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Syrian Government Forces Stepped Up Security Measures In Daraa – Report

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Syrian Government Forces Stepped Up Security Measures In Daraa – Report

Syrian soldiers in Tel Rifaat city, Illustrative image

The Syrian Arab Army and security forces had stepped up their security measures in different parts of the southern governorate of Daraa, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on August 4.

According to the London-based monitoring group, government forces established the following new fortifications:

  • A checkpoint between the towns of Jasim and Kafr Shams in northern Daraa;
  • A checkpoint between the towns of al-Harah and Zimrin in northern Daraa;
  • A new military post in the outskirt of al-Harah.

The SOHR also revealed that fresh reinforcements were deployed near the towns of Namar, Simlin, al-Harah, al-Jabi and Jasim.

In the last few months, a series of attacks targeted Syrian service members and local fighters in Daraa. ISIS claimed responsibility for some of them. Other terrorist groups and foreign sides, including the Israeli intelligence, are believed to be responsible for the rest.

The most recent attack took place on August 4, an informant of the Syrian intelligence was assassinated by gunmen on a road between the towns of Tafas and Muzayrib in the northern Daraa countryside.

Government forces’ new measures will likely improve security in northern Daraa. Nevertheless, more measures need to be taken. Government forces should improve coordination with local fighters.


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Of topic sorry I didn’t know where to put it:

Chinese newspaper claims S-500 gives Russia advantage over US warplanes

The Chinese newspaper, People’s Daily, described the Russian-made S-500 system as “unimaginably accurate”, indicating that it will take great responsibility in protecting the Russian sky. The Chinese daily noted that rapid progress has been made in developing all types of Russian weapons, such as “the T-14 tank, the Su-57 fighter, and of course, the S-500, which was recently successfully tested in Syria.” They pointed out that the results confirmed that the S-500 air defense system is able to shoot 10 long-range missiles at one time, even if the target moves at a speed ranging between 18 to 25 thousand kilometres-per-hour, and the system is also able to shoot down missiles and planes flying at an altitude 200 km. The newspaper reported that, in May 2020, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivorochko said that the first S-500 anti-aircraft missile systems could enter the forces of service in the Russian armed forces in 2021. The report pointed out that the S-500 is a multi-complex system with full configuration. It consists of control modes and anti-aircraft and missile sections. The guidance modes include an early warning radar, while the anti-aircraft unit includes a command center, a radar station, a guided radar and a launch pad with a “40N6E” missile. The anti-missile section consists of a command and radar center, an active radar station and a platform for short-range missiles “77N6-N”, and for long-range missiles “77N6-N1”. This multi-tasking system also allowed the S-500 air defense system to intercept several targets simultaneously, increase the radar detection range, and resist electromagnetic interference The newspaper considered that the ideal and effective way to confront a complex and variable system of attack from airspace is to combine different surface-to-air missiles into one network or create an integrated platform for different types of missiles. For this reason, the design of the S-500 defense system allows it a wide range of combat actions, and gives it excellent combat properties and strong immunity to jamming.

In comparison with the S-400 air defense system, the Chinese newspaper said that the S-500 missiles have a greater range, as well as an improved ability to detect targets with hidden characteristics, noting that Russian anti-aircraft missiles, thanks to the emergence of the S-500, gained advantage over the American 5th generation fighters.


No way! Did China really say that??


U.S. are becoming incompetent tech shit hole, backwater of progress when it comes to the modern weaponry! Please do concentrate much more there is plenty of catching up to do!!

U.S. did not even produce hyper-sonic weapons and Russia has already built air defenses against hyper-sonic weapons you deep shit retarded Murican fart !


Yeah, I know that, everybody here knows that. Looks like it’s the only reason for you to stay online.


“People’s Daily” is official newspaper of Commie Party of China ignoramus. Say thank you for learning something useful today.

Soon comrade Xi will become your new president when China buys US after collapse of the dollar so there is still plenty for you to learn to integrate in new communist sociaty!


How did you figured I’m an American? are you feeling so alone that you need to talk to one?


If they can spare them, they should use hidden snipers to protect higher level intelligence officers in the unruly areas. Even slightly older veteran snipers would do.

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