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Syrian Government & Militants Reach Final Reconciliation Agreement in Wadi Barada

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A final agreement for reconciliation between the Syrian government and militants’ groups of Wadi Barada has been reached in Deir Muqrin town in Damascus province.

Syrian Government & Militants Reach Final Reconciliation Agreement in Wadi Barada

After an hour-long meeting, held in Deir Muqrin town, the Syrian government and militants’ groups of Wadi Barada have reached a final agreement for reconciliation in the region, the Al-Hadath news website reported on Thursday, citing its own unnamed sources.

According to the website, the government gave 48 hours to militants, who decided not to take part in the reconciliation, in order to allow them to leave Wadi Barada and move to Idlib with their families. At the same time, the Syrian authorities promised to grant amnesty to militants who accept the reconciliation plan.

According to the agreement, the Syrian Army will deploy its troops in Basima and its bases in Wadi Barada, state bodies and facilities in the region will return to normal conditions, as well, residents of Harirah, al-Fijeh, Basima and Afrah will return to their homes.

Reportedly, repair units will be immediately dispatched to Ain al-Fijeh region, where the water reservoirs of Damascus are located.

On Tuesday, the last ultimatum for the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) terrorist group was issued by the Syrian Army. Terrorists must have left Wadi Barada with their families and move to Idlib during the next 48 hours. The decision was taken during the latest round of talks between the government and militants, held in Deir Qanoun village.

According to reports, Syrian troops continued their attacks on Jabhat Fateh al-Sham terrorists, stationed in Ain al-Fijeh village, and have already established control over the most part of the region. For the moment, the Syrian forces are deployed in the center of the village.

At the same time, the al-Nusra Front planted landmines in the nearby areas of the Ain al-Fijeh water reservoirs in order to prevent the army’s further advances.

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Pave Way IV

So Syria has done what the U.S. has repeatedly failed to do: separate Syrian ‘moderate’ rebels from U.S./GCC-backed foreign head-chopper mercs. How? Using this simple logic: “If you want to fight the Syrian government, leave now… or we will kill you.” Even a caveman could understand that.

This is precisely why the U.S./GCC scheme to overthrow the Syrian government will ultimately fail: they cannot possibly apply the reverse logic to Syrians: “If you support your lawful government, leave now… or we will kill you.” The logic has always been “Stay. We’re better – we promise.” Obviously most Syrians weren’t buying that bullshit.

Read between the lines at exactly what happened here. The initial government deal was green buses for head-choppers but nothing about Syrian troops returning. In fact, the Syrian government initially promised that Syrian troops would not go door-knocking looking for left-over head-choppers. The SAA would simply trust that foreign merc head-choppers would have no reason to stay, so they would leave.

Since the head-choppers act more like a criminal mafia, they probably would have either stayed behind or returned to reclaim their turf, but not in uniform nor under the banner of any militia. In other words, they would just go underground but still exist, running guns, drugs and guerrilla ops from Wadi Barada. For a few extra shekels, they would maintain Israeli electronic listening posts and feed them intel on Hezbollah (like they probably are now).

The ‘new’ deal is: “No green buses. If you want to fight the Syrian government, leave now or we will kill you… and we’re checking this time. The Syrian army will be in town to kill any head-chopper mafia that stays or tries to come back,”

This is the settlement I would have wanted if I was a local in a rebel-aligned militia and just wanted to stop fighting. The green bus idea is nice, but useless to me and my family if there’s no guarantee the head-choppers have even left and nothing preventing their return as an underground mafia / guerrilla fighters. The first thing they’re going to do is kill me and my family because I don’t want to fight their U.S./GCC proxy war any more.

The initial conditions from a couple of weeks ago were asinine. It’s a war. You don’t give invaders a safe-zone in exchange for a truce. You don’t negotiate your nation’s sovereignty to invading head-choppers. You kill every last one of them that won’t leave – that’s the deal.

Sergio González

It’s amazing to see that the globalist US policy has blatantly backfired. The fact that Assad, the SAA and the Syrian people have been able to stand up and call bullshit is impressive.

Rodney Loder

Trump is now openly admitted to giving Erdogan full support in Syria hoping to split the Turkish Syrian alliance, Putin, Hezbollah and Iran will be out in the cold in a few weeks time, only Black can save the day for Syria, “Hands off al-Bab” or the taps will be again shut off.

John Whitehot

lol really? where did you read that? I think you’re confusing that “safe zones” news with “full support for Erdogan”.

Rodney Loder

I had a dream I saw Trump kneel to Erdogan with a blank cheque in his right hand and I’m not exactly sure what he was doing with his left hand maybe Allah sensored that part of the dream I’m not sure.

Gary Sellars

“I had a dream…”

Well why didn’t you say so before? That makes all the difference….

Rodney Loder

If dreams aren’t important why do I have to endure them ?. I think it’s because the signifance is a definite understanding of abstract possibility, then a logical deduction leads manifestation to follow in order of systematic sequence if the outcome of psychological war is conducive to being accepted by Fate that is, in this particular case I can say most certainly that if, al-Bab is not left alone Erdogan and Trump will form an unGodly alliance and Allah will be really angry with everybody except Caliph Baghdadi, that was in the dream too, it could mean Caliph Baghdadi will be listed in Heaven and Allah will bestow on me his Title, but i cant say that for sure just yet.

Daniel Castro

So are you gonna be a Caliph?

You know, first I tried to reason with, now I see it was a fruitless enterprise… But I will keep reading you because at least it is different thinking…

One thing I know for sure, Turkey army is only pretending to fight ISIS animals, they think russians are stupid but anyone can see the game they are playing, now SAA is heading to al-bab, so only the future will tell if your dream is right.

