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Turkish-backed ‘Syrian Interim Government’ Moving to Jarabulus – Reports


Turkish-backed 'Syrian Interim Government' Moving to Jarabulus - Reports

The so-called ‘Syrian Interim Government’ is expected to move to the Syrian town of Jarabulus in the province of Aleppo, various media activists reported on August 29. If this is confirmed, the move will clearly indicate the Turkish will to, de-facto, separate northern Syria (between Azaz and Jarabulus) from the Syrian state and strengthen its diplomatic position for future international negotiations. Till then, the puppet ‘Syrian Interim Government’ will allow Turkey to provide media coverage for its actions aimed to setting up a buffer zone for its military presence in the Syrian territory.

The Syrian Interim Government is an alternative government of Syria which has been formed by the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (a mainly Turkish and Qatari-backed puppet opposition group without any significant presence on the ground in Syria).



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  • Kim Jong

    lol what a bunch of wahabi shitheads- calling themselves “gouvernement”..I hope this theatre in Syria will end soon with the full victory of the Syrian state.

  • VGA

    lol some government. The real government is in the capital Damascus. And controls most of the biggest city which is Aleppo.

  • Keep it Real

    Time to drop some Bombs of the so called goverment!