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JUNE 2023

Syrian Government Forces Crossed Euphrates East Of Deir Ezzor – Russian Media

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Syrian Government Forces Crossed Euphrates East Of Deir Ezzor - Russian Media

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Last night, special units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) embedded with Russian military advisers crossed the Euphrates River east of Deir Ezzor city and gained a foothold on its eastern bank, the Russian pro-government media outlet Riafan reported on September 18 citing own correspondents on the ground.

According to the report, the operation came under cover of the Russian Aerospace Forces that conducted a series of airstrikes on ISIS positions on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

Then, pro-government forces engaged ISIS units in a firefight and forced the terrorists to retreat in the northern direction.

Riafan correspondents added that now the SAA is fortifying its positions on the eastern bank and is working to expand its foothold in the northern direction.

Last Friday, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson announced that government forces had crossed the Euphrates and gained a foothold on the eastern bank but no video confirmation has been provided. Riafan has not provided videos or photos also.

UPDATE [18.09.2917; 10:21 CEST]: A media wing of the SAA 5th Assault Corps’ ISIS Hunters also claimed that the river has been crossed:


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G Jetson

Well done. Now go secure the oil fields. Good luck

Giovanni Netto

and send them all (ISIS+SDF) to hell…..


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Zainab Ali

great news …. more to come … God speed


Go Syria, free your country from all these invaders, land grabbers and oil thieves


Awesome, Maria must have been giving us a bum steer, cheeky!


Id assume some SF crossed by boat first, maybe even parachute in! Then would come the air support to target those highlight by SF!

Then would come more boats, then the bridge!

I just recon this is how they’d do it!


Twice before we heard this, now I’m cautious. As they say on the internet: Pics or it didn’t happen!

Tudor Miron

It’s official now https://southfront.org/first-video-syrian-army-crossing-euphrates-river-near-deir-ezzor/

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They released some pictures finally as the Hunters have been across and others for some time but their positions were not yet secure. They are feeding the media slow and are going to shock everyone as ISIS now rely on the media for intel, US dried up their sources. Why you hear about many commanders being assassinated lately by unknown assailants , most likely US/Mossad/Coalition hit squads cleaning up the loose ends.

Rodney Loder

I hope the hunters don’t come lookin’for me.


Many of us here do :)

Robert Duran

I cant even bare the thought of it..

Rodney Loder

Thanks for that Robert Duran, FlorianGeyer should know that Mimi the Partisan Girl is interested in me, so if he thinks I am a bad person then so must Mimi be, Mata Hari means nothing to me any more we’re getting a divorce in Heaven.


Great news. And Kurds already had a warning not to sabotage Syrian army


Even Jihadi-map just confirmed. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1a053760444288e8ffe12177727f371bb2e749fdf2bcf456613985b9ea07bb63.png

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The SAA and allies control Saker Island already and Hattah they will move faster than the turd making Kurds. This is the the case Syrian By Any Means Necessary movement saying “Boom Bitch, get outta my way Bitch!” SAA and allies are on a steam roll!


nice, bomb and shell shit out of kurdish terrorists!

Deo Cass

The securing of the oil and gas fields on the Eestern banks of the Euphrates river would save the sovereignty and integrity of the Syrian state since without natural resources the Zionist project for an independent Rojava within a Kurdistan streaching from Oraq to Syria cannot be achieved. Of course the colonialists have already stolen the main water supply of Syria at Tabqa which gives them some leverage when negotiating with the elected Syrian government. But the main source of revenue, mainly the oil and gas of Syria would be saved permitting the Syrian state to recover economically from the Westen colonial imposed war. This is a defining moment for the elected Syrian government and the free Syrian people. Their fight on the Eastern bank of the Euphrates is for survival. The fight of the so called SDF, aka ISIS rebranded, is for the return of Western colonial rule and slavery of the Syrian people under Kurdistan cover.


They need the resources of the oil rich Golan too. Time for the occupiers to respect international law and the UN resolutions. Golan must be returned.

