting To Join The Fray In Nagorno-Karabakh

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Syrian Militants Playing "Children's Games" Waiting To Join The Fray In Nagorno-Karabakh

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In order to simply provide evidence that Turkey’s deploying militants to fight on behalf of Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh, these same militants continue uploading videos of their adventures.

Islamists can be divided into those who were immediately thrown into battle, and those who are still enjoying doing nothing for Azerbaijani money.

A video of Arabs dressed in military uniforms appeared on social media.

“The fighters who listen to the songs of the Sultan Murad group joke and talk. “We are at the crossing with Armenia,” one said.

While the other corrects him: “We are in Libya, in Libya,” the Syrian producer of the British BBC Riam Dalati decoded the video. He clarified that the militants say that they are engaged in children’s games here, as they have nothing to do.

At the same time, the journalist of the German Bild Julian Repke found out with the help of geolocation the location of the Syrian militants who shot the video.

“The worthy fighters of the Free Syrian Army are the best of the best. Erdogan decided to fight for a better world. Not in Syria,” the German journalist wrote sarcastically on Twitter. He cites geolocation that the shooting was carried out at the Azerbaijani base in Horadiz, on the border with Iran and six kilometers from the front with Nagorno-Karabakh.

BBC Syrian producer Riam Dalati also published what is believed to be the earliest video of Syrian militants in Azerbaijan.

It was removed on September 25-26th, on the eve of the offensive.

On one of the mountain ranges, an unknown person put a backpack into which the flag of the Syrian “rebels” is inserted. There are no such mountains in Syria or Libya.

The video, filmed by a Syrian militant right on the battlefield, has already been published by the analyst of the American Center for Global Policy (CGP) Elizabeth Tsurkova.

“Video of a Syrian mercenary in Azerbaijan. He speaks of the heavy shelling by the Armenian forces. The fighter is 23-year-old Mustafa Kanti. Previously, he was recruited to Libya in the Hamza Division, a Turkish-controlled group, ”she wrote on Twitter.

The video shows how a young militant lies in a ditch, which has been adapted for defensive reinforcement, and brushes the earth from his hair after the shelling.

Several more videos from Azerbaijan have appeared in recent days in a Syrian group on the WhatsApp messenger. In one of them, the author shows the bodies of the dead people in camouflage uniforms and says: “Pigs of the Armenian army”.

In another, a group of militants greets an attack helicopter, which is hovering over a field and launching missile strikes at an unknown target.


Meanwhile, on her page on the social network, the American analyst Elizabeth Tsurkova also published footage of the bodies of the first militants killed in Nagorno-Karabakh being brought to Syria.

“The body of Muhammad Khaled Ha-Shahn, which was brought from Azerbaijan to the Khivar Kilis border crossing, which connects Turkey and the zones under its control in Syria. He is one of 55 Syrians killed in Azerbaijan who were handed over last night, an eyewitness said,” said Elizabeth Tsurkova on 4 October.

On October 5th, the Syrian Jisr newspaper published a video of the preparation of the mass funeral of the militants who died in Azerbaijan.

“Last night, four refrigerated trucks with bodies arrived at one of the border crossings in the northern countryside of Aleppo province. They were buried at night and in complete secrecy, in mass graves, in the presence of a clergyman and a limited number of comrades and relatives, “Jisr wrote.

According to the Syrian newspaper, by October 5, about 80 Syrian fighters had been killed in Azerbaijan, and about a thousand more are now in Nagorno-Karabakh.

An unnamed source told Jisr that the Azerbaijanis want to advance 70-80 kilometers deep in Nagorno-Karabakh as quickly as possible, given the pressure exerted on the leaderships of Azerbaijan and Turkey to end hostilities and sit down at the negotiating table. Therefore, the militants are not allowed to rest, and about three hundred fighters have already asked to return to Syria, the source of Jisr said.

Earlier, the London-based non-governmental organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) announced the sending of Syrian militants to Azerbaijan. “SOHR sources confirmed that one more group is being prepared to be sent to Azerbaijan. This development of events is part of the Turkish policy of turning Syrian militants into mercenaries, ”the statement said. SOHR clarified that it is about the transfer of more than 300 people from the Sultan Murad and Al-Amshat groups from the Kurdish canton of Afrin in the northwest of the Syrian province of Aleppo, captured by Turkish troops.

