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Syrian Government Forces Reach Kurdish YPG Frontline In Aleppo Province (Map Update)

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Government forces reached the Kurdish YPG frontline in the Syrian province of Aleppo after recapuring the villages of Jub al-Khafi and Mushayrifah east of al-Bab. At the same time, YPG forces seized the village of Bizzah.

Syrian Government Forces Reach Kurdish YPG Frontline In Aleppo Province (Map Update)

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FSA jihadist took villages in remaining isil pocket, SAA should push them to higway, there was deal that demarction line will be at highway, i wouldnt be surprised that FSA tries to cut SAA from YPG

Trustin Judeau

I told many times that you cant trust Turkey and especially ES rebels.But no Russia still tries to make deals with them.The next time Turkey betrays Russia ,Putin will be the only one to blame


Turkey is one of main reasons for war in Syria, we will see, i still think that Russia wouldnt allow ES to cut SAA from YPG, after all thanks to Putin SAA didnt lost


Putin is selling S-400 to turkey. If anyone else in NATO gets this, they’ll hand it over to israel and the US to learn how to Jam its radar and make Russia air defense useless. Big risk, big trust, Maybe big mistake.


Why is he selling it to them??

Solomon Krupacek

russian sell always other version that they use at home. the xport weapons are dumb.


shit thats not good for iran s300

Solomon Krupacek

you are right


they sell defunct S-400s to Turkey for the same price as the legit S400

Mase fah

Rebels wont dare to attack SAA, they did yesterday but got bombarded by SAA so dont think they will dare.. they want manjib now, kurds should negotiate with SAA against the turks and the erdodog


They need eachother.

SDF needs corridor Afrin to Manbij, fertilizers, medicines and spare parts. SAA needs oil, wheat, food, support towards DeZ.

In the words of Trump, they could make a great deal.


Putin’s strategy is weak and stupid in many ways. If not for all those idiotic “ceasefires” that he forced the Syrian army to declare over the past years at various times when they were on the verge of victory, the whole “pro-Western moderate jihadi” (!) front could have been smashed months ago; and Erdogan’s forces prevented from even entering Northern Syria in the first place.


Afrin, manegh, tal rifaat to SAA! The freed kurdish manpower send to Manbij/Kobani… What Do you say?

dez nuts

Amazing news

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Now what will be the Turkish pretext to continue with his hidden and evil plans in Syria?

El Diablo

Simply: fight PKK


what is PKK?


Syria should troll Turkey by giving the SDF a thin strip of land, allowing them to link the Kobane and Efrin cantons


A road link will suffice for now. DAESH is in retreat, does this upset Erdogan? SDF is now on the move to the south. :)


SDF is your lie. it’s a terrorist group like DAESH. Turkish army will not allow them to get a form as a new kurdish state. We will not allow to dirty politicies of Americian and british to enter this area by well-meaning Kurdish people. this are will be better without you and your ignorant comments.


turkey will See a New kurdstate in future. Retardogan and his weakTurk-army-cant do anything about it….


Syria or SAA can always make deals with Kurds, specially in economy, oil and other ties. But SAA negotiation with Turkey? Really? Isn’t Turkey responsible killing some 200.000 syrian government forces? If I was SAA, i would tell the Kurds they can bring 5000 troops from Kobane to Afrin, in return SAA sends 5000 troops from Latakia to the government held areas in Qamishli in North. This will strenghten both sides instead of making eahcother weaker.


Borders and internal governments must be respected until it is inconvenient for the globalist designers.

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