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Syrian Government Makes Gains Supported by Russian Air Power

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Russia changes entire dynamics in Syria

Syrian Government Makes Gains Supported by Russian Air Power

Photo: Sputnik/ Dmitriy Vinogradov

Since the Syrian military forces closed in on rebels in the mountains of Latakia province, a Chechen terrorist Murad Margoshvili, who goes by the nom de guerre Abu Walid al Shishani complained that he and his men were “in a Roman wrestling ring where the gladiators fight and the rest of the Islamic world spectates.” Murad also complained to the Islamic community,”In this decisive moment you leave us without assistance?”

On the other hand, Syrian military backed by Russian airstrikes, soon swept through a onetime rebel bastion, Salma. Syrian government forces have since consolidated their hold over strategically important mountainous territory at the same pushing the terrorists across the Turkish border. According to several reports, Syrian military backed by Russian air power is on offensive.

In the south, terrorists struggled to maintain their grip on Sheik Maskin, a town at the nexus of highways leading to the Jordanian border.

Outside Damascus, Syrian government forces are advancing in eastern Ghouta area which was a strong terrorist stronghold. Last month, Russian airstrike killed the region’s most influential terrorist, Zahran Alloush.

Syrian military advances in seven points in the north around the city of Aleppo. The government forces are also advancing in the northern province of Hama.

The fiercest ISIS is also on its back foot. The Syrian army broke a crippling three-year siege by Islamic State at Kuweires military airport outside Aleppo in last November and is advancing nearby Al Bab which was captured in 2013 by ISIS.

Several observers say, much of the credit for the government gains in Syria, goes to Russia, which deployed its forces to the country in September against the terrorist targets.

Director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma Joshua Landis told to an interview, “Assad is winning. Russian air power [has] changed the entire dynamic of what’s going on, and it just gives the Syrian army an incredible boost.”

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