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Syrian Government Forces Launch Fresh Attacks in Southwestern Aleppo


Syrian Government Forces Launch Fresh Attacks in Southwestern Aleppo

The Syrian army and Hezbollah, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have launched today fresh attack on the Technical College at the Ramouseh Artillery Base in southwestern Aleppo.

The attack followed a series of previous attempts to seize this strategic site from the Jaish al-Fatah operation room. The Syrian government forces have entered area of the college and now clashes are ongoing in its northwestern part.

If the pro-government forces are able to intrench themselves in the Technical College, the area will become a great foothold for further advances on the Ramouseh Artillery Base.

Militants say that at least 31 Syrian soldier have been killed in previous attempts of the Syrian government to take the college.

The footage below shows the destroyed equipment and killed Syrian army tooprs in the area:



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  • Divesh Kumar

    What these terrorist scums want to show by portraying such videos…….. In the quest for land and oil the so called very civilized and developed nations have least value for human lives of other nations. US being the most champion of all

  • Tom Johnson

    Do you have any drone footage of dead Iranians? I’d pay for that. Turkey will have this area under 155mm when they reach Madea.

    • Gatorro

      You’re a sick individual

    • grumpy_carpenter

      Are you old enough to have kids? Maybe one day you’ll have the pleasure of seeing your kids dead body on a video and a bunch of idiot goat fuckers shouting allahakbar as they piss on it.

      I know it’s difficult to do this before your testicles descend but try to act like a man and show some respect for the fallen.

    • Antikapitalista

      No, but on the right thou hast a graphic footage of the beheading of a Palestinian kid. It is actually free for thee, because you have have paid a lot for it (and you will surely pay a lot more).

      Other than that, drone footage including closeups of incinerated Turks will be free for everyone on TV then :-P.