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Syrian Intelligence Officer Injured, Informant Killed In New Daraa Attack

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On April 22, a Syrian intelligence officer was injured and an informant working for him was killed in a new attack in the northern Daraa countryside.

A vehicle carrying both the officer and the informant was hit with an improvised explosive device (IED) while it was moving along the road between the towns of Ibtta and Dael. The informant, identified as Yusuf Ahmad al-Qutiyfan, was killed on the spot, while the officer sustained injures.

Syrian Intelligence Officer Injured, Informant Killed In New Daraa Attack

Yusuf al-Qutifan, via baladi-news.com

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the officer, known by locals as “Lt. Col. Majd,” is responsible for three checkpoints in northern Daraa. Other sources claimed that the officer, who serves in the ranks of the Air Force Intelligence Directorate (AFID), has ties with Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Iranian forces.

A day earlier, a Syrian intelligence service member was assassinated inside his own house in eastern Daraa.

ISIS cells carried out a series of attacks on Syrian service members in the northern and eastern Daraa countryside over the last week. However, the group didn’t claim responsibility for the last two attacks that targeted Syrian intelligence personnel.

The attacks on intelligence personnel in Daraa may have been orchestrated by another side, like the Israeli intelligence.


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Peter Jennings

It’s not surprising that attacks such as these are occurring. They have probably had lots of SAS training and since they cannot, or dare not, face the SAA in numbers reverted to guerillas. Sounds about right, although it does mean i’m being harsh on Gorillas.

The SAA needs to beef up security and keep it in the background, for when this vermin come calling.

Peter Jennings

Yes, vermin, Mustafa White Helmet.


The SAA should deploy small units of special forces in heavily armed fast desert vehicles to seek out and destroy those terrorists.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Isis hey, LOL, I know what that really means, when pro Iranian Syrian intelligence officers start getting assassinated there’s always one party responsible, and it’s the same party responsible for all the assassinations against pro Iranian agents in Deir ez Zor and Aleppo too.
Good job Russia, thin out the ranks, Assad needs loyal soldiers, not 2 faced traitors.
And yes I did say that, I did say the Russians are responsible for all the latest assassinations in Daraa and Quneitra, at least all the ones against pro Iranian agents or soldiers, OMG what a troll I am for saying that, how dare I, LOL.
Iran’s taking Syria down a path the Russians don’t want Syria to go, and I don’t think Syria wants to go there either, but Iran’s doing it’s utmost to make that path the only path Syria can take, but Russia has much safer and more rewarding paths to follow, it just has to get rid of all the road blocks first so Syria can get on the path it really want’s too.
And for all the [supposed] pro Russian supporters out there tell me this, apart from Putin’s 2018 Address to the Nation speech, when has Russia ever called for confrontation against the US or it’s western friends, it doesn’t, Russia’s usually the voice of reason in this mad world of political brinkmanship. And now it’s ended up allied to a country that does everything it can to create hostility with the people Russia’s trying it’s hardest to get along with.
Putin rang Trump a while ago and begged him, yes begged him, to help stop the falling oil prices and Trump did, he went straight to work trying to help Russia stop the collapse, so is that something 2 mortal enemies would normally do. Trump and the Saudis [with US help] can outlast 12 months of low oil prices without too much damage to their economies but Russia couldn’t, it’d survive but be severely hurt by lack of revenue, so why would Trump help Putin, that’s if they’re really the mortal enemies everyone seems to think they are.
Trump also helped Iran too when he helped Putin reverse the low prices, but once again Iran refused to give even an inch of compromise, and now the US has had enough, now we have a new escalation between Iran and the US.
And I’ll bet Putin and Trump discussed that as they were also working out how to prop up world oil prices, maybe even came to some understandings.
War is becoming inevitable, Putin can’t get the Iranians to come to the table no matter what he does or says, they don’t seem to want to listen to anyone, not even their friends.


Never forget that the Syrian crisis started in Daraa, a town closest to Jordan and Israel, and sure enough it is full of sleeper cells even today. Still, they are not killing civilians any longer on a daily basis, and armed gangs are not infiltrated across Jordan border any longer, so life can continue more or less normally.

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