Syrian Interim Government Claims It Launched Military Operation Against US-backed Forces In Manbij


On January 21, the Defense Ministry of the Turkish-backed Syrian Interim Government announced in an official statement that the National Syrian Army (NSA) launched a military operation against Kurdish militias in the areas of Afrin and Manbij in the province of Aleppo.

The interim government claimed that the NSA backed up by the Turkish Army had begun advancing on the city of Manbij held by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Syrian Interim Government Claims It Launched Military Operation Against US-backed Forces In Manbij

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However, several Kurdish and Turkish sources denied that the NSA or the Turkish Army conducted any offensive operations against the SDF or any other Kurdish militias in Manbij. Furthermore, Syrian activists doubted that the Turkish Army could attack Manbij as several units of the US Army are currently deployed around it along with the SDF.

The statement is likely a threat to Kurdish forces in Manbij. The Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups had released several statements like this one before. On December 24, 2017 the FSA claimed in a statement that it formed an operation room to capture Manbij from the SDF.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan threatened to attack Manbij after Afrin during a public speech in the central Anatolian province on January 20.

Several Turkish-backed FSA groups agreed to join the NSA under command of the Syrian Interim Government on October 25, 2017. Back than some observers expected that Turkey is planning to use the new Syrian force to attack Kurdish militias in northern Syria.



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  • Bobby Twoshoes

    Can’t trust a word from either side, I just hope when the dust has settled they both suffer enough losses that the government has the balance of force to reunify without further bloodshed.

  • John Wallace

    Turkey claiming its proxy forces are now the Interim Syrian Government is a little rich or does it reflect their true intention to take over Syria itself. No matter what they call themselves they are still uninvited illegal invaders and have no right be in Syria. It’s getting to the time when every group in Syria that wants to take control get together in a circle and on the count of 3 start shooting everyone they don’t want too be in charge. Whoever is left standing at the end gets their own bomb to sit on.

    • Joe

      Wow so many govt…. Let them fight among themselves first

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        There is only one and they are the Syrian government in Damascus, whatever Turkey says won’t last as these are the end days for it. There will be an overthrow of the government and new leadership people are fed up with Turdogan. Seems also in Northern Syria that things will continue to boil and then once it is released good chance the US will leave.

  • abuqahwa

    Ho hum – I posted predictive text 7 months ago as follows :

    abuqahwa Free
    man • a minute ago
    08MAY2017 to SF

    Exactly 100 years ago the Sultans Caliphate
    occupied all Arabia including Medina, Al-Quds, Amman, Beyrouth and Damascus.
    Ottoman Turkey was driven out by force, not negotiation. In recent times Turkey
    have invaded and occupied northern Cyprus (1974 !) still there with 25-30 000
    troops, northern Halab (Aleppo) and north of Mosul . Let us be clear sighted
    and face reality : Turkey will never, ever, withdraw from northern Syria. The
    foreign aggressors alliance of US/GB/FR/Saudi/Qatar/TU and Israel remains
    united and have never deviated from their long-term plan of permanent war on
    Syria and the breaking up/cantonization of the state into various
    protectorates, as is now happening. To imagine that any country would seriously
    militarily confront Turkey in defense of Syrian (or Iraqi) territorial
    integrity is fantasy – the Turks follow the proven Israeli strategy – create
    facts on the ground (invade & occupy e.g. Golan) then dare anyone to
    react,(no-one does) so working very well so far. The only puzzle so far is why
    the Turks have not crossed the Sajur riverline just 11 km north of Manbij,maybe
    they are content to keep shelling with impunity and leave it to the US to
    establish their own seperatist Kurdish statelet.

    • Nancy

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      • Garga

        Last time you said you’ve bought a Land Rover Range Rover.
        Did it shrunk when saw you?

        Darn it, I couldn’t resist replying to this annoying creature, now that I hit, I run (block the bloke). :|

      • John Wallace

        I am sure if you spread your legs for ISIS and buck enough you may make 98 bucks an hour. No need to talk Arabic, your mouth will be full anyway. and by taking 3 at a time you should cum out a head.

        • You can call me Al

          Please add a postscript:

          “Until they cut you to pieces and send your parts to Israel.”

    • dutchnational

      I totally agree with your assessment of Turkish aims and aspirations and about their (un)willingness to return kept Syrian lands to Syrian control, in whatever form.

      Turks here follow their own example of 1938, threatening a (then french) government, loosen the grip of that government and then have a fake plebiscite asking for “joining the motherland”.

      As far as Manbij is concerned, TSK was not deployed for a real fight at the time and combined with US threats (strongly worded concerns) they stopped st the Saur river.