Next, the militants themselves told Reuters about their “business trip” to Azerbaijan. Two of them reported that they were being hired to serve in coordination with Turkey.

“I don’t want to go, but I have no money. Life is very tough and I’m poor,” said one militant.

Reuters notes that, according to two militants, the brigade commanders told them that they would earn about $1,500 a month. A member of the Jaysh al-Nukba group said that they planned to send one thousand Syrians to Azerbaijan.

Both France and the Russian Intelligence services have assessed that many Syrian mercenaries had already been deployed to Azerbaijan and that there’s likely more to come, both urge Turkey to not interfere and for a ceasefire to be reached.


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Zionism = EVIL

They are not children, but RETARDS.


Then he and Putin should act more and talk less.

Vox Populi

The criminal transfer of Salafist terrorists to Shia Azerbaijan poses a threat to Baku as well. Turkey is only promoting its anti-Russian and anti-Iran agenda and using Sunni Arabs to achieve its goals and that is a danger to Russia, Europe, Iran and as far a India. Ukraine and Azerbaijan along with Georgia now are staging posts for the destabilization of Russia as envisaged by NATO planners a decade ago. There will be increasing pressure on Ossetia and Abkhazia by NATO forces stationed in Georgia, and weaken Russia.

Ashok Varma

These headlopping criminals are much closer to Europe than ever before, courtesy of a NATO member.


I am sure that TR and RU agreed long before the war in NK commenced. Concessions may include Libya and Syria , but TR would not ignite a war in Russia’s backyard before being sure about the consequences and how Russia would react. Russians are not the endangared ones in NK conflict , they are one of the perpetrators. Seems to me that everything is developing under the control of Russians and suits Russian strategies in caucasus.

As told by many in this thread , Pasinyan will get his lesson for approaching Soros and et al. When it comes to Syrians, they are guns for hire only , in past it was Afrikaneer , then Serbs and now Syrians Countries with a civil war breed mercaneries which everyone use , nothing fancy .

I dont think that they willl try to root their ideologies there , and it wont work in such a Shia dominant region of the world , and I am almost sure there is a deal between RU and TR including their future presence there.


I think that Turkey’s main interest is to ensure its oil and gas supply from Azerbaidjan, and at the same time expand Erdogan’s “Ottoman Empire 2.0” fantasy.
As for Iran and Russia they are the few allied Turkey still have, so it would not be good idea to turn against them.


Turkey just brings them there, then the financial burden will be handled to Saudis&friends.


these terrorturds need to turn on israel and turkey and kill their masters. they are being sent to their deaths they can never beat a strong army like armenia let alone russia


I stopped reading after that ”! Strong army like armenia part”


Given their theorical numerical inferiority in terms of troops, wheapons, aircrafs, etc…, Armenia is doing pretty well, sorry


In a mountainous region fortified since last 27 years , you mean.


Not only, but also in battle field

Ashok Varma

Turkey is playing a very cynical terrorist game and has brought these murdering headchopping criminals to the heart of Eurasia and poses a danger primarily to Russia, Iran and India. It is extreme manipulation that Erdogan is using poor illiterate Sunni Arabs to die for oil rich Azerbaijani Shia, with whom they have nothing in common. Turkey and Israel share the same goals of destroying the Arabs are are acting in unison.


A very clumsy analysis.

Can anyone do something in the backyard of Russia and expect Russians to stay silent ?
Why you are not telling that Putin declared the defence agreement with Armenia only goes for official Armenian lands but not for NK ?

BTW , Arabs are not illiterate , TR and Israel do not share the same goals ( arabs are the puppets that Israel is aiming to use using against persians , and thats exactly the reason they are also supporting Azarbaijan. So why Israel would like to destroy them ? ) , NK war is not about religion but lands only , no manipulation is required from Erdogan to Azarbaijan about NK .Azeris are already motivated since last 30 yers.

So lets avoid cliches and unreal generic claims ,and think a bit before posting , shall we ?

