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Syrian Intelligence Prevented Terrorist Attack In Homs City (Photos)

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The Syrian Military Intelligence Directorate (SMID) foiled a terrorist attack in the central city of Homs in the early hours of April 11.

Local sources said that intelligence agents dismantled a remotely-controlled heavy improvised-explosive device (IED) that was attached to a civilian vehicle near the Akramah al-Makhzomeh Elementary School. The attack perpetrators were reportedly apprehended in a special operation.

No group has claimed responsibility for the failed attack. However, the IED’s remote control appears to be identical to the ones usually used by ISIS cells.

Syrian Intelligence Prevented Terrorist Attack In Homs City (Photos)

On the right side several IEDs of ISIS cells which were captured by Kurdish security forces in northeastern Syria.

The attackers likely planned to detonate the IED near the entrance of the Akramah al-Makhzomeh Elementary School. On October 1 of 2014, a double-tap terrorist attack targeted the school killing more than 45 civilians, mostly women and children.

In the last three years, ISIS sleeper cells and other terrorist groups made several attempts to carry out attacks in government-held areas. However, the Syrian military, security forces and intelligence managed to foil most of these attempts.

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No more waiting.. SAA must clean up this idlib once and forever…fuck russia..as much they are helping that much they are calculating…


Beutiful Russia-Turkey agreement on Idlib….. for the terrorists and Turkey. Well created “safe havens” zone for the terrorists.

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