Graeme Rymill

The Tabqa dam supplies water mainly for irrigation. About 1,200 sq kilometres of land on both sides of the Euphrates river are irrigated from this dam. It also supplies water to Aleppo once Syria’s most heavily populated city.

The hydro-electricity plant at the dam has the potential to generate 824 MW of electricity. Dam building by the Turks though has limited both the amount of water available for irrigation and the amount of hydro-electricity generated.

Behold a Pale Horse

Russians would never have spent all this money to give the oil away.


The Russians understood if they didnt they were next.


Absolutely agree!

Tudor Miron

You know nothing about Russians. That oil belongs to Surya. If you think that my country is there for those oil fields – you know nothing about Russia.

Solomon Krupacek

You are an aggressive englishman:P

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are ensuring profitable and harmonious trade alliance and strong allies remains in the Middle East, all these alliances will help in stabilizing the region. The Iraqi people need to get rid of that US lodestone as all they seem to be doing is dragging that nation down, once they are finished they will leave the Kurds on their own. Just like they will leave them be in Syria to deal with the fall out. The US plans future invasions as a part of a humanitarian project by NATO and will include the Israelis as part of that force.They will ensure that all the de-escalation zones will fail all at once. Just watch as they will play political hockey with the Kurds independence and eventually embroil Turkey in the fight.

Solomon Krupacek

Syria has few oil. 80% of production covered syrian needs. The oil fields are important for the running of state. Will not make rich Syria.


Oil fields are the bulk of the wealth of Syria! Its the most concentrated area! Do u have something against Syrians getting their resources back?

Solomon Krupacek

“Do u have something against Syrians getting their resources back?!

are you normal? gwere write i that sentence, which you try to put in my mouth?!

i wrot the truth: there is fe oil in syria, this country was never big exporteur. so, syria needs oil fields, but rich can became only via industry-.

Wahid Algiers

Very good. And now prepare all needed information, infrastructure and means to get the eastern side flooded by the comrades on the western side.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They can’t control the waters to flood the region without causing a major Humanitarian crisis and this would make them really look bad and so neither side will see a flooding water is too low anyways.

Solomon Krupacek

For me this is better news then fall af Aleppo.


Good job. God speed in securing the oil fields. The race is on. Many more great days ahead in this glorious army the SAA.


Let us not forget…. YELLOW IS THE NEW BLACK!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US has used the Kurds since the 1920s there is nothing new in this other than most people don’t know that the relationship included multiple civil wars in the region since then and is still ongoing.


great great great news.say goodbye to the oil fields sdf thives

DJ Double D

That’s it, Guys. DJ Double D’s source is real. If you follow or read my comments about this crossing, you know how happy it is to have a reliable source. This crossing happened exactly as I described it. We are all happy for this moment and now wish them speedy advance to cut off the SDF and it’s gangster from any further advance to the east. Having said that, there is a bit of worry that the US is planning the so-called ‘air drop’ to the east to control the oil source. I hope the SAA doesn’t agree to that and fight for their resources.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What are you talking about you called this days later they crossed already all over the place they don’t have that many pontoon bridges. They will have the whole of DE city soon as they have their defenses already secured on the Eastern bank and they did this so they don’t get their bridges they are repairing bombed. This a battle of the Media and how it is manipulated by the US and the only way to counter it is by allowing them to make belligerent(adj.) and Fallacious statements. This way you can catch them out in their true intentions and why Maria found it funny as she knew that what she said would anger the US military. The US watched the crossing and were mad and tried to force the Russians hand which they are more patient and disciplined than the hawkish and arrogant US.

You have been days off of the actual dates as you try to spread disinformation, the US “Air drop” wouldn’t be possible as they have no way of reinforcing in time. That would be a waste of time and US resources, the US would be better employed using their resources in withdrawing from Syria entirely.They are now evacuating Al Tanf after they left al Zakaf so they may as well keep continuing and withdraw and leave SDF by themselves and recoup some of their dignity.

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