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Syrian Intelligence Apprehended U.S.-led Coalition ‘Spies’ In Southern Raqqa – Report

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Syrian Intelligence Apprehended U.S.-led Coalition ‘Spies’ In Southern Raqqa – Report

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The Syrian intelligence had apprehended nine “spies” of the U.S.-led coalition in the southern countryside of Raqqa, the Euphrates Appeal Media Network revealed on October 14.

The suspects were arrested by the General Intelligence Directorate (GID) in a series of raids inside the government-held towns of Sabkha and Madan.

All nine suspects were former members of the National Defense Forces, who served in southern Raqqa and Deir Ezzor about a year ago.

“The arrested personnel were accused of leaking information about the government-held area to the International Coalition, as well as of photographing checkpoints and headquarters there,” the networks’ reporter in the region said.

The suspects were allegedly transported by the GID and the Russian Military Police to a Russian base near the ancient city of Palmyra in eastern Homs.

Recently, it was revealed that U.S.-led coalition was spying on Syrian government forces as well as Russian troops in the central region.

In July, two U.S.-backed fighters who snuck out of the occupied area of al-Tanaf to spy on military and civilian facilities in southern Homs were captured by the Syrian Arab Army. Before that, Syrian security forces apprehended a spy of the British intelligence in Palmyra.


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Assad must stay

Great work syria!!!!

Jessica Brown

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Jens Holm

sugar and spice:)

More like Assads spy in Raqqa. They should go home.


LOSER stfu pathetic imbecile

Jens Holm

To bee or not to bee. comment image


https://youtu.be/fB97aVStSmk have a idea of your US and other morons trying to get something done in Syria

Jens Holm

I have.

I have written 65.854 comments about ut here as well as at many other sites and well aware quality and quantity is not always same thing.

Nice youtube.


coming from you that is a statement at least you ‘re honest about quantity does not rival quality and that is your main problem pooor little chap try better

Peter Jennings

The GID are no doubt learning lots from the Russian security services. Soon terrorists won’t even have a hole in the dessert to hide in or a pot to piss in.

I’m sure the nine captured terrorists will have a lot to say.


Only solution in time of war is a firing squad.

Maz K

Oooops! Tough Poo, Yanks!


Good, now execute them. No trial needed.

Tommy Jensen

America was only keeping an eye on the human rights conditions for moderate freedom fighters in Raqqa who wanted a little freedom from dictatorship, but no.
With the eyes of a dromedary, Assad and Putin deny even the tiniest little freedom for our human rights and peace warriors, and demand they vote 98% on Assad and only 1% on the opposition.

Maz K

ha ha – so Tommy, you Y!d – where the hell have you been hiding? BTW, where’s the other 1% you innumerate c0ck-suck!ng j3vv lackey….???

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