James Adams

Azerbaijan will pay with the blood of thousands of its soldiers !!!




Another one that can’t copy paste…


Yeap. Hard to chat while working


I know the feeling, I mistype a lot.


fake news


So you and the Turkish only have the real news?…
Stop kidding


this is the real news. today


Whatever. Many here are playing like kids! :))


Syrian mercenaries are in fact poor and jobless guys, ready to do anything to get 1500 or 2000 dollars. Not true warriors. And above all with no motivation in sacrificing for Azerbaidjan. Waste of money and waste of time.
No use having high expectations in final outcome.

Peter Jennings

Why should the French admin be bothered? They themselves interfere in other parts of the world where they are not wanted.
Whereas Russia has so far responded to requests for their assistance.

It’s funny how the western warmongers have over the years criticised the USSR for marching into countries when they feel like it only to do the very same and think noone will notice.


Yes you are right. We are talking here about French intelligence, not French admin.
If they get same info than Russia, what’s the problem?…
Talking about “international interference where they are not wanted”, yes that’s true.
Same game as the USA, UK, China, Saudis, Turkish, Israëli..
That’s just the game every country aspire to play. Be realistic, even if this game is dishonest.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This line from the wiki sums it up nicely,

“During the July 2020 Armenian–Azerbaijani clashes, Azerbaijan and Armenia were invited by Iran to restraint.[95] However, Azerbaijani leadership has expressed its open distrust, due to Iran’s alliance with Armenia and Russia, which is also referred into a proxy war between Russia and Turkey.”

LOL, a proxy war hey, but that’s not quite right, the wiki failed to include the Turkish attacks against Russian aircraft over Idlib, they weren’t proxy forces attacking the Russians, they were Turkish regular troops, so calling it a proxy war isn’t really an accurate description anymore, because it’s gone well beyond just a proxy conflict.

So Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood are actively confronting Russia in Syria, Libya, and Azerbaijan, and yet the Russian leadership is still desperately trying to win Erdogan over to their side and away from NATO, but everything Erdogan does suites NATO so go figure.
Is Putin a brilliant genius who’s successfully winning over Turkey’s allegiance, or is he just a delusional megalomaniac who’s lost all sense of perspective, I used to think was a genius right up until late 2018 but since then I’m pretty sure it’s the latter, he’s just increasingly delusional.
What’s even more important is the fact that Erdogan’s played Putin for a fool, Erdogan’s lopsided deals with Putin always leave Erdogan in the winning position and place Russia’s interests last, first in Syria, then Libya, and now Azerbaijan, so what’s next, another uprising in Chechnya.
Is this what happens to everyone who holds onto ultimate power for too long, do they all start believing they’re invincible and divinely capable of overcoming every challenge set before them, with Putin [and Erdogan] I’m starting to believe that’s the case, but no one’s ever been that good and they never ever will be, but there’s always someone who believes they’ll be the first.
Russia needs new leadership now, not a change in political direction but a continuation of what Putin originally envisaged, the gameplays Putin devised are still ok but sadly now the captain’s too old to perform at his best ability. So keep the team and elect a new leader to lead the team, and then place Putin on the honors list as the Russian teams greatest leader ever, otherwise he may end up destroying his own brilliant legacy by his own [now ever aging and increasingly feeble] hand.
I added “increasingly feeble” for a reason, I want a strong independent Russia because the world needs a strong independent Russia, but Russia has to stop it’s irrational behaviour where Erdogan, Turkey, and the Muslim Brotherhood are concerned, the deals Russia does with those parties always make Russia not only weaker in the long run, but also a laughing stock in the eyes of the rest of the world, and Putin’s the driving factor when it comes to making deals with Erdogan.
No more deals with Erdogan please Russia, put Putin out to pasture and let him enjoy his last days basking in the sun, he’s earned his retirement so let him enjoy it, don’t let it get to a point where you need to put a bullet in his head to stop his ever increasing rampage on [world recognized] Russian resolve and integrity. Resolve is already halfway out the window and integrity’s not that far behind, and they’ve been 2 of Russia’s greatest assets on the world political stage right up until late 2018, but they’re not anymore, especially resolve.

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