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Syrian Intelligence Eliminated Prominent Al-Qaeda Commander In Daraa – Reports

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Syrian Intelligence Eliminated Prominent Al-Qaeda Commander In Daraa – Reports

Ayad al-Tubasi

Prominent al-Qaeda commander Ayad al-Tubasi, known as Abu Jleibib, was killed along with a group of his comrades in the southern Syrian governorate of Daraa, several Syrian opposition news outlet revealed on December 29.

Abu Jleibib, who was a brother-in-law of slain al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was among the first commanders of the terrorist group’s branch in Syria, the al-Nusra Front. The infamous terrorist was responsible for the operations of the group in southern Syria before fleeing to the northern governorate of Idlib in 2016.

In Idlib, Abu Jleibib faced several problems with al-Nsra Front, which was working to rebrand itself as Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). After defecting from the terrorist group, he and other foreign Jihadists established a new branch of al-Qaeda in Syria become to be known as Horas al-Din.

According to opposition sources, Abu Jleibib returned to Daraa recently in order to organize an insurgency against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and former Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters in southern Syria.

“May God accepts the Jordanian Muhajir [Islamic term used to descript foreign fighters] Sheikh Abu Jalibib, who was martyred with his Muhajireen brothers in Daraa, life became harder in Idlib so they went to restart the march of jihad in Daraa,” Abu Suraqa al-Shari, a former commander of HTS, wrote on his Telegram channel.

The Damascus government restored its control of entire southern Syria earlier this year after a quick military operation that lead to a reconciliation agreement. HTS militants were allowed to withdraw to Idlib.

Abu Jleibib’s plan to wreak havoc in southern Syria, once again, didn’t go well apparently. The Syrian intelligence was able to track him and his comrades, including Abu Talha al-Muhandis and Salman al-Tunisi, shortly after they arrived in Daraa. Later, the terrorists were eliminated in a special operation.

The assassination of Abu Jleibib is a strong blow to al-Qaeda in Syria and will hinder its plans to re-expand in the war-torn country on the long term.

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Good work again by Syrian Intelligence.

Even Abu Jleibib’s horse was frightened of him. That is a sign of an evil man.

You can call me Al

Hi Florian.

I trust that you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year.


And to you as well sir. It will be a fascinating and not to violent year I hope.

But then, Hope Speaks Eternal :)

You can call me Al

Well we can hope. Next year, me and the Indian are going for some beers, joining us ?.


I would like to.


I hope the horse wasn’t killed.

Happy New year to you, Al, Promitheas, Merijn, Antoun et alia


I agree and so does my horse who is in my Avitar :)

Brother Ma

Yes. I noticed that too. A horrible man. A staged photo ;he probably used somone else’s horse and handled it roughly during the photo-shoot. A Pig!


A very nice thing to hear. :) Less terrorist filth to pollute this world! Thank you Syria.

R PLobo

I just hope the horse is ok?


Hahahahaha another piece of trash wasted. bye bye fucktard!


Abu Jleibib, who was a brother-in-law of slain al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was among the first commanders of the terrorist group’s branch in Syria, the al-Nusra Front.

Syrian intelligence would be very familiar with al-Qaeda in Iraq since Syria served as a jumping off point for jihadists entering Iraq to help al-Zarqawi. This was done with the support of the Syrian government which used the jihadists to attack the US occupation. However it didn’t eactly work that way. In Iraq, al-Qaeda inflamed the sectarian divide leading to ethnic cleansing by Sunni terrorists and Shia death squads. In other words, Assad had blood on his hands in Iraq by supporting the terrorists. Now Assad and their Russian propagandists say they are fighting the terrorists. Seems like everyone in the Middle East has a use for the jihadists – including Assad.


Tom, go see if outside is raining.


Sunny and beautiful.


You can’t be this ignorant hence you are deliberately deceitful. The cause of “the sectarian divide” were the special forces of UK and US who were on occasion caught roaming occupied Iraq with vehicles full of explosives and subsequently released from jail due to threats by the US military (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCxqLgWuiTA, https://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080615213042AAMNY1V). This btw, is the centuries old Mode of Operation of British “divide at impera”


Fake news. The were conducting surveillance as a part of Operation Hathor. They were released by the british operating in Basra. The US and Britain had nothing to gain with a sectarian civil war. In fact, it was the US working with the Sunnis during the surge which brought the Sunnis into the Shia majority government which effectively ended the sectarian war – for the time being.

Assad was for the terrorists before he was against them. What goes around comes around!

Brother Ma

UK and US gained by splitting up Iraq .


You are so full of it, not fake news at all

Moursal Admaj

Yes that’s true everyone use them even russkies let their radical people to go to syria and thus not permitted to lunch any attack in Russia. Et cerise sur le gâteau they can pretend fighting them.

Brother Ma

Why not? Us prepped Osama Bin laden, Saddam Hussein, Taliban and Erdogan before they all became liabilities. Those monsters unleashed are either coopted ( to become ISIS or other anti-Assad terrorists) or still killing Yanks. See Afghanistan Taliban and Yankers to this day; the chickens always come home to roost.

First person needs shooting is Fuller of CIA who “invented” the use of ISIS.

Gregory Casey

Sounds like their Telegram Channel is hacked by Syrian Intel. Good to see the Idiots despatched to their special cells in Hell while wishing a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year to all Syrians but specifically to all members of Syrian Defense Forces.


Eminent! BTW, killing cockroaches is not assassination, it is pest killing, elimination, stomping, fertilisirasation, etc, etc. Rats are not human.


Sounds all well and good, but the only trouble is how to prevent small scale fighting like this from becoming to norm for the next few decades.

Potato Potato

Peaceful democracy activist killed by regime gestapo ?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


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