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Syrian Intelligence Service Member Assassinated In Eastern Daraa

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On April 22, a service member of the Syrian Military Intelligence Directorate (MID) was assassinated in the eastern Daraa countryside.

According to local sources, Humam Mahmoud al-Rifai was shot and killed in his own house in the town of Oumm Oualad. The incident took place in the early morning.

Al-Rifai was reportedly a fighter in the Free Syrian Army (FSA). Once the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) approached his town in mid-2018, he joined the reconciliation process. Later, he enlisted in the ranks of the MID.

Syrian Intelligence Service Member Assassinated In Eastern Daraa

Humam Mahmoud al-Rifai

There was no immediate claim for the attack. Nevertheless, ISIS, whose cells are highly active in the eastern Daraa countryside, remains the main suspect.

Last week, ISIS cells carried out a series of attacks on Syrian service members in the northern and eastern Daraa countryside. Many service members, including two high-ranking officers, were killed.

The army and security forces are now deploying additional units in northern and eastern Daraa. A large-scale anti-terrorism operation could be launched in the area soon.


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Willing Conscience (The Truths

The plot thickens and now we’re getting to the nitty gritty details.
So this guy was a FSA fighter [US backed until june 2018], but when the SAA kicked their butts in Darra and Quneitra back in august 2018 he was concscripted into the SAA [so were 25,000 other FSA fighters], and now he’s joined the Military Intelligence Directorate, that’s a big change, terrorist one day, SAA soldier the next, and the following day he’s a military intelligence officer.
So who’s actually killing who here, it isn’t as simple as just government opposition forces killing government forces or visa versa, there’s a few more factors at play as well, so we need to untangle them all to see just who’s killing who and and then work out the reason why.
On face value so far it just looks like a simple case of a government agent being killed because he was working against the rebel opposition, but the people being killed in Daraa and Quneitra don’t just come from the 2 opposing factions, they’re being killed on every side, and there’s a lot of different sides down here, at least 6 I know of, and they’re nearly all suffering from assassinations, and I have my suspicions as to why they are.
All the roads seem to be leading to Rome again, well that’s not quite right, perhaps I should say Rome and Carthage to make myself clearer.

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