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Syrian Government Reopens Roads to Recently Liberated Parts of Eastern Aleppo (Video + Text Transcript)

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A fresh footage entitled “The Syrian army reopens roads between the western and eastern parts of Aleppo city” appeared on December 3. It shows the ongoing works to secure the recently liberated areas of eastern Aleppo and the modern situation there.

Video transcript:

00:00 – 00:04 First I like to congratulate the people of Aleppo on the latest victories in the eastern districts
00:05-00:09 Now all the roads inside the city leading to the eastern parts are open
00:10-00:12 We’ll start from here
00:19 This is Al Jalaa club
00:20-00:22 This road was closed and there was a checkpoint on it
00:24-00:26 We’ll see now where this road leads us
00:56-01:00 As you can see, ahead of us is the sheikh maksoud district
01:01-01:10 This road had been closed for 5 years now and right ahead is the central post office
01:11-01:14 This road is safe now
01:28-01:32 Now we are at shikh maksood and this is jabanat Al Arman
01:33-01:39 Now we’ll take a turn to see how bulldozers are clearing the road
01:40-01:43 This is jabanat Al Arman
01:44-01:47 It’s been a long time since we’ve been here
01:55-02:00 This highway takes us to the faculty of agriculture
02:01-02:09 This place used to be under heavy sniper and mortar fire coming from rebel held territories in sheikh maksoud and now it’s safe
02:11-02:16 These bulldozers are clearing the road now
02:23-02:27 This is Al Awared bridge
00:28 This is Al Awared bridge?
02:45 God bless you!
02:55 Hello how are you doing?
Soldier: There were two cars behind you that had to turn back
Woman: Yes there was a pool there
03:01-03:02 How’s the road? For how long does it go?
Soldier: We haven’t done anything in that direction
Woman: You’re going straight?
Soldier: Yes
Woman: God bless you
03:08 man: God bless you
Woman: Welcome!
Man: Welcome
Woman: How much do you think will be cleared ahead?
03:12 man: Right now we are at Al Burj restaurant
Woman: Al Burj restaurant?
Man: Yes
Woman: You’re going to work there?
Man: No we’re already on it
Woman: Ah they’re already there?
Man: Yes
Woman: So the road will be cleared up to Bustan Al Basha and Al Sakhour rotary?
Men: God willing
Woman: Alright may god watch over you
03:31 Man: This is Al Sanawbara park
03:34 Woman: This is the Sanawbara?
Man: Seems like it
03:38 This used to be a nice park, it even had utilities for disabled people
03:49 This is the faculty of agriculture
03:54-03:59 Employees there kept working despite the war raging outside their offices
04:01 A lot of people died around here
04:04-04:06 This is Al Cabri rotary
04:09 This one takes us to bustan Al basha…
04:18 Did we pass the tower?
Man: No it’s ahead
Woman: Hello how are you doing?
04:24 Now if we go there…
04:27 We’re getting close to bustan albasha
04:30-04:36 The men told us that the road will be open up to Al sakhour rotary and perhaps a little further
04:44 They’re working there too
04:49 Hello!
Soldier: Welcome
Woman: How are you?
Soldier: Good
Woman: Where are the workers heading next?
Soldier: Al Sakhour
Woman: Had the civilians came back yet?
05:05 Will the road toward Al Sakhour be opened?
Man: Yes we just began to work on it
Woman: Are the civilians going back yet?
Man: No, not yet
Woman: Alright
05:14-05:19 We’ll try to get a little closer and take some shots

Thank you for the transcript to Syria General /sg/

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It is amazing how fast the area is being cleaned up. It shall be comically sad to see the US State Department spin the return of civilians to their homes and activation of city utilities as another evil of the Syrian government.

Hanny Benny

Of course when the well-builded defencelines collapses, everything goes fast..
one week ago Aleppo will be free of jihadiscum.
Then comes Idlib encircling, a walkthrough to Latakia to end this disgusting war ;)

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