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Syrian Govt Provides Evidence of ‘Opposition’ Using Mustard Gas Against Civilians

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The chemical weapons issue is one of key parts of the mainstream propaganda against the Assad government in the Syrian conflict. While it’s hard to attritube or even confirm most of chemical attacks that take place in the country, it’s pretty clear that the mainstream media and backers of the so-called “Syrian opposition” have only one target to blame for chemical attacks – the Syrian government.

Now, it’s time to check the facts.

Syrian Govt Provides Evidence of ‘Opposition’ Using Mustard Gas Against Civilians

Russian military inspect suspected chemical weapons workshop in Aleppo, November 14, 2016 © / Ruptly

21st Century Wire reports:

Just when you thought things could not get any worse for the US State Dept’s dynamic trio of John Kerry, Samantha Power and John Kirby, and President Obama too – another damning piece of evidence surfaces which implicates Western and Gulf state-backed “moderate rebels” in Syria. 

Documents containing evidence of chemical weapons use by ‘rebel’ terrorists have been handed over to the Technical Secretariat of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) international mission in Damascus.

The attack in question is said to have involved the use of Mustard Gas and took place near the village of Maarat Umm Hawsh village in Aleppo province back in September.

Numerous other incidents of ‘rebel’ militants using chemical weapons have been documented in Syria, even by the OPCW, but unfortunately, the only reports the US and its allies seem to interested in are those which implicate the “Assad Regime.”

The story at RT:

Syrian authorities have handed over a batch of documents with the evidence of a rebel use of banned chemical agent against civilians near Aleppo to the international chemical watchdog. Samples from the shell containing mustard gas are to be delivered to The Hague.

The documents were handed over in Damascus to the mission of the Technical Secretariat of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

The mission, comprising eight experts from the US, the UK, Australia, Slovakia and Slovenia has been working in Damascus at the request of the Syrian government since December 12.

“We have provided all the documents to the mission, they were vetted and accepted. The mission will come to Syria one more time to collect samples, which will be subsequently analyzed,” said Samer Abbas, spokesman for the Syrian National Authority monitoring the implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The samples are expected to be delivered to The Hague, the site of the OPCW headquarters, by a charter flight in January next year. The samples will be stored in Syria until all financial difficulties linked to their transportation to Europe will be solved.

The mortar shell with the chemical was recovered near the village of Maarat Umm Hawsh in Aleppo province on November 16 by Russian experts, who were demining the area. Upon closer inspection, the unexploded crude homemade 240-mm round was found to contain dark liquid.

Russian chemical experts took samples and confirmed that the agent in question was mustard gas. The poisonous substance was widely used during the WWI-era and has been outlawed since 1923.

The shell is believed to have been used in a September 16 attack on the village, in which over 40 civilians were injured, and later treated in the Yusuf al-Azma military hospital in Damascus for symptoms of mustard gas poisoning.

In November, the Russian military handed over all the evidence concerning the attack, including the samples to the Syrian authorities. At the time, the Defense Ministry said that the evidence suggested the gas was homemade rather than supplied by a third party, but did not rule out the possibility… read more

Meanwhile, the mainstream media has ingored the report.

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In the west evidence does not matter it’s feeling that are important. It is
journalist’s and politician’s fantasies which define reality. As René
Descartes might say if living now ‘I think therefor it is’ .


The dam is breaking.


Guess what the west doesn’t care don’t expect any moral awakening

Jens Holm

Makes me laugh. At least 3 parts has been using gas. It seems to be a local tradition. And it doubles up, because You read the west are extra worried, because some moderates a.s.o.

Whats it meant for exept bluring You do the same Yourself. You are shit and can only be something useful again by recycling.

Awakening ? Dam is breaking ? Not even mirrors and megafones can change comment like those being kaffirs and infidels Yourself in this and many other dirty matters.

Pave Way IV

The U.N. and OPCW are politicized tools of the West. You could take them right into an al Nusra lab with jihadis mixing up batches of nitrogen mustard or Sarin, and they would just shrug and issue a strongly-worded condemnation that they shouldn’t be making prohibited chemical weapons.

The U.N. is and always has been worthless. It should be de-funded and dismantled just like NATO. Both are useless relics of the past.


The delay now seems to have another reason, to give militants sufficient time to destroy evidence of chemical weapons.

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