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JULY 2022

Syrian Government Sends Reinforcements To Homs-Deir Ezzor Desert Following Series Of ISIS Attacks (Video)

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The Syrian government has deployed a new batch of reinforcements in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert following a recent series of ISIS attacks in the area.

ISIS cells operating in the desert area in central Syria pose a serious security threat to the government-controlled area and conduct attacks on checkpoints of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). In own turn, the SAA has been attempting to get rid of these cells. However, no success has been achieved so far.

An interesting fact is that ISIS cells operating in the desert rarely attack positions of the US-led coalition and its proxies in the al-Tanf area. Syrian pro-government sources say that this situation is possible because ISIS cells are hiding within the US-occupied area.


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You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Saddam Hussein

This desert clearance is taking too long. SAA troops are needed elsewhere.

Astar Roth

Since last September there we have stooled situation in Syria. All these things such are moving troops, doing this or that are produced by Southfront because it is obvious that they are going to lost viewers. Nothing is happening, no major advances, only talk to bullshit talk. I, personally, have enough of this.

Astrid Watanabe

“….Nothing is happening……” Lots of things are happening! Are you blind? A variety of the same things reported here are also reported elsewhere, and it certainly is not nothing!


Like BDS, one step at a time. The beat goes on.

Feudalism Victory

1. Assad has the biggest cities in syria hell let the rest float away like the golan heights. 2. Russia isnt helping him take on turkey or the us so hes stuck. 3. Iran isn’t helping him take on turkey or the us either.

Peter Moy

Good video showing “technicals” armed with KPV 14.5 mm. and “Dushka” DshK M1938/46 12.7 mm. machineguns. Hopefully they exterminate the murderous, enemy rats near Homs by the bushel.

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