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Syrian Locals Seized US Flag During Armed Encounter With Coalition Patrol At Khirbat Amu

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On February 12, US forces killed a 14yo boy and had to fled from a checkpoint at Khirbat Amu in the Syrian province of Qamishli after an armed encounter with locals. They also lost a US flag.

The video shows that US personnel were not even trying to take the flag back. The local man with the captured flag approaches US troops ans asks:

“What are you doing in our country?”

Despite the victorious US-led coalition statements, US forces do not seem to be on firm ground in northeastern Syria. The Pentagon also forgot to mention that Russian forces had to deploy to the area to allow stuck US vehicles to retreat.

How it looks in the US-led coalition Twitter account:

How it was in reality (Russian troops help US forces to flee the area safely):


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Hanny Benny

thank Trump for this…

Doom Sternz

Trump is a disgrace…..At least 30 Iranian guided missiles hit Al Asad Air Base in Iraq, home of the United States Air Force and largest base in Iraq. The pentagon now admits 64 casualties, there are many dead and the cover up is a disgrace?. And Trump is ok to lie about it , what a complete gutless creep, he thinks so little of US troops?.

Trump threatened to murder the PM of Iraq, ordered the Marines to murder protesters and ordered the murder of Soleimani while he was on a peace mission. Crimes don’t get worse than this. The death of the top CIA officer Mike D’Andrea “Prince of Darkness” involved in the US assassination of prominent Iranian General Qassem Soleimani is justice served.

Impeach him and present him to the Hague….To all those people who support Trump, you are no better than he is.

The US deployed multiple batteries of Patriot Missiles to the base in May in case of such an attack. America’s air defense ships in the Persian Gulf stand down, no AEGIS or Patriot protection for 5000 US troops stranded in Iraq by Trump’s criminal insanity. With US forces on high alert, and billions of US air defense equipment and we do not have one video of an incoming missile taken down when ballistic missiles are supposed to be the easiest to intercept.

If Trump retaliated the US troops would of been slaughtered. This is how Iranians saved Iraq from the Western backed terrorists. They put their lives on the line for Iraq and saved the country, that is why Iranians in Iraq are heroes, And that is why Trump murdered these Generals, and ISIS celebrated.


You missed the recently updated figure of casualties now counting 109.

Zionism = EVIL

33 dead, 200 plus with male menopause Americunt headache :)


Actually, there were, probably, zero casualties among US soldiers! All (or almost all) of them are “green card soldiers”. Ok, CO and NCO are US citizens. So, the US army did not lie, they did not lose any soldiers, only some equipment and that is completely irrelevant.

Zionism = EVIL

Trump is a typical loudmouth Jew arsewiping cowardly Americunt thug. They are all talk and as every lost war since 1945 has shown they don’t the ticker or nuts to fight on.

Hanny Benny

I know this all..
very sad for america this egoman..
now they support terrorist nation no.1 turkey..
hope the “assadists”/russians make their job fast and hard,
i have enought of this bs, supporting worldwide islamic terrorism..


The USA actions do not depend on the president in turn, this is important to point out. These action could be made by Obama, by Bush, by Sander, by Clinton, who care. All of them support Israel-USA plans in the middle East. The established power in USA do not care about north-american soldiers life, they are use as peons for their criminal intentions and plans in the World.

Constellation 2023

You forgot to mention the terrorist PKK/YPG elements shooting AK-47s towards US soldiers. You’re lucky they acted with restraint and didn’t kill more of their ragtag allies.

Zionism = EVIL

The little redneck shorty in the photo was quite scared of the tall Syrian who took the flag and then the Americunt child killers simply ran off. Expect attacks from Kurds and all Syrian resistance soon.


How about a Chinese will come to your country, form a terrorists groups all over the USA, grab and steal oil from Texas fields, call you a terrorist for disagreeing and if you shoot an m14 towards their soldiers – they will kill more of yours ragtag terrorists??? Would you like that?

Zionism = EVIL

You forgot to mention that the Americunt cowardly scum arseholes fired indiscriminately at civilians, mostly kids and killed a 14 year boy simply walking away in the field. The proof is right there in the video.


a) thought you said the other day that the commentary on southfront not worth the bother and that you would withdraw for good, which had been a clever decision and b) aren’t pkk/ypg the white house/telavivs darlings in which case you should ask why they shot at the trash making up the convoy.