Rodney Loder

Thanks for that Daniel Castro I need all the help I can get, I’ve got to quickly get to Yemen to prove I’m the Isa Son of Maryium before SAA gets to al-Bab, I think Allah is keeping them busy in Palmyra for that reason, only He knows.

Daniel Castro

Good luck… I think…


We will all pitch in for your trip. Do you fly first class or coach? Hope that you land in N Yemen. I have much respect for the Houthi’s. Semper fidelis.

Rodney Loder

I hope to cordinated through Sana Damascus if you can spare a donation send it to them I’ve been in correspondence with them since Dec. 2012 concerning my Claims, thank you for your support, justice will be done.


How’s the weather today at Ulitsa Savushkina No 55 in St Petersburg Russia Kremlin troll ?

Heard someone tried to burn down the so called “Internet Research Agency”


Here’s even a video of it.


Too bad they didn’t succeed. Perhaps they will next time. Hopefully. With YOU in it Russian troll.

Charan John

I also had a dream when Trump had just been elected. It was him being killed during the inauguration together with Alex Jones of all people in a bloody massacre. Needless to say none of it ever happened. There’s a clear shift or UK wouldn’t have changed their stance on Assad saying that they won’t mind him running for re election.

John Whitehot

you should be watching vids with kittens and ducklings before going to bed , maybe that way you won’t have to dream about that kind of ppl :D

Rodney Loder

What’s the difference between Hitler’s exceptionalism and Trumps / Obama’s exceptionalism ??. Hitler has a real Army, Trump and Obama only have the pink phantom.

John Whitehot

it’s a murderous beast (not talking abt the servicemen). don’t underestimate it.

Rodney Loder

I’m in the twilight zone already, a beast would be electricity for me.


I can’t tell whether you’re being sarcastic or not? If you are lmao hahaha you got me, but if you’re not…you sir are then completely misinformed and need to go back understanding the situation that is going on with Turkey-Syria and Russian alliance right now.

The words that are coming out of your mouth right now incoherently makes no sense what so ever.

Rodney Loder

I don’t know who Imao is, maybe you mean Lamo, try to be more specific, I have happened on the Correct Line not by chance either, Scientific investigation brought it into my possession, coupled with a Terrestrial outside force, Geopolitics has a lot to do with it. Time Line. 1914, WW1. Allah declares the Trial of judgmental directed at the jew, a last chance to reconsider. 1917, The Russian Revolution caused by Allah to give Christianity a partner in a functional paradox to advantage Humanity. 1939, WW2. Allah gives jews ultimate Temptation, as outcome . 1948, Cold War, Israel established without Divine Sanction (Messiah Event), ultimate entrapment of His enemies, Roman Catholics sign on with jew and are no longer the Medium between Divinity and Man. I am, from 1950 on. And I’m a professional getting paid to do it.


Its been 8 days old man, you don’t know Syria like us Syrians do, so do us a favor and stop assuming incoherently wrong things. It clearly seems you don’t know the Russian-Syrian Alliance right now. Everything you said about “hands of al-bab” is wrong.

Rodney Loder

My Salafist Brothers know I’m with them though, the other thing is we always say , “if Allah is willing” if it was possible to know what Allah was going to do we would be saying “someone knows what Allah is going to do but it’s not me now”. Prophet Isaiah said about a guilty Nation, “bruises cuts and open sores go without care or oil to ease the pain” , all that has happened to Erdogan’s Turkey hasn’t it ?.. Greece stepped up to the mark, in their Greek way didn’t they ?, there is more to come from them, I dare say, I ask my Salafist Brothers to abandon Terrorism since I’m coming to represent them, or at least if you can’t cut it out to blame somebody else, they are beginning to listen to me I think. Now I’m off to make a $ 50 , donation, good by.


1. It’s “Goodbye,” know your spelling 2. Don’t bring God into this discussion and disrespect the most merciful 3. Salafist and Wahabism are the root of ISIS. So if you are with them = then you are a terrorist yourself Mr. Rodney. 4. I highly recommend you to swallow your tongue before someone cuts it out. 5. This has nothing to do with Turkey or Greece as you are going severely off topic. 6. If you only you knew how we Syrians feel…maybe your stupid idiotic rash comments would go away and you would use you brain for once.

Rodney Loder

Good by means good to get by with money helps, I thought everyone knew that, and your “don’t” is indicative of a command if you had that capacity you wouldn’t need to talk it up, God is what I say He is, same with you, everyone knows that. Maybe al-Wahhab didn’t listen to his teachers, first ibn Sayf who introduced him to Muhammad Hayat of Sind a follower of Shafi school and a Sufi, al-Wahhab was a Sufi to begin the common thread with his teachers was Ibn Taymiyya, not Ahmad b Hanbal, maybe Al Wahhab is not that relevant, but that is for us to decide, we never refer to Salafism as Wahhabism. Please don’t threaten violence on the internet you can get rubbed out.er, I mean crossed off. I prey for Greece to snatch the golden moment and put Erdogan in the dust bin of history, I think that would help Syria. I claim to be Jesus Christ which is impossible to delete, as we all know, I should be buried in the Sacred Precincts the Prophet Muhammad (pbuH) said as much Himself.


Or is this another pre final agreement? How long has this been going! Seems that some Jihadist hold outs don’t care for going to Idlib province (who can blame them). But by now the Damascus residents really need a nice hot shower and some clean clothes to wear. The stores must be running low on deodorant and perfume.

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