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JUNE 2023

Syrian Govt. Says It Has Proof US Talked to ISIS Ahead of Airstrike on Syrian Army outside Deir Ezzor

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Syrian Govt. Says It Has Proof US Talked to ISIS Ahead of Airstrike on Syrian Army outside Deir Ezzor

The speaker of the People’s Council of Syria, Hadiya Khalaf Abbas, said on September 26 that the Syrian government has a recording of conversations between the Uunited States military and ISIS terrorists ahead of the US-led coalition airstrike on Syrian troops outside the city of Deir Ezzor on September 17.

“The Syrian Army intercepted the communications between the Americans and Daesh [Arabic pejorative for Islamic State/IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] ahead of the attack on Deir Ezzor,” the Al Mayadeen channel cited the Syrian official.

So, Damascus has evidence that the US-led coalition’s airstrike was a deliberate act. Abbas announced that details of the recording will be released.

We recall, the US-led coalition warplanes bombed (over a hour) the Syrian government forces outside the city of Deir Ezzor on September 17. The bombing killed 62 soldiers and injured over 100 others. The incident took place ahead of the ISIS advance in the area.

According to Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, the bombing of Syrian forces by the US-led coalition was a deliberate act (Washington claims it was an accident). Muallem said this during his speech at the UN General Assembly last weekend.

Muallem said that the bombing “proves that the US and its allies are accomplices of Islamic State and other terror groups.”

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Jens Holm

So why dont we get that soundtrack now and gain facts.

chris chuba

It will be. Probably double checking its authenticity and showing it to the Russians first and getting advice on how to present it.

There was also a delay by the Turkish air force in their recorded warnings to the Su24 before they shot it down. I think the consensus on that was that they Turks did broadcast a warning but used a radio frequency that the Russians were unlikely to be listening too but I don’t recall the full debate.

I just want the truth to come out, whatever it may be.


You don´t need to show the Russians first what the Russians had first.


It is the US making a better world, iraq, libya, yemen and syria. But the important thing is the millions of Saudi Arabia to the Hilary campaign.


Can’t wait for the end of the obama regime…

Just gotta hold on for a few more months!


Rodney Loder

Paradise is shaded by the sword, let me briefly explain why, originally there were 2 Fates in the one Place one that became and one that was, something had to give and the missing Fate became an accomplishment that has to be achieved in order that He be listed in Heaven, and the sword is His chosen weapon.

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