Zionism = EVIL

These Americunt and Jew arseholes have a hissy fit when Southfront posts the TRUTH.


The US troops were just emulating the Israeli’s and murdered a 14 year old boy as he was running away and wounded two other children as well.


Can you understand that USA is an invader country in Syria, which is smuggling Syria oil and support ISIS ? If you do not understand this, you are a normal CNN-Fox blind north-american guy.

Zionism = EVIL

The blood soaked Americunt flag is only good as an arsewipe, dozens of countries sell toilet paper with the shitty flag on it :)

John Wallace

One of the locals telling the Yanks how much he loved them and the freedom and democracy they brought him. He loved their flag so much he was taking it home to wipe his arse on it. Towering over a runt whose only reply was back up.. Lying in bed at night must be wondering when they are going to cop a load of love..

Zionism = EVIL

The short little trailer trash child killer looks shit scared despite dozens of other rednecks in MRAP and automatic weapons. These Americunt arseholes are worst cowards the world has ever seen.


Just like their masters.

Zionism = EVIL

They are racist dehumanized gutter trash savages who have no respect for human life. The Americunts are the pawns of the Jew scum who use these dumbed down savages to kill millions around the world.


They think the life of a goyim is not a human life. Just a sort of half-animal life.


I read the other day, I forget where, that two of the US vehicles bogged down in the muddy field on the edge of the road when they were attempting to turn round and were towed out. :)

John Wallace

I think there was a video on RT that 3 vehicles were being towed in convoy o the road through some town and that one not sure where I saw it either with two stuck in the mud. Thought that is a good way of stopping them as must be too heavy for soft ground.


US armoured personnel carriers all look too tall and ungainly in my book.Low profiles are a lot less of a target.

John Wallace

Yes my thoughts as well. Look prime targets for an RPG . When they were first in Iraq patroling the streets the gunner had no protection and sat with waist above open. Saw a few get taken out by snipers from two storey buildings. I can’t remember but I think they sat lower with no slanting anti mine armour plating. Looks like they may have raised them to combat mines / IED but look too high and vunerable but I guess they are at war all the time so know what they are doing. They are not really being tested lately as they seem to get others to do the fighting while they sit back a little.


The Houthis are doing Destruction Tests on US equipment.
I hope the US is paying the Houthis for their consultancy work :)

John Wallace

Yes they should be paying top dollar for that.I saw a video of a Houthi firing an RPG at a vehicle at quite some distance while he was high on a hill. He aimed the RPG in the air and fired. It arced and and came down and took out the vehicle. A shot in a million because I doubt if he could do that again with 100 attempts but it looked amazing. Yes those Houthis are amazing . In jandels climbing steep rocky hills carrying all their gear and attacking outposts. Some climbing up to the outpost while their mates are giving covering fire over their heads. Determined and always those fighting for their homeland won’t giveup. The Houthis and Saudi Arabia have a long history of fighting which is probably why they are so skilled and the Saudis get someone else to do their fighting.Must be late for you and lunchtime for me. Have a good one.


The ziomerican invaders have no brain, no heart, no honor and as seen in the videos, they have absolutely no courage to save and recover their homeland’s flag from later desecration, even if they armed to the teeth.
They just got what they deserve. And this is just the beginning…

Bill Wilson

The US military has plenty of flags to go around since they buy those for cheap from China.


Here is a clip from Global TV:
Video shows U.S. troops under fire at checkpoint in Syria during clash with locals – YouTube

Xoli Xoli

According to MSNBC MSM and CNN USA soldier were having confrontation with Syria regime terrorists instead of saying. USA could give answers to the civilians about the teenager whom USA soldiers killed.


I think the old measure of kidnapping should be brought back into life in syria’s northeast and the kidnapping of a few of the under-educated misfits in the uniform of the disunited states of A should allow the world some hilarious moments as chicken pompous runs headless around promising that they will get him or her or they back while their heads are still attached to his or hers or their bodies. and then return them headless and a couple of plastic bags – what a larf.

like clinton, serious pedo, realized that the us never could win in somalia since the forces there were entirely un-restrained and a warring manner that obliterated the american marines way of waging war and the losers were always to be the under-educated marines from the fly-over states – and thus he ended the intrusion of troops before it got all out of hand – exactly what assad and erdogan should do – capture a few american and drag them headless after a jeep along the streets of aleppo and dunny the dunce will have to think twice about the future.

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