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Syrian Gov’t Pardons More Militants in Southwestern Damascus, Discusses Reconciliation with Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta

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A number of militants, laid down their arms and surrendered to the Syrian Army, has been granted amnesty by the Syrian government in Moadamiya city. A Syrian-Russian military delegation and elders of the Jaysh al-Islam are discussing terms of reconciliation in Eastern Ghouta.

Syrian Gov't Pardons More Militants in Southwestern Damascus, Discusses Reconciliation with Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta

A number of militants, who decided to lay down their arms and surrender to the Syrian Army in the city of Moadamiya Al-Sham in Western Ghouta, has been granted amnesty by Syrian authorities, who have also allowed them to remain in the city.

According to terms of the amnesty, the ex-militants must disassociate themselves from their former factions, as well as refrain from obtaining weapons again. As a result of the amnesty, the government will allow several opposition fighters and members of their families to stay in Moadamiya, as the region is being rebuilt by Syrian authorities.

On Wednesday, militants, who refused to lay down their arms, left the city with their families after several months of efforts of the Syrian government and residents of Moadamiya. According to media sources, in total about 3,000 people were transported from Moadamiya to Idlib. Representatives of the Syrian Red Crescent Society were present at the event, while the UN didn’t appear there. As result, security in the strategic city was reestablished again.

Meanwhile, a Syrian-Russian military delegation and the Jaysh al-Islam (also known as the Liwa al-Islam) group have been discussing terms of reconciliation in Eastern Ghouta in recent days, the Fars news agency reported, citing unnamed local sources.

“The Jaysh al-Islam had previously rejected the Syrian Army’s offer to reconcile; however, due to its recent losses in Douma region, the rebels have agreed to entertain the idea,” the sources said.

According to the sources, this week, elders of the coalition reached out to Russian military and the Syrian government in order to end hostilities between them.

This week, a humanitarian aid was sent to Douma, held by terrorists, by the Syrian government.

On Thursday, operations, aimed to cut supply routes of terrorists between the towns of Tal al-Kurdi and Tal al-Sawan, were continued by the Syrian Army in Eastern Ghouta. During clashes between Syrian soldiers and Jaysh al-Islam terrorists, the army advanced to the area of the Sabidaj plant in Eastern Ghouta. As result, tens of terrorists were killed and wounded in the operations.

According to the battlefield sources, Syrian troop are currently deployed near a road, connecting Douma and the areas near Tal al-Kurdi and Tal al-Sawanm, which are very important for Jaysh al-Islam terrorists.

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