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Syrian Interior Minister Vows To Pursue Damascus Bombing Perpetrators Wherever They Are

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Syrian Interior Minister Vows To Pursue Damascus Bombing Perpetrators Wherever They Are

A screen grab from a SANA video (https://youtu.be/IPIelZ4cnRA) showing the aftermath of the bombing.

Syrian authorities will pursue the preparators of the Damascus bus bombing wherever they are, the country’s Interior Minister, Mohamad al-Rahamoun, told the state-run TV a few hours only after the bombing that took place on October 20.

The bombing, which targeted a shuttle bus of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the heart of the Syrian capital, claimed the lives of 14 service members and civilian workers.

“The sinning hands will be pursued and amputated wherever they are,” Rahmoun said. “We will not give up on pursuing terrorism and we will pursue the terrorists who committed this heinous crime wherever they are.”

No group has claimed responsibility for the deadly bombing, so far. However, there are indications that al-Qaeda-affiliated Horas al-Din was behind the bombing.

In August, Horas al-Din claimed responsibility for an explosion that destroyed a shuttle bus of the SAA in Damascus. The explosion claimed the lives of the bus driver and wounded three soldiers. Back then, Syrian authorities said that the explosion was caused by a “short circuit” in the bus’s engine.

Horas al-Din is based in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, which is controlled by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham. Turkey maintains a large force in the region.

Another possible scenario is that ISIS was behind the deadly bombing. The terrorist group carried out attacks in Damascus city before.

Syrian authorities are now working to uncover and apprehend the perpetrators. The Air Force Intelligence Directorate has already carried out a number of raids in the countryside of Damascus.


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stead of talking go and find them you must not take them as prisoner just hang them. what awaste of young lives.


I wouldn’t have taken prisoners since day one,ans as for foreign terrorists if they had been captured on the battlefield they would have been buried where they stand.

Peppe il Sicario

My hunch is that the perpertrators breath smells like gefilte fish and lox on rye bread.

Leonie Schulz

Keylye Gunner


All roads lead to Idlib,crush the bastards there and a big part of the problem is solved.

Putin is a ZioWhore

All of this stems from the treachery of not taking back Idlib and kicking out the US and Turk occupiers, but we all know why the SAA can’t do it whilst Putin dick rides the zionazis and anglo-fascists for recognition.

Putin wrote recently: “Over the past decades, Russia and Israel have gained considerable experience in fruitful cooperation in many areas, as well as partnership in resolving major international issues,” 😂💩🇮🇱💩


With Putin around, Russia will always bend over for Zionism. All the dick riders love zionism.


Indeed Putin is builing gigantic palaces while average Ruski is dirtpoor and starving

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