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Syrian Government Forces Use Iranian Anti-Tank Missiles against Militants in Southern Aleppo (Video)

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Syrian Government Forces Use Iranian Anti-Tank Missiles against Militants in Southern Aleppo (Video)

A screenshot from Youtube

The recently appeared footage depicts the Syrian government forces using Iranian-made Toophan 1 anti-tank missiles against Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Qaeda) and its US-backed ‘moderate’ allies near the Air Defense Battalion in the southern countryside of Aleppo city. The Air Defense Battalion area was captured by the Syrian army, Hezbollah and Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba last night.

Toophan 1 is a reverse-engineered Iranian copy of the US military BGM-71 TOW (Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided) missile. The Toophan-1’s payload is a 3.6 kg high-explosive anti-tank warhead that can penetrate up to 550mm of steel armor. Toophan 1 range is about 3,850m Iran has produced this type of missiles since 2000.

Syrian Government Forces Use Iranian Anti-Tank Missiles against Militants in Southern Aleppo (Video)

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I have been disappointed up to now at how little Iranian weaponry has
been used by the Syrians. May be that is changing. Occasionally I
read comments on SF that assess the Iranians as only mediocre
militarily. I am not so sure about this. I can not offer any proof
but the impression I get is that they have a wide range of
domestically produced systems covering the whole range of military
hardware – ground, naval and aerospace.

These systems might well be copies of existing systems but with
enhancements and improvements. I think they are quite good.

So I would have expected to see more use made in Syria. May be that is

Payne Degroin

Your impression is correct. Iran does indeed produce a wide range of military equipment which is increasingly of very good quality and now combat tested in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Zak Ultron

Yes but if trump wins Iran will be bombed to dust and Iranian soldiers in syria sent to their graves early , Trump has made it clear about IRAN


Really. An attack on Iran would be a really dumb idea. The Pentagon has modeled the conflict a number of times and the costs are immense. Besides the dynamics have changed and an attack would likely draw in Russia.


hahahahahh dumb ass

Zak Ultron

see video of trumps plan on his speech on Iran , dumb asss ????


That’s to appease the kikes, Trump is not that stupid or suicidal, the days of America invading countries is over.

Brad Long

Iran can field a ten million man army , and Trump stated “no war with Iran” we couldn’t beat them if we tried and they have a MDT with Russia and China , your out of your Israeli influenced mind if you think our air force will stand up to S-400


Zak Ultron

Oh god the s400 hype lol

Brad Isherwood

The US BGM 71 TOW in theatre via Gulf?…Turkey? …US/Nato?…since after 2012.

Syrian military and Intel capture lots of these and ammo…
Iran can put theirs in now as its fairs fair in war and war : )
Syria military now using systems like this with Drone and TAC air controllers is
The way to break up Takfiri.
That …and thermal/night targeting with special warheads…like thermobaric.

Zak Ultron

Maybe ! but everything is in stalemate in aleppo and nothing really changes , Turkey on the other hand is racing into battles and pushing everything out of its way , Assad regime and Russian bombing have shown no result , Rebel foot soldiers still active and fighting freely in aleppo for a long time


This is a case when Western sanctions were good. Without foreign suppliers of arms, Iran was forced to develop (and reverse engineer) and produce her own armaments and munitions. Saddam found out the hard way that Western armaments could actually be used against the buyer (such as the microchip implanted in his air defense system that allowed UN forces to turn it off!). Autarky and self-reliance is always preferable (when possible) to being dependent upon foreign sources.

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