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Syrian Intelligence Made Arrests In Damascus Airport After Last Israeli Attack

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Syrian Intelligence Made Arrests In Damascus Airport After Last Israeli Attack

FILE IMAGE: Sputnik/ Iliya Pitalev.

The Air Force Intelligence Directorate (AFID), which is responsible for the security of airports and air bases in Syria, had conducted a security operation in Damascus International Airport after the June 10 Israeli aerial attack, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on June 15.

According to the London-based monitoring group, AFID agents arrested four of the airport workers during the operation. The workers were either suspected of spying for the Israeli intelligence, or of leaking information about the last attack to foreign press. At least 12 other workers were called in for questioning.

The attack, which was carried out by fighter jets from the Israeli Air Force, destroyed the airport’s northern and southern runways. The arrival hall also sustained damage.

The extensive damage caused by the attack forced the Syrian Ministry of Transportation to suspend all operations at the airport. All fight from and to the airport were moved to Aleppo International Airport.

Currently, work is underway to fix Damascus International Airport. However, there is still no date on when the airport will resume operations.

The airport was the target of several Israeli attacks in April and May. Tel Aviv didn’t take responsibility for any of the attacks officially. However, it accused Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has been shipping advanced weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon via to the airport.

While Syria is taking steps to improve security measures at the airport, it does not appear to be interested in directly responding to the last attack.



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Where is the Western world outrage against this act of international terrorism by Israel?

jens holm

Its well documented. The other way too.

It has been like that from before I was born. My opinin is clear. As long as You kill each other, You dont come here.

That goes for Yemen and Somalia as well.

Stephan Williams

Why don’t you ever shut up, jens? What compels you to endlessly prove how abjectly stoopid you are?


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Last edited 3 months ago by Anglia

In case someone misses it..


All of Western media, as well as very large swathes of Western economy, are owned by members of the tribe. You don’t expect them to allow inconvenient truths to be written about their homestead?


Pootin, will not authorized any response against his Jew gods…period..

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