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Syrian Govt Forces Liberate More Areas along Aleppo-Hama Highway


While the main attention of the mainstream media is attracted to the ongoing clashes in Aleppo city, the Syrian government forces continue military operations against the joint terrorist forces, led by Ahrar al-Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra, in the northern part of Hama province.

Last night the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) advanced along the Aleppo-Hama highway and seized the two hills – Tell Bazam and Tell Masin – north of the recently liberated town of Souran.

Strategically, the offensive operation along the Aleppo-Hama highway may allow the army and the NDF to flank the militant-controlled with center in Latamanah. This strategy will likely lead to a success if the government forces are able to advance further to the north and to take control of Morek.

Syrian Govt Forces Liberate More Areas along Aleppo-Hama Highway

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  • LeseMajeste

    Bravo Syria, get rid of the cockroaches infesting your beautiful nation! The only REAL Freedom Fighters are the Syrian people and its armed forces, Hezbollah and Hamas. My nation’s armed forces, the USA, are nothing more than thugs murdering for money and Israel.

    • Aquartertoseven

      Hamas?! Did you really just say Hamas?

    • Ted

      Just because you can does not mean you should! Take this comment for example, totally unnecessary and devoid of any point!