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Syrian, Iraqi War Report – Jan. 28, 2019: Kurdish Leadership At Crossroads Between Turkey And Assad

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Syrian, Iraqi War Report – Jan. 28, 2019: Kurdish Leadership At Crossroads Between Turkey And Assad

On January 25, hundreds of Kurdish protesters stormed a Turkish military base near the northern Iraqi city of Dahuk in response to Turkish airstrikes that killed two Kurdish civilians on January 23. According to the pro-Kurdish NRT TV, Turkish soldiers opened fire at the protestors killing at least one and injuring many others. Despite resistance, protesters managed to breach the base and set it on fire. Protestors captured most of the Turkish soldiers who were inside the base and several units of military equipment. Two agents of the Turkish National Intelligence Organization, known as MIT, were injured. Later, the captured Turks were reportedly handed over to Peshmerga, a force of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Over the past year, the Turkish Air Force has carried out multiple airstrikes on positions of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). These strikes are a part of the campaign to undermine the group’s capabilities and to prevent further PKK attacks on Turkish territory. Despite this, the Kurdish group keeps a large presence in northern Iraq having multiple bases in this area.

Ankara pursues similar goals in northern Syria claiming that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), are just a local offshoot of the PKK.

On January 26th, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that a Turkish military operation in northeastern Syria would allow millions of refugees to return to the country. The Turkish President went on to claim that the Turkish invasion in northwestern Syria has allowed 300,000 Syrians to return to their homeland. He also said that the Adana agreement justified an attack on northeastern Syria.

In response, the Syrian Foreign Ministry accused Turkey of violating the agreement since 2011 by supporting terrorism and directly occupying parts of the country.

In the Turkish-occupied areas, the YPG-linked Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) continued attacks on Turkey-led forces. On January 25, a Turkish-backed militant was killed in Azaz. On January 22, Kurdish rebels killed three more Turkish-backed militants in Azaz with an ATGM. On January 20, 3 Turkish-backed militants were killed in an ATGM strike in Abla and another one died from sniper fire in Sherawa.

Ilham Ahmed, a co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) told Bloomberg that Kurdish forces are negotiating with the Damascus government in order to protect northeastern Syria from any attack that Turkey may launch after the nearing withdrawal of U.S. forces.

“If we were cornered into choosing between a Turkish militia attacking our areas,” and reaching an accord with President Bashar al-Assad, she said in an interview in Washington, “we would go with the regime,” she claimed.

The official confirmed that the SDC has provided President Bashar al-Assad and Russia with an 11-point road map reintegrating the region under the Damascus government. According to her, Syria should be “decentralized” but united.

150 ISIS fighters surrendered themselves to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) during the clashes in the middle Euphrates Valley, pro-Kurdish media outlets reported on January 25. On January 25, the SDF press center claimed that more than 82 terrorists were killed in clashes and US-led coalition airstrikes.

On January 24th, the Syrian Army and the Russian Military Police for the first time deployed in the area north of the SDF-held town of Manbij. This development could be seen as an indication of some progress in talks between the SDC/SDF and Damascus.

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So Erdogan is again going to locate Syrian refugees into Syrian border areas with Turkey , as de facto ‘Human Shields’ that will have Turkish proxy terrorists behind them.

This Turkish War Crime will be an ideal location for a White Helmets chemical attack movie as well.

Tudor Miron

That might be so but let’s see how it unfolds. We know that Erdogan can’t be trusted but we can hope that he can see what is actually best for him and siding with US is not such case if history teaches anthing at all.


Erdogan, like FUKUS, never thought the SAA would survive and as a consequence , Erdogan has tens of thousands of armed criminals that he is still having to pay. He thought they would have been a Turkish proxy occupation force in Syria.

Erdogan is in a quandary, he likely does not want these criminals inside Turkey, but cannot risk betraying them either.

He is between a rock and a hard place.

Tudor Miron

I hope that he will slowly come to simple understanding that this rats will be used by US to topple himself. In the end (I hope) he will have to accept those rats being eliminated by SAA with a little help of RuAF.

