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Syrian Government, YPG Reach Deal To Share Oil From Omar Field In Eastern Syria: Turkish Media

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Syrian Government, YPG Reach Deal To Share Oil From Omar Field In Eastern Syria: Turkish Media

Source: aa.com.tr

The Syrian governemnt and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), which are de-facto dominating within the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), have reached an oil sharing deal on the Omar field in eastern Syria, Turkey’s state-run news agency Anadolu reported on June 2 refering own sources.

According to the report, the YPG will give 100 barrels of oil from the field to the Syrian government in return for 75 barrels of fuel.

The Omar oil fields is one of the largest oil fields in Syria. It is reportedly capable of producing about 15,000 barrels of oil per day. The SDF captured the Omar oil field, located on the eastern bank of the Euphrates in the province of Deir Ezzor, in October 2017.

A source aware of the situation with the SDF-held oil fields on the eastern bank of the Euphrates confirmed to SouthFront that such a deal had been reached. However, the sides still have to overcome a number of technical obstacles to fully implement it.

The SDF (YPG) de-facto controls about 70% of the Syrian oil resources. However, the US-backed force has no capabilities to use this control for gaining revenue on a constant basis. So, it cooperates with the Syrian government to run its oil resources.

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Turkey’s state-run news agency Anadolu reported on June 2 refering own sources.

The Turkey’s state-run news agency Anadolu is so much corrupt as much the migrant state of Israel. Mr. Erdogan should take control of Anadolu and remove Mossad agents from it otherwise whole Turkey will sink in Mediterranean sea due to Zionism.


I am not agree with IDF bull shit. In fact Israeli migrants holding whole Palestinian nation hostage from ages, slaughtering them slowly and taking their lands gradually. These European migrants have no right to be there in the Arab country of Palestine.

Israeli migrants are child butchers.

Elmarie Muller

USA opportunistic SDF wants to share original Syrian oil with legitimate Syrian GOVERNMENT.SDF have never liberate this oilfields but have taken from their ally proxy ISIS when Syrian government forces want to liberate it.No to Syrian oil Syrian like in Iraq if this USA tactic exist USA interference will continue.


I don’t think it’s true.


There were such deals with Rmeilan since forever. Only Russia has reason to resist such a deal.


If I was the syrian gov, I will destroy this oil field.

Feudalism Victory

Your an idiot.


Maybe I’m an idiot but I will make those facilities not working and wait for Americans taxpayers to pay kurds. XD.


Get real Serious.
I think the US coalition did heavy damage to it already.
Has the field been repaired yet?

Bill Wilson

The oil and gas fields in that region are all screwed by the bombing of the coalition, Syrian and Russian forces over the years to put them out of production. This deal appears to be an arrangement where the Syrian government will be allowed access to those to do repairs for a minor amount of fuel for the local SDF units that also will provide security for the oilfield workers. Once those are back online the payment should change to a percentage of the revenue earned from their oil and gas like what the two parties have going on right now in the north. Damascus retains control of the fields and pays the YPG 20% of the revenue earned and 15% to the local Arab militias that guard the fields. It’s a modest amount that helps pay the salaries of the civil servants that keep things running in SDF controlled territory.

Douglas Houck

in thinking about this, I feel this option of paying salaries for protection to the local tribes and the Kurds is the wrong option as it’s brings everything back to pre-2010.

Part of why this war started is that Syria, at the request/demand of the IMF was instigating economic reform. The initial results were that along with helping the overall economy of Syria, there was a decrease in these payouts to the local tribes as its was not economically viable due to the decrease in overall oil revenues as Syria’s oil production had peaked in the 90s and was in terminal decline. Many of the Sunni tribes with their high birth rates and low education levels were becoming a signficant drag on the economy. the rebellion was to bring that economic model back.

If the Syrain government goes back to paying out bribes for the support/protection from the tribes, then nothing positive will have come from the war. Now is the time to lay out the long term strategy/vision for Syria and stick to it. First, and foremost, the old economic model is unsustainable so why try and appease the opposition and bring it back. I would cut them loose and save the money of rebuilding and administering those areas that don’t want to be part of the new Syria. They do not add anything net positive.