      • Justin

        Turkey is doing the USA favour! their is no way the USA wants to be in this war anymore! ISIS is actually attacking the SDF now in DeZ and their ATO ally whom they cant blame or attack is now attacking the SDF! This war is a total shambles! I also believe turkey will annex the Kurdish regions of syria (the pre-war Kurdish regions) so that both Syria and Turkey have no more issues with Kurds!
        Russia cant be blamed in any way because after turkey downed the Russian jet in 2015, russia started arming the Kurds in Afrin for about 6 months! they have been training the Kurds in Afrin also! Russia fully armed and supported and invested in the Iraqi Kurds and 100% backed their independence (obviously would have benefitted Russia) but not to mention the century long connection between Kurds and russia has made a very deep friendship!
        Yet here we are! the Kurds chose to side with Israel and USA and things got messed up! They will most likely get on their knees and beg russia for help as only they can help them! The USA cant and wont do anything against Turkey! Only russia can so to maintain its leverage on turkey!
        Russia is ur only hope now DutchNational! Its about time u switched sides!

  • abuqahwa

    No surprises here – one year ago, almost to the day :

    abuqahwa to SF 18JAN2017

    ” The Afrin Kurds are finished, bottled up in
    their canton, no prospect of joining a Kurdish so called “Rojava Republic
    or North Syria Federation” whatever. The Manbij Kurds are already under
    air/artillery attack from Turkish forces lined up along the SAJUR river line
    and primed to advance, Turkey will never, ever accede to any sort of
    Kurdish.YPG polity west of Euphrates and is prepared to occupy northern Syria
    forever to prevent it (see northern Cyprus, occupied since 1974 !) If you look
    at the ethnic demographics Kurds have no justification for creating any
    “statelet” in northern Syria, they already have their Kurdish
    autonomy in Iraq. As for setting up a Kurdistan “buffer zone ” how
    long would that last before Turkey re-invades as part of its strategic aim of
    genocide ? Syria will be better off without the Kurds, OK temporary allies in
    the bigger war but long-term don’t trust them. ”

    And now 2018 nothing has changed. Why anyone would imagine that US, Russia, or even Syria would defend the Kurds against Turkey ? NATO AB Incirlik says it all. Kurds have stupidly hitched their wagon to a falling star. Just imagine if they had the sense to support the Syrian Arab Republic, with technical help from Hizbullah Afrin could have been a rerun of Lebanon 2006, a graveyard for Turkish armor.

    • dutchnational

      I think that to some extent you have missed the point of the Northern Syrian project altogether.

      The project is not about kepping Turks out, the project is about autonomy, keeping Assad and his ways out.

      Up to this point SDF/YPG has done a credible job in defending Afrin, even to the point of repelling most of the attacks and counterattacking in and around Shingal (a Yezidi village?)

      Adding up the different fights, there are already some 5 turkish tanks destroyed, which is not bad for one (as in 1) day of ground fighting.

  • Garga

    Turkey is trying to buy legitimacy for their attack and army presence on Syrian soil by “cooperating” with some kind of “Syrian government”, even an illegitimate one which doesn’t exist.

    I think annexation and land theft cannot be Turkey’s intention. They don’t want to be seen as some
    kind of Israel, occupying a Muslim country’s lands. Turkey’s attack on Afrin is used for internal consumption and to buy popularity for president Erdogan.
    If they were serious and wanted to confront PKK, they would face SDF in NE Syria which has more numbers and arms and possesses more danger for Turkey than Afrin Kurds.

    Turks (by that I mean their leaders and officials) are desperate to prevent break up of their country which is very serious and a present danger, any weapons in the hands of SDF Kurds will inevitably find itself in the hands of PKK. Most of SDF fighters (except the ones from ISIS of course :D ) are Turkey’s PKK. Turk cannot confront the US and it’s proxies directly and they know it. Not only because of the military power of the US, but also Turkey’s one fatal arms flaw.
    Turkey’s F-16s could not even target (I mean aim at) Israeli war planes (they’re recognized as friend), I heard they were working on the system to “fix” this. How much their NATO issued weapons are good against the US?

  • Hrky75

    So it’s National Syrian Army now? These traitors change brands more frequently then Judean’s People’s Front – or was it People’s Front of Judea…

    • John Wallace

      No , it was The Front of Judean People , or was that last week.. Monty Python never fades.

      • Hrky75

        The Front of Judean People – that’s that bloke sitting alone…LOL

  • RichardD

    The Syrian government coalition is capable of taking the gloves off and dealing with regional militarys on Syrian soil if necessary. I’m sure that the Jew baby rapers are planning to carve a nice big piece out of eastern Turkey and add it to Israelistan in Syria, Iraq and Iran if they can get away with it. And turn western Turkish cities into smoldering ruins filled with death, destruction and deprivation. So the Turks have some legitimate security concerns on their southern border.

    If they want to work with the Syrian government coalition on getting the Israelistani Kurd problem corrected, that’s fine. If they’re into it for a land grab and to keep the conflict going, that can be dealt with on an as needed basis. It isn’t like the Syrian government coalition doesn’t have a lot of experience with the Jew world order regime change forces changing names and uniforms.

  • Rodney Dezarn

    Turkey could easily overrun the U.S. bases, fact is, the U.S. will not attack another N.A.T.O. member and risk collapsing the alliance.

  • Melotte 22

    There is no such thing as Syrian interim government. They are terrorists.

  • Sephy

    interim government!!! rofl. i guess that makes them feel better.

  • gustavo

    This report seems to be contradictory with Assad declarations, it looks strange.