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JUNE 2021

Syrian Government in Full Control of Homs, Syria’s Third Largest City

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Syrian Government in Full Control of Homs, Syria’s Third Largest City

On December 1, the Free Syrian Army’s central command agree to a permanent ceasefire and evacuation for the remaining rebels inside of Al-Wa’er with the Governor of Homs – Talal Al-Barazi.

The evacuation includes two phases:

  1. is to allow humanitarian aid to any remaining civilians living inside the district
  2. is the transportation of the 600 rebel fighters from Al-Wa’er to the Idlib Governorate

The plan is supposed to take about two months. After this, the Syrian Government will be in full control of the city of Homs.

Since 2011, Homs has been a battleground for some of the bloodiest battles in th Syrian war.

For a long time, the Al-Wa’er District of Homs has been a rebel stronghold. It is one of the first areas captured by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in 2011.

The agreement has become possible due to a strategic initiative taken by the pro-government forces after the start of the Russian military operations in Syria.

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Frank Dean

Thats funny 2 months from now there will be no place to go perhaps. In 30 to 60 days massive gains have been made consolidation of forces and increased targeting along with more players.


I bet there’s some Turkish FSA fighters that don’t think that’s so funny, don’t you? Russia/Syria are over running prospected “safe zones” faster that US/ISISrael can propose them.

Frank Dean

It was cynical meaning they are being set up. Do they stand a chance at all US will not re supply them again with SU 400 deployed. They should sue for peace they have not chance fighting Russian troop. Russia will not let US set up safe zones in Syria maybe Turkey can take them. There are more players coming in against ISIS. The FSA is going to left holding the bag. Obama will not back them enough to matter.

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