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Syrian Government Forces Recapture 50 km Of Border With Jordan (Video)

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Syrian Government Forces Recapture 50 km Of Border With Jordan (Video)

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On Sunday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies recaptured the Dahra Umm Salasil area near the Syrian-Jordanian border. By this, the SAA had liberated 50 km of the border with Jordan.

The SAA and its allies captured the Zuluf reserve on Saturday. Moreover SAA was able to capture the Atiya area south of the Zaza triangle on the Damascus-Baghdad road.

This map shows an alleged military situation in the area on May 20:

Syrian Government Forces Recapture 50 km Of Border With Jordan (Video)

Click to see the full-size map

Large reinforcements arrived to SAA units operating in the northern Suweida countryside and at the Al-Tanf road area. The deployed units were from the National Defense Forces in Suweida, the Arab Tawheed Party, the Ibdal movement and the Iraqi Imam Ali Battalions.

On Saturday, the US-led coalition deployed units of the Norwegian Special Operations Forces at the Al-Tanf base. On Sunday, the coalition began training members of the Maghawir al-Thawra in Al-Tanf.

Reports have been circulating about an alleged participation of Russian troops in the SAA operation in northern Suweida countryside in order to prevent the US-led coalition from bombing the advancing Syrian troops . However, there is no real evidence of these allegations so far.

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Miguel Redondo

The picture with the guys is not from the frontline to Al-Tanf. one can see that it is a crossroad where the road to the left goes to Homs Can be the cross to Sabihijah or Zaza on the road to Al-Tanf.


Correct, it is the junction at Zaza, about 100 kms NW of the at-Tanf facility.


Yea thats right.
However, SAA is advancing very rapidly in this area so much so that I don’t think anyone really knows whats goin on besides the SAA lol


The guys being trained in the second video are complete rookies. They have two days to get ready – they don’t stand a chance! Pure, pure cannon fodder.

Solomon Krupacek

in this case is no problem. the jihadist never attack government territories directly from jordan. they enter always jihadists control area.


While there is a need to move US and FSA troops back and over the border , I hope this does not become a waste of time and resources . Even in winning , what is won , only desert . This is a diversion from the real , and that is Deir Ezzor . With a city of 150,000 , they are worth saving , with an airport reclaimed , it can be defended . My feeling is the Russian special forces are al

John Mason

Ronald, they are trespassers and trespassers get removed, simple as that.

Solomon Krupacek

you must block the borders. the inland you can retake after that,


It’s time to start securing the borders, and it should have been done very first thing when it was apparant that foreign fighters were entering syria.


Removing FSA and NATO special ops from Al-Tanf means open road to Baghdad and much easier transfer of reinforcements from Iraq and Iran. It also means end to FSA threat to Deir Ezzor. ISIS is dying, now the important thing is to block competitors for influence in post-ISIS Syria.


Norwegian in the desert !!??!! Very effective ?….


Better send those Norwegian guys to skiing !!!

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