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Syrian Militants Clash With Each Other On Border With Turkey

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Syrian Militants Clash With Each Other On Border With Turkey

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Late on July 31, heavy clashes broke out between militants from the town of Mayer and others from the Al Baggara tribe near the town of al-Salameh in northern Aleppo. The town is located right on the border line with Turkey.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the clashes lasted until the early morning hours of August 1. The clashes reached a large refugee camp near al-Salameh.

“Ambulances rushed to the clashes scene to transport wounded from both sides,” the monitoring group said in a report.

The clashes led to a state of panic among civilians in al-Salameh, especially in the nearby refugee camp. The Turkish military, which is present on the border line and inside Syria’s territory, didn’t intervene.

The exact cause of the clashes is yet to be revealed. Usually, disputes over criminal activities, such as smuggling, are behind such incidents.

Several rounds of infighting took place in Turkish-occupied areas in north and northeast Syria in the last few months. Many people were killed or injured. Turkey doesn’t intervene to stop these clashes, likely to maintain good relations with all of its proxies.


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Zionism = EVIL

Calling these headchopping loser cunts “militants” is like calling a whore, sex worker. Seriously, guys let’s not be too PC.

Liberal guy

Simply wahhabis

Liberal guy


Willing Conscience (The Truths

There could be a dozen reasons why they’re fighting each other, the Al Baggara tribe [the biggest in Syria] is a mix of mostly Sunnis and some Shia followers, politically they’re mostly pro Iranian and anti Turkish, mostly pro US, and in some areas also pro Assad, and a lot of them were Baathist before the war, so there’s at least 6 reasons already before we look elsewhere for a reason, and all those reasons are more than enough to put you in the bad books with the pro Turkish terrorists.

cechas vodobenikov

immoral mercenaries serve immoral oligarchs—paid 2000$ per mo by the CIA to steal Syrian oil

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