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JUNE 2021

Syrian Liberation Front Repels Another Attack By Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham

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Syrian Liberation Front Repels Another Attack By Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham

SLF fighter, Illustrative image

On March 24, the Syrian Liberation Front (SLF) repelled another attack by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) on its positions in the village of Mklbis in the western Aleppo countryside, the SLF-linked news agency Midad Press reported. The media outlet said that SLF fighters had destroyed a battle tank and an armored vehicle belonging to HTS.

HTS attacked the SLF in the village of Mklbis on March 23 but and failed to penetrate the SLF defense lines around the village. According to Syrian opposition sources, HTS lost more than 25 fighters in this attack.

In a related development, hundreds of civilians took at the streets in the town of al-Atarb, near the village of Mklbis, to protest against HTS members that had killed a civilian in the town a day earlier, according to Syrian opposition sources.

Syrian opposition activists reported that the protestors had attacked the Regiment 46 base, which had been used by HTS as a base for its artillery and heavy weapons. However, HTS fighters opened fire at the protestors forcing them to flee.

Local observers believe that the SLF will soon step up its attacks on HTS positions in the southern Idlib countryside in response to the repeated HTS attacks on its positions in the western Aleppo countryside.

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I wonder if all groups vacating E ghouta will join HTS, or some will join SLF I hope.
Good to keep the rats attacking each other in Idlib. :)


IF as it seems NATO advisers in Ghouta have been betrayed and captured due to information provided by surrendering terrorists ,it may, just may cause the withdrawal of NATO advisers from other terrorist held areas. This would severely degrade the operations capability of the terror gangs.


This would be very good.
It appears that Jaysh ai-Islam in Duma is holding out for agreement to be bused to Daraa, not Idlib? Good to see the E ghouta pocket turning into red zone. :)))


Daraa would be a bad idea I think as its too close to Jordan and US bases.


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Syrian Arab Army liberates Ayn Tarma, key town in East Ghouta (Video)



OMG, just look at the videos and you see what are sunnis. Sunnis are monkeys.



They are “monkeys”, because they are made to monkeys by others and are kept that way, you would be surprised how quick a human can change no matter his origin and religion. The real problem here is influence from abroad and lack of education.


What do you do with these people ? They are worthless. Why are they uprising ? They know nothing.

It’s way easy to rule Germany than any sunni country. Sunnis countries can’t be ruled. They are anarchists that want nothing.


“Lack of education”. You may be correct about that, but that coming from you is the worst form of irony.

Al kuffar

Lack of education? Brother sunni educated, well to do muslims from across 100 nations travelled to syria to Joiin Al qaeda and ISIS.. The causal factors are none neither education, poverty none of that.. It is very fundamental- Scriptures.


What do you want to do with these people ? XD. If these live in shit, it’s because they are shit. Nobody can help them. that’s why sunnis always blame their leaders. But, the problem is not the leader, the problem is the population and the leader is only oine of them.


Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Turkish backed rebels, the SLF, have the advantage in this fight. Just like the other Turkish backed rebel group the FSA, their ranks are made up of mostly local fighters, who not only have the advantage of fighting in familiar territory, but also the support of a large portion of the local civilian population.
HTS on the other hand is backed and funded by the Saudi’s, [who are quickly running out of cash], and have very little support from the local populations they’re fighting for. Their ranks consists of a consolidation of local fanatical Islamists factions [that don’t always get along], and large numbers of foreign jihadist, who are mostly resented and feared many of the locals, even the anti Assad ones. Quite a disadvantage when it comes to both gathering intel and protecting against espionage.
I can’t see HTS lasting long, mostly because it has a high probability of losing a lot of it’s manpower to the new SLF, who will have more appeal to some of HTS’s more moderate local splinter organizations, especially if they’re winning.


Well, I think the SAA has all the time in the world to secure greater Damascus. The SAA is winning because they have unity of command and there isn’t as much internal strife (at least they don’t have the litteral infighting).

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