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MARCH 2021

Syrian Man Injured By Turkish Forces While Checking On His Farm In Greater Idlib


Turkish forces had opened fire at a man who was checking on his farm in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, the Step News Agency revealed on September 16.

Omar Haj Kadour, an Idlib-based reporter and a photographer for the France-Press Agency, told the Step News Agency that the man, Alaa Haj Kadour, was checking on his farm that’s located east of the town of Binnish in eastern Idlib late on September 15, when the incident took place.

When Alaa arrived at his farm, he found the gang stealing his trees. He immediately fired several shots from his personal weapon in order to scare them away.

Turkish forces at a nearby post thought they were under attack. The forces opened fire at Alaa, injuring him. The man’s car, a Kia Rio, was also damaged.

Syrian Man Injured By Turkish Forces While Checking On His Farm In Greater Idlib

Alaa Haj Kadour’s car after the attack. Click to see full-size image.

According to the Step News Agency, Alaa is currently in a coma. His condition is critical. He was transported to Turkey to receive intensive medical care.

Turkish forces were reportedly at a state of high-alert after the recent attacks on their posts in Greater Idlib. On August 28, a suicide bomber targeted a Turkish post in southwestern Idlib. On September 12, Kurdish fighters hit another post in northwestern Aleppo with several anti-tank guided missiles.

The recent attacks have apparently forced Turkish forces in Greater Idlib to take drastic measures. Ankara rushed its forces into the region without anticipating such threats.




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