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Syrian Government And Opposition Slam Trump’s Intention To Recognize Golan Heights As Israeli Territory

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Syrian Government And Opposition Slam Trump’s Intention To Recognize Golan Heights As Israeli Territory

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The Syrian government and opposition have slammed the recent remarks by U.S. President Donald Trump, in which he voiced his intention to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

In a statement to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), a source in Syria’s Foreign Ministry called Trump’s remarks “irresponsible” and accused Washington of blindly following the interests of Israel.

“The U.S. stance towards the occupied Syrian Golan clearly reflects its contempt for international legitimacy and its flagrant violation of international resolutions, especially UNSC [the United Nations Security Council] Resolution No. 497 of 1981, which categorically rejects the decision of the Israeli occupation government and its arbitrary measures regarding the Golan and considers it null, void and has no legal effect,” the source said on March 22, according to the SANA.

The source added that Trump’s statement will never change the fact that the Golan will always be a Syrian territory and that the Syrian people are more determined to liberate it by all possible means.

Nasr al-Hariri, head of the Syrian opposition delegation for the Geneva Talks, took a similar stand to that of the Syrian government, saying that al-Golan Heights is a Syrian region and that the Syrian people has the right to liberate it.

“The Golan Heights is a Syrian region that is occupied by the Zionist aggressor, the Syrian people maintain the right to defend it and liberate it in all legitimate ways in accordance with the international law,” al-Hariri wrote on Twitter.

While Trump received praise for his remarks from top Israeli and U.S. officials, he was meet with much anger from the rest of the world. Russia, Iran, the European Union, the Arab League and even Turkey criticized Trump’s remarks and voiced their support for Syria’s right in the Golan Heights.

This Syrian and international objection will not likely stop Washington from turning Trump’s remarks into a reality. A bill that recognizes Israel sovereignty over the occupied region is already making its way in the Senate and the House.

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Trump is a genius, isn’t he? Who would’ve thought that it’s possible the so-called Syrian opposition and the legitimate government agree on something? The opposition’s opposition to this move makes Zionists angry and possibly win them a cut in support and an “Assad apologist” title from the MSM! How about that…

Na uh, he’s not really genius, who am I kidding? But his (and his handlers’) stupidity and arrogance is a great help to resistance. Thank you Donald and handlers, keep up the good work!


guess you realise that as long as the squatters are allowed to stay on the land they’ve stolen there will be unrest and killings and starvation of an entire indigenous people so the only solution is to finish off the squatters’ occupation of palestina. now. and then donny and his successors will have much less to worry about. but one thing is friggin obvious, all unrest, all trouble is caused by the squatters and thus, just one thing to do.


” just one thing to do. ”

Evict the Squatters with extreme prejudice :)

Gregory Casey

Donny’s Election present to BiBi may turn out to be the issue that finally gathers all true Syrians together, both Government and the (quite small) genuine Opposition. We know what the Druze, ancient inhabitants of the Golan think about the Occupation: they are Syrian: Golan IS Syria and just another stupid US misstep in the Middle East is what may finally precipitate the (forcible) return of the Golan to Syria. For so long as the Star of David flies above the Golan, the status quo will not be acceptable to either Damascus or the Druze native residents of the Golan and when the military re-annexation begins, BiBi and friends may find they have more than just Syria to deal with; expect Hezbollah to mount a contemporaneous attack on northern Israel and for an uprising in the West Bank and Gaza. What is fascinating is Sultan Erdogan’s condemnation of Trump & Pimpeo’s roll of the dice and his alignment with both Syria & Iran on the issue.
BiBi’s paranoia together with a Trump tantrum is what may well precipitate a shifting of tectonic plates in the Middle East.

Jens Holm

Trump dont care at all about anything from Damaskus. What a waste.

The always Syria is hard to see even it makes some sense for collapsed Brittis and French Nationalisme. Syria never was a state until 1946.


I pasted your post into Google translate , Jens, and there is no known language that equates to yours.

I must assume that you are indeed a being from another world. Could that be the Planet Zog ?

Rafik Chauhan

US and Israel want war by force to create more chaos in the world. that is their agaenda. but if US recognize golan as Israeli territory then ther has to war to liberte golan

Real Anti-Racist Action

Syria had a strong had to go to war to liberate the Golan 40 years ago. Including chemical weapons as a trump card. Today Syria had nothing. Syria and Israel were closer to being evenly matched 40 years ago. Today Syria is like a third world country in terms pitted against Israel.
The chance to liberate the Golan was lost long ago.
Had Russia delivered the S-300 systems as promised 6 years ago, then Israel would not have been able to bomb Syrian military installations 7,000 times. They took out 80% of Syria’s offensive ground to ground missile supplies. Now Syria can only bluff. Syria cannot stand in the ring against Israel. Not even for a 1 week war.
I am starting to think that Russia and Israel had an understanding about the Golan years ago, and that is why Israel pressured them to not deliver 7 years ago.
I think Israel said “wait until after a number of nations recognize our claim to the Golan, then you can deliver”
Even now Syria is forbidden to use S-300, probably Russia will stop saying that after a number of nations says the Golan belongs to Israel.
Syria needs to find new and better friends then Russia. Perhaps China???

Real Anti-Racist Action

Syria is going to loose the Golan Heights now because Russia never delivered the S-300 system as promised 6 years ago. Had Russia delivered on the ‘Contract’ then Syria would not have been bombed over 7,000 times by Israel and the UK and France and the USSA. Iran was building up a missile force to protect Syria, but Israel was also destroying them because Syria had no modern capable anti-air defense.
I am thinking that Russia had coordinated all along with international Jews to engineered circumstances so that Syria will forever loose the Golan. That is the only reason for not delivering the S-300’s and then pushing Syria not to use them today, not till right after Israel and NATO claims the Golan Heights forever.
Syria has been backstabbed! But someone pretending to be a friend.
Russia did not fight ISIS to help Syria, they fought ISIS because they knew the Zionist plan was to start importing ISIS into Russia next lol. They had selfish reason, not the duty to help an ally.

You can call me Al

When you talk shyte, you really do talk shyte.


I was think that just before I read your worthy comment, Al :)

You can call me Al

Could this be a reunite to attack or at least fight a common foe ?.


Trump is an Israel firster who is part of the problem just like all of the other swamp traitors that the Jews have stocked the legislature and much of the rest of the US government with through their corruption, crime and gerrymandering of the system against the American people.

“the report may now be taken to the International Criminal Court. The report calls for international arrest warrants to be handed out to the Israeli soldiers responsible, as well as individual sanctions to be applied to those guilty, for the illegal use of lethal force against unarmed demonstrators.”

– UN Votes To Adopt Gaza HRC Report Slamming Israeli War Crimes –


Getting the US out of Syria will show that it can be done. And will set the stage for getting the Jews out of the occupied territories.


Given the uproar Israel made when Syrian forces were deployed there during the operation to clear militants, does this make the Golan Heights Separation of Forces agreement null and void?
No holds barred for here on?


The Golan Heights are an additional strategic move by the USA. Following decisions of USA and Israeli governments to escalate threats and sanctions against Iran and Hezbollah an ally of Iran. In 2018 the USA recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The USA has withdrawn from Iran’s 2015 international nuclear agreement. This announcement coincides with Mike Pombeo’s tour in Kuwait, Israel and Lebanon. The result will be a new bloodshed of the Middle East peoples.

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