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Syrian Government Is Going To Reconstruct 4,000 Schools In Three Years

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Syrian Government Is Going To Reconstruct 4,000 Schools In Three Years


The Syrian government is going to reconstruct 4,000 schools destroyed by militants in the next three years, Syrian Education Minister Hazwan al-Waz told media.

According to the minister added, about the same number of schools across the country destroyed by terrorists cannot be rebuilt. He noted that about four million students are going to school in 2018 and the authorities are ready to increase the number of school places if it’s needed.

Separately, the minister revealed that the Ministry of Education had hired 30,000 teachers additionally in those cities, which were liberated from militants.

“They began working on August 26. This is always the case here -school administrations start working a week before the beginning of an academic year,” he said.

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Notice the difference between a state which the US considers evil and itself. The Syrian state plans to build 4,000 schools in 3 years. The US on the other hand promises only to continue increase in spending on more and more weapons of destruction while making it even harder to attain an education.

Gregory Casey

And despite the Trillions being spent on Military/Defense by the US, the US-NATO-UK-France-Israeli-Saudi-Turk Alliance failed to crack the will of the Syrian People. Little Syria kicked the shxt out of them!!


With a little help from it’s friends.

Tudor Miron

” reconstruct 4,000 schools “(c) That’s a major insult to anglo-zio empire. Education and knowledge should be kept away from people – this way it is much easier to manupulate them. https://youtu.be/5bWq-KyZ8uA

Tommy Jensen

Thanks, good one ;-).

Tommy Jensen

Assad cannot build schools without an International usury loan from IMF………………………………LOL.

If Assad build these schools anyway, he will be sanctioned by International finance like Iran and will not be able to sell one drop of Syrian oil/gas and one single olive, because all Syrian finance transactions will be US freezed too with second hand sanctions for all countries Syria trade with……………….LOL.

We Americans always win because we are a winner nation…………………………….LOL.

Gregory Louis

Yeah, bad trolling if you were trying to imitate and American because your grammar and spelling are way off bud XD. Probably should look up more shit on Google translate mate.

Tommy Jensen

“Probably should look up more sh.. ………..”, So you teach in English grammar?

Gregory Louis

Yeah though you were a troll and now I just confirmed it no one says ”So you teach in English grammar?” in a casual conversation in the U.S mate your very bad at your job.


Jeez the NATO are embarrassed, they have plans to destroy that many, not after school hours either.

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