The old ways have come and gone. So be it.

Now having said that, a vision of how those who want to be part of Syria that addresses their needs as best it can, needs to be negiotiated. Paying support monies for people with high birth rates is simply suicidal.


Did you see US bombing this field ??? XD. WHat I saw is US taking these oil fields in two days. XD.

Douglas Houck

Why? This is an insignificant field that only produces 15,000 bpd. The Kurds are asking that Syria/someone take the oil and turn it into fuel. Not much incentive for the Syrians except to promote good will. The real question is who is going to put the field back together and how is the oil going to be shipped. Both of those have some real $$ involved. Without the deal the oil is basically worthless.

Bill Wilson

The old al-Omar fields holds a shitload of low grade heavy sour crude (50% waste asphalt and 6% sulfur) that was exported since it yielded little useful product. I think they discovered some in that region that was a light sweet crude just before the fighting started. The few refineries inside Syria can process that into fuels and lubrication oils with ease. I figure the Kurds are willing to let Damascus to get those good fields back into production for the fuel it’ll require for their local units to provide protection.

Douglas Houck

Thanks for your replies. I see that the old al-Omar field use to produce 75,000 bpd and was the largest and most important oil field in Syria, and its level of destruction is unknown (Kurds said they captured it relatively unharmed in 2017 but a lot has transpired since).

My thoughts are 15,000 bpd are not very much, relatively speaking, and would constitute just 20% of what the field had been capable of. What is the incentive for the Syria government to process the crude into fuels and send ~75% of it back to the Kurds (unless either I’m reading the article incorrectly or the article is incorrect itself)? Without the Syrian government and their pipeline and refineries, the oil field has no monetary value to the Kurds, and at this point I’m not sure how vital it is to the Syrians. Why provide fuel/money to the Kurds? Let them collapse from economic starvation as the territory they hold is incapable of self-sufficency. I see the Syrian government being in the stronger negiotiating position.

In the May 2018 interview with RT, President al-Assad states:
“We’re going to deal with SDF by two options: the first one, we started now opening doors for negotiations, this is the first option. If not, we’re going to resort to liberating by force, to liberating those areas by force. We don’t have any other options, with the Americans or without the Americans.”

I agree with al-Assad. I wouldn’t give the Kurds/SDF anything unless they help kick the Americans out of Syria and become an integral part of Syia. Time is on the side of the Syrians.

Again, thanks for the replies. I appreciate the information.

Bill Wilson

Syria exported the heavy sour crude from those fields to refiners in Western Europe since their few refineries weren’t designed to process that type of crude. Those heavy crude fields require the injection of natural gas to enable it to be pumped out. The aerial bombing knocked out the natural gas pumps, their control rooms, oil collection tank farms and other stuff that put the fields out of production until all that’s fixed. Hopefully by then, the SAA will have eliminated ISIS in the Homs desert so Assad can start using the pipelines running thru there again. One runs in from Iraq to the T2 then T3 pumping stations. It brings in a lighter Iraqi crude that’s mixed with the very heavy al Omar crude so it can be pumped to the coast and provide the buyers with a mix that’ll yield more products when refined.
These SF articles are usually screwy when it come to telling the truth, so I assume the Kurds are charging Assad’s government 75 barrels of fuel per month for guarding the fields and the oilfield workers doing the repairs. That’s 3150 gallons of diesel that Assad may be paying $1.00 per gallon for so is a heckuva deal for him. Assad is sharing the revenue from the northern fields with the Kurds (20% for local administrative costs) and local Arab militias (15% for guarding the fields from ISIS). Those fields yield a light sweet crude that is refined inside Syria into fuels and lubricating oils for local consumption. They may wind up with the same arrangement down south if the Kurds have to set up local civil governments and services like they did up north where the Syrian government employees fled during the fighting and Assad lacks the trained people to replace them. Assad and the Kurds have been cooperating for a long time though has to bad mouth them occasionally to appease some folks. Assad can’t bitch too much about the US since their presence is holding back Turkey and has been footing the bill for eliminating ISIS in the east and blocking their movements along the southern border. Assad didn’t have the resources nor manpower to do that then leave forces behind to keep control of the territories won back so let the Kurds do that with US help so his forces could concentrate their efforts elsewhere in the west then in the center of the country.
The Syrian Kurds have said many times that they have no desire to break away from Syria but do want to see the laws changed so they and others are no longer politically and economically marginalized to benefit the wealthy elites that control the government and economy.

