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Syrian Government and Kurds exchange prisoners in Qamishli


Syrian Government and Kurds exchange prisoners in Qamishli

AlMasdarNews reports: The Asayish (Kurdish police) and Arab tribes from the National Defense Forces (