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Syrian Intelligence Officer, Hezbollah Member Assassinated In Daraa

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On May 2, unknown gunmen assassinated a Syrian intelligence officer and a local man accused of collaborating with Hezbollah in the southern governorate of Daraa.

The intelligence service member, Abdul Rahman Faisal al-Jamous, was shot and killed in front of his house in the town of Dael in the northern Daraa countryside. Al-Jamous, known as “Abud al-Rattah,” was reportedly serving in the ranks of the Air Force Intelligence Directorate (AFID).

The other victim, Muhammad Radwan Al-Mulhim, was a civilian accused of being a collaborator of Hezbollah. His body was found in the western outskirt of Dael.

Syrian Intelligence Officer, Hezbollah Member Assassinated In Daraa

Abdul Rahman Faisal al-Jamous on the right side and Muhammad Radwan Al-Mulhim on the left.

ISIS, whose cells are known to be active in Daraa, didn’t claim responsibility for any of the attacks. This indicates that other sides, like the Israeli intelligence, may be responsible.

The recent attacks in Daraa appear to be the work of several sides, each with its own goals. These attack have largely destabilized the situation in the governorate. Government forces are yet to take action against the perpetrators.


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wow, why always a hezbollah or some such party being assassinated and why not a jewish mossad agent assassinated or, better yet, captured and stringed up in the main square in damascus for the world to see – and if it’s not a mossad asshole, any jew illegally occupying palestine and the same treatment in the main square in damascus or baghdad or teheran – all for the world’s pleasure.


“ISIS, whose cells are known to be active in Daraa, didn’t claim responsibility for any of the attacks. This indicates that other sides, like the Israeli intelligence, may be responsible.”

If it was only a Hezbollah terrorist than sure, you could have blamed us (even though Bibi let them live, i.e the 3 who escaped). But why would we assassinate a Syrian officer? our target is the IRGC.




More Ziowahhabi special ops in the area close to Jordan and the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine. Whether it was ISISrael or Daesh makes little difference at this point, these acts of terror need to be used by Syria to highlight the importance of Russia’s commitment to fight the terrorists and undermine any argument in favor of Putin’s inaction against Zioterrorists, many Russian Jewligarchs’ are faithful sycophants of global Ziocorporate domination after all, and not of Russia’s, or anyone’s rise as one epicenter of multipolarity.

good american

Lots of intelligence agents getting killed lately. Must be a mole or their comms are cracked.


I think Israel has an op on the go.

klove and light

Putins work

Rafik Chauhan

it is the work of ISraeli intelligence or former FSA working for israeli who is providing information to mossad .


it is getting worse.. looks like it’s not just ISIS or ordinary militants but some professional assassins behind these target assassinations .

Icarus Tanović

Looks like so.

Assad must stay

this needs to stop, and fast

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, did they say Israeli intelligence might be responsible, LOL, only the morons who have no idea about what’s really happening will fall for that, all the rest of us with more than 3 brain cells in our heads know what the real truth is.
The 5th army corps is in Daraa and Quneitra now so I expect a lot more pro Iranian Syrian agents to end up dead, these guys may be Russian backed but are totally loyal to the Syrian government, and they’ll weed out all the unloyal traitors in Assad’s territory, especially the ones that show more loyalty to Iran than they do for Syria.
All you pro Iran people are about to get a slap in the face, the Russians are going to show you all exactly what they think of the traitors who place Iran’s interests above their own countries interests.
Go the 5th army corps, get rid of all the traitors in Darra and Quneitra, no matter who they work for, If their priorities aren’t the same as the Syrian government it means they’re just traitors and they need to be jailed or eliminated.
And I’ll bet the Israeli government will be more than pleased by the latest development, they’ll love seeing the Iranians losing authority and influence in this hotspot, and I’ll bet they have some very nice things to say about Russia in the next few days.


while the rest of the world would like to see the jews in palestine sent all the way to friggin hell, except the bought and paid traitors in the white house of course.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, it’s not the Jews or their assassins killing unloyal Syrian agents, so who do you think is, it’s your heros and the Baathists, they’re the ones doing what has to be done in Daraa and Quneitra, and if they don’t do it the Druze and Sunni population will start doing it instead, and if that happens Assad will lose control of everything, so it’s the lesser of 2 evils believe it or not.
Go the 5th army corps, kill all the traitors whoever they are, hunt them all down and eliminate them.

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