Bill Wilson

It’s been fucked up by bombing by everyone involved so has been out of production for quite some time! Since it’ll require extensive and expensive repairs the YPG/SDF is willing to receive 75 barrels of fuel in exchange for allowing the Syrian government in to do the repairs while providing security. Once functional again with sales,then the Kurds will change that to a revenue sharing agreement to help pay civil servant salaries.


“The SDF (YPG) de-facto controls about 70% of the Syrian oil resources.”. Of course. You know for who was working ISIS.

Another proof in the basket of Serious theories.


The controlled 50% of Syrian oil by free gift of Assad in July 2012.

Feudalism Victory

A reasonable compromise opening the door to trust and reconciliation.


LOL……this has the jewish signature all over it..typical


lol they had such a deal going from Rmeilan for years. Keep in mind Assad GAVE THEM Rmeilan in July 2012.


no way….believe me…the jew satanics with their us slaves will launch a major attack very soon…..probably close to T2 or T3 or even Palmyra………..you people always believe constantly that the jew/us policies will suddenly change for the good LOL……all those dealings and agreements just serve the jew/us…..where were those deals 6 months ago? 1 year ago?2 years ago? nada…….they are buying time…to adjust..regroup…rearm……then boom…….trust?reconcilation? sure I´ll rape your mom, cut off your dads head and ask for reconcilation and trust LOLOLOL check history……ask saddam..opss hes dead…..ask gadaffi opps hes dead……. the list could go on and on and on………
take for example the ukraine…so what about the minsk agreements???LOl hilarious here….no point in further discussions with people that cant even remember present day history, not to mention past history of the hundreds of agreements that were broken by the us and israel.


Those Couple of Hundreds Broken “Official-Government-Treaties” is in the U.S. Alone….
It must be in the Ten-Thousands Worldwide….
comment imagecomment image


And then all the tribes sign them, calling the ones who resist them, renegates and worst. You always can find the idiots among the ones who are called leaders with out deserving the tittle and the traitors, who cover that, by playing the role of the savior and the peacemakers.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

It’s called an interim solution… until the YPG can be exterminated.




They’re going to last a hell of a lot longer than the Assad family.


After Turkish forces plowed through the Kurds near Afrin?No, not really.


Something doesn’t seem right here. Is it possible to extract 75 barrels of fuel (petrol, diesel, white oil and even mazut) out of 100 barrels of crude oil, give it all away and still have something worth doing it?
Does Syrian crude produce %75 fuel?

The source is Turkish, that may explain the math.


America will not like the Kurds trading away American oil.


Hold on, 100 barrels of raw, unrefined oil for 75 barrels of fuel. that doesn’t make any economic sense whatsoever. Besides, wasn’t that field down to producing only 7,500 BPD last time the subject came up in 2017. So, somebody is going to tell me amidst all the fighting, they were able to ship in all the necessary parts, put in a crew to repair a badly run down production line and double production, while under fire from a butt load of IS units? I don’t think so fellas. I could be wrong but, my sense of it is that this story is unrefined BS. I wish well to all.

John Mason

Article on Al Masdar News suggests otherwise, about 70 local tribes are joining SAA to oust foreigners, especially the US, SDF forces. About time.

Bill Wilson

LOL! Those losers tried that earlier with Russian help and got wiped out. I doubt if they’re interested in another fool adventure like that again.


Now that story makes sense, to agree to this “deal” would be to give the US/SDF the oil fields.
The natural gas is the money in that field, not the oil.
Highly unlikely that Assad would just give the Americans Syria’s recovery money.


Not really sure how to read this one. The story makes it look like the Syrian gov. is toying with the idea of SDF legitimacy.

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