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JULY 2020

Syrian Intelligence Head And Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Arrive Allegedly Meet With SDF Officials


Syrian Intelligence Head And Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Arrive Allegedly Meet With SDF Officials

Rodi Said/Reuters

Multiple speculations are circulating about the alleged negotiations between the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces over the possible political solution for the cooperation in post-ISIS Syria.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov arrived to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)-held city of Qamishli in the northern al-Hasakah countryside to meet with officials of the SDF on October 18, Rudaw TV channel linked  to the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government reported.

According to the report, Bogdanov will allegedly discuss a solution for the Syrian Kurdish issue with SDF officials, and representatives of the local communities in the SDF-held areas.

A source within the SDF told Rudaw that Bogdanov visit is part of the preparation to held a joint meeting between the SDF and Russia in the Khmeimim airbase in Latakia governorate.

The source added that over 100 officials of the SDF will attend the Khmeimim airbase meeting that will be held on November 10. The supposed meeting was mentioned previously in many reports of Kurdish and Syrian opposition outlets. However, it is not yet confirmed.

The source told Rudaw that on October 17 the SDF held a meeting with representatives of the Syrian government also in Qamishli city.

Separately, opposition sources reported that the head of the Syrian General Intelligence Directorate, Ali Mamlouk, attended the meeting. Mamlouk is considered the second man in the Syrian leadership after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The two sides allegedly discussed the future of the Kurdish YPG and other armed factions of the SDF. The Kurdish and the Syrian sides also discussed the future of the US Army deployment inside Syria, and the possible solutions of the Kurdish issue in Syria.

However, the opposition news website Enab Baladi reported that Elham Ahmed the Joint Chairperson of the Syrian Democratic Council, a political wing of the SDF, denied that Mamlouk visited Qamishli or met with any SDF officials lately.

Furthermore, Bogdanov visit to Qamishli is also not yet confirmed by any Russian official.

On October 18, it was reported that the SDF handed over Conoco gas facility in the northern Deir Ezzor countryside to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), while the SAA handed over Hussainiya village on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river to the SDF as a result of the ongoing negotiations in Qamishli. However, these reports are also not yet confirmed.

Syrian Intelligence Head And Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Arrive Allegedly Meet With SDF Officials

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  • Garga

    If confirmed, the important question is: Will the US attending these negotiations too?

    • Enkidu

      Hopefully not. It would be great if the SDF leadership decided to tell the US to go home and stop helping to further Israel’s interests.

    • Kennethllindsy


  • dutchnational

    Talks never hurt anybody, so no problems in these talks.

    The solution could be to make the whole of Northern Syria a deescalation zone to be monitored and guaranteed for a number of years by Russia, Afrin, and the US the rest of Northern Syria.

    During that time negotiations on a federation, also monitored by Russia and US.

    • Kennethllindsy

      Maybe, but there is that tricky problem of N Aleppo & Idlib.

  • Ronald

    Why would SAA trade Hussainiya villiage , Syrian territory , for the Conco gas facility . SDF would never do that , unless the US has gone .

  • Kennethllindsy

    Interesting Story. Could mean a number of things.
    Now that Raqqa is over, it is in Russia’s interest to get SDF help in attacking Turks at Idlib; before Turks can reach Idlib City.

  • Lupus

    Good news. SDF must cooperate with Syrian government and Russia instead with backstabber US.

    • Kennethllindsy

      US did enforce an NFZ over KRG, so not all bad.

    • Suliman

      They have dream about Kurdistan, Syrian Government must make peace whit Turkey and take the land they took from you…

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      This is about turning over ISIS members from Russia and Chechnya and explaining where and what will happen to the SDF. This is a message of a sorts also to the US in what will happen in post ISIS Syria.

      • Lupus

        thanks for reply bro

  • Vitex

    Better they talk than kill each other.

    • Pete

      It’s different than in Iraq, and i don’t think there is too many options here and there. That Kurds would like to get autonomy i think, instead of independence, but as almost every oil field is on SAA hand, i don’t think that Kurd does need to fear. Iraq just wanted the oil (sent message to BP right away), not the people of Kirkuk, it’s the fact. (where Kurds are in majority also)

      Autonomy either way would be a very good step further. At some point in Iraq and Syria Kurds will get the freedom, but in Syria the development just started now. I’m not sure about Afrin, which is quite complicated, very likely on the meeting it will be the critical point, anything else, is just deciding what will be the status of the Kurds territory that’s all.

  • Pete

    At the end there needs to be a talk anyway. Furthermore as everyone is in the right stage. SAA is near the Omar field, SDF has finished Raqqa and seems to me going to the border, which will be an easy task. Unfortunately Iraq is delaying so it will be hard to defend for a while against sudden attack. (desert area)

    So i think it’s a good timing to start, as to be honest on that front nothing interesting can happen.

    Move a gas field here and there does not really change the outcome. Further north will be SDF territory, SAA does not really wants to go there. Along Eufrates river very likely they find more task than for the SDF remained on nothern part, even if the area is a little bit big. (remember, on that area Iraq just one day reached the border, around Raqqa Kurds was very fast – if there is a will i think within a week SDF can reach the border) Along Eufrates river SAA has bigger task, but Iraq needs to start the battle, anyway SAA would get flank attack at border area.

    • Kennethllindsy

      Wouldn’t count on any meaningful help from Iraq, who now has to cover extra hundreds of miles of front lines and thousands of square miles; after KRG pulled its forces back to 1993 areas.

  • Travis Kelso

    Would be great if they can come to a agreement and kick out turkey jihadists. The 2 secular groups won this war. Russia and Syria would be smart to align with the PYD. That group of kurds are fearless and are fighting for something (unlike the Iraqi corrupt PUK and KDP). The Kurds and SAA would skull drag the Turks. Would be funny to watch. I’m still not convinced there wont be a 11 hour move by the US and Israelis to keep the Syrian Kurds on their side. I have to hand it to the PYD for playing both sides, pretty smart.