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Syrian Intelligence Kick Off New Operation Against ISIS In Daraa, Kill Several Terrorists

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Syrian Intelligence Kick Off New Operation Against ISIS In Daraa, Kill Several Terrorists

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On October 14, the Syrian intelligence kicked off a security operation against ISIS cells in the town of Jasim in the western countryside of Daraa, with support from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and local fighters.

The operation started with a series of raids that targeted several hideouts of ISIS cells inside Jasim. The SAA provided intelligence officers and local fighters with fire support. The terrorists who resisted or attempted to escape were targeted by the army’s battle tanks and heavy machine guns.

An unnamed intelligence official told the Syrian Arab News Agency that several terrorists have been killed, so far, including two field commanders Ayoub Fadel Jabawi, “Abu Mujahid Barqa,” and Ayham Faisal al-Halqi, “Ayham al-Faisal”.

The SAA deployed a large force around Jasim late on August, imposing a siege on ISIS terrorists in the town. The siege revealed that Jasim was under the de-facto control of the terrorist group, who established a network of hideouts and a Sharia court in the town.

The presence of ISIS terrorists is not limited to Jasim itself. In September, seven terrorists of the group were killed in a successful raid by the Syrian intelligence that targeted a farm located near the town.

As of October 14 afternoon, clashes are still ongoing in several parts of Jasim. More units of the intelligence and local fighters are being deployed in the town to root out the remaining cells of ISIS.

The operation in Jasim is the most recent in a series of blows administered to ISIS in southern Syria by the intelligence. The terrorist group’s top three leaders in the region were eliminated in three separate intelligence operations between August and September.


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