Mustafa Mehmet

WHAT SAA ? ASSAD GOT NO ARMY LEFET…with out rush..and iran and hesbulla he is caboooot

You can call me Al

It’sssssssss retard boy Turk. You are getting absolutely battered in Syria everyday ….. you lot could not organise a halal meal in a halal slaughter house.

Mustafa Mehmet

what you mambling? What you saying make no sense whatsoever just zipped

You can call me Al

Mumbling !!

Mustafa Mehmet

Times news today. Syria hundreds of men press_gang into army

You can call me Al

… mmm it’s the Times news…. means absolutely nothing.


Yes and Erdo should see sense and seal his borders to prevent supplies reaching his gangs. This would cause Erdo financial harm ,but his survival now depends on abandoning his paid thugs , who are to dangerous to allow into Turkey.

Perhaps he could send them to the EU and Britain :)
NATO forces trained many of them afterall :)

You can call me Al

The Turks will not go to the UK (and will you please shut up about the UK on more bloody inbred, low IQ immigrants), their family and friends are mostly situated in Germany and The NL.



Willing Conscience (The Truths

He’s already dumped all the unloyal thugs he didn’t want, they had to join HTS, which since November last year Turkey has listed as a terrorist organization, now Erdogan Putin and Assad have them all trapped like fish in a barrel in southern idlib, along with HTS, they won’t be anyone’s problem after their times up, not Putin’s, Assad’s or Erdogan’s. But the local undertakers will be very busy, they’ll know exactly what to do with all those paid thugs, rifle through their pockets for the Euro dollars and Turkish Lira, and then dig a hole and throw them all in it. easy as.

El Mashi

For the United States/Israel, mission complete: the destruction of Syria. Now, to the next mission, the destruction of oil-rich Venezuela.

Rodney Loder

What I think the real situation is, YPG goes with SAA to embarrass Brother Erdogan and HTS falls into line with Damascus to enable Russia and Saudi Arabia to corner the oil market creating a boom instead of a glut during the global economic downturn but all is not well because Saudi Arabia and UAE are backing US continual interventions; British and French as well.

KSA and UAE can never again be anything other than patrons of mercenary forces in the Middle East because they support the demolition of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by apostate-Christian swine posing as agnostic-jews.

This is what Allah has been getting at all along, exposing evil posing as forever people.


do you know what happens when i openly choose sides?the side i choose have a habit of winning all their engagements i do hope and pray these attacks in a time of peace talks didn’t take place


gifts from the war gods you know….

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Why doesn’t SF elaborate more on which Peshmerga forces the captured Turks were handed over to.
In the North of Iraq there is the KDP Peshmerga forces, they number about 30,000 fighters, the most of them are pro Turkish influence, and anti Kurdish independence for their fellow Syrian Kurds, and not at all like the PUK Peshmerga forces who live in the eastern areas of Iraq.
The PUK are pro independence for their Syrian brothers and totally anti Turkish, they wouldn’t have handed those Turkish soldiers back to Erdogan I don’t think, I think they would have left them for the mob to punish. Even though both PUK and KDP Peshmerga units patrol the northern areas of Iraq, I think it was the KDP that the Turks would have been handed over to, if it was the PUK that had them they might not have made it back to Turkey.
There are several groups of Kurds in Syria and a lot more in Turkey that actually take a pro Turkish stance on quite a few matters, just like the KDP in Iraq do, not all Kurds are the same.


Of course SF wants the world to assume the talks are only between Syria and the Kurds but there is an alternative that is much better for both Kurds and Turkey and that is a federal model for Turkey in which a Kurdish state is part of a greater Turkey: a Kurdish state that incorporates not only south eastern Turkey but eastern Syria and Kurdish Iraq. A state with substantial oil reserves, and no reason to agitate against Ankara.

Tommy Jensen

Because of Kurdish arrogance both Turkey and “the Regime” are now both cornered. They are therefore forced to work together to de-arm and subdue all Kurds into 8-18 carpet jobs.

jim crowland

between Gassad and the genocide of armenias, kurds and greeks it seems that the former looks “nicer”

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