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Syrian Government Relaunches Dabisan Gas Field In Raqqah Province (Photos)

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The Syrian government has relaunched the Dabisan 1 gas field in the western part of the province of Raqqah, the Syrian state-run news agency SANA reported on May 18.

The Dabisan 1 gas field has the capacity of 250,000 m3. It was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) during its operation against ISIS in the province of Raqqah and then restored.

Currently, Damascus is working to relaunch 3 nearby gas fields.

The reconsturction efforts are an important part of the Syrian government strategy in the liberated areas. Government workers are actively restoring roads, power stations and other infrastructure.

Photos of the Dabisan 1 gas field:

Syrian Government Relaunches Dabisan Gas Field In Raqqah Province (Photos)
Syrian Government Relaunches Dabisan Gas Field In Raqqah Province (Photos)

Syrian Government Relaunches Dabisan Gas Field In Raqqah Province (Photos)

Syrian Government Relaunches Dabisan Gas Field In Raqqah Province (Photos)

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Amar Bouzwar

good news

You can call me Al

When you say 250,000 m3, what exactly do you mean ? if it the gas in the reservoir, that is pretty tiny – https://knoema.com/ncszerf/natural-gas-prices-forecast-long-term-2017-to-2030-data-and-charts


Realistically it will take several years for the plants to get to pre-war production levels. Still, this is a sign that the war is finally winding down.


Jordan need oil and gas. At the moment Jordan import gas from Israel, which is a bad luck for all Muslims. Since 1900 Israeli migrants intruded into Palestine and holding all Palestinians hostage and oppressed, attacks Muslims in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and in other countries and on other side Jordan import gas from them. This is a heinous crime.

US, UK, Israel and KSA have destroyed all the oil and gas fields of Syria, Iraq along with refineries. Now Egypt and Saudis both have oil and gas but force Jordan to buy from Israel. Jordan can buy oil and gas from Syria and Iraq but should not buy from Israel. Any relation of Jordan with Israel is dangerous for Jordan. King Abdullah for security reason should ban US, UK, French and Israeli companies in Jordan.


is not the King’s balls in USoA hands?


” The Dabisan 1 gas field has the capacity of 250,000 m3 ”

It would help if the writer had quantified that output.
Per hour, day, week, month etc :)
It is meaningless otherwise.


I was thinking the same thing.
Maybe it’s per hour !!! :D


you overaducated steelhead, oil/gas production os always given for day


Or per second, who knows :)



Terra Cotta Woolpuller

It’s per day , even in the North America it’s per day always has been Canada has ones that produce 1,000,000 m3 per day enough to supply a city of 1.5 million for one year.


ISIS have not gone anywhere they are still there in Syria and Iraq in US, UK, France controlled areas where they hold by these ISIS terrorists Syrians and Iraqis hostage. ISIS in Syria are called SDF and YPG. Their locations are Al-Tanf, Deir Ezzor, Hasaka, Raqqa, Aleppo in Syria. ISIS in Iraq are called Peshmarga located in Kurdastan area.

Concrete Mike

Nice clean job. Nice job boys, dont forget that extinguisher on the ground there, otherwise it may walk away.


For time being this is a good sign but for long run Syria need the Russian help to properly build new infrastructure on all oil and gas production facilities.


The gas field under the kurds must not allowed to be operational. They are in the hands of illegal representative of Syria and they should be bomb if they seek to make it operational.

Bill Wilson

The Syrian government has been operating oil & gas fields in Kurdish held areas for quite some time. They have a revenue sharing program worked out where Damascus gets 65%, the Kurdish administration gets 20% and 15% to the local Arab malitias that guard the fields.


how about some tactical cruze missiles launched by Syrian forces and take them all out in one day
the flys need to be swatted immediately, maggots they are these French. Need to be killed.
Syria must launch offensive attacks on their own increasingly and I hope they have the best Russian jets
Because if Syria Airforce wipes out French instead of Russia, then NATO cannot get involved to start WW3 they are all playing chicken with Russia NATO member attacked so they say on someone elses country without permission, but that wont matter to NATO NAZI… OK Russia attacks French outpost
what happens even though France is enemy on foreign soil ? If SYRIA does all the attacking on the NWO NATO NAZI forces then since Syria is not a NATO member then NATO cannot attack Russia
Make sense ? There are two cities in the East of Euphrates under govt control SAA lets expand these and drop troops behind enemy lines to blow their shit up


The Syrian people and their friends that had the balls to stay with the government, not run out of the country and fight like hell. Are now restoring Syria and mark our words. Syria will come back as one of the top most educated, scientific, manufacturing, agricultural, health energy, and local defense providers in the middle east. So fast the invaders will wonder how this was possible. TDK

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