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Syrian Government Forces Make Strides Against ISIS Near Palmyra

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) took the Hayan Gas Field back from ISIS terrorists in the area west of Palmyra in the province of Homs. Now government forces are able to continue their military operation to secure fields north of the Homs-Palmyra highway. In case of success, this will allow the army and the NDF to develop advance in the direction of the ISIS-held ancient city of Palmyra.

Following the advance in the Hayan Gas Field, the army and the NDF also entered Western Bayarat and seized from ISIS some points there. The government advance was heavily supported by Russian and Syrian attack helicopters.

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Slow going, its like pulling teeth, a shame they dont have a light roving force in hiluxes they could insert into ISIS rear like the LRDG of WWII that could spot for aircraft, provide intel and raid targets of oportunity, risky job but many have done so before.

Brad Isherwood

It’s probable some % of the ISUS leadership is killed…these beings the ones networking with Empires Sat Intel, planning,logistics. Saudi and England Special forces may not have the ability to serve up the needed info And actions,…such as TAC Air and Predator Drone attacks.

With Trump caving to Neocons…the CIA show can continue against Syria,Iran,Hezbollah And Russia.

Syria and her allies have a window now to secure these gains and not loose them again. Hopefully the build up of SAA for future opps to clear out Der Ezzor succeeds .

ISUS are getting clobbered in Syria/Iraq….not so easy to replace the over 100,000 lost With quality soldiers

Trustin Judeau

They are making the same mistake like the previous time


It baffles me why the areas between Homs and Hama have not been cleared for so long, that is Daesh’s staging point, are they even shelling them there?

Camilo Ribeirinha

Syrian Army is hero. Even atacked from everywhere, it stands up, still resisting and geting gains. It is fighting in many fronts and without the world countries leaders support that terrorists and rebels have. Only Syria Government, Iran, Russia and Hezbolah help, while its enemies have support from USA, Israel, Europe Governments (not citizens. we european common people are against our governments warmongerism and terrorism suport), Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, al-CIA-da, MI6, Mossad, world money bosses like George Soros, jiahdist terrorists and criminals from whole world. Even that well orchestrated invasion, Syrian Army stands. God luck to those hero soldiers. God save them.

Rüdiger Preiss

No more advances against Palmyra – they should hold the line, instead, start a major offensive against Deir Ez Zor, whilst YPG and Turks are busy with Raqqa / Al Bab. That’ll start the end of ISIS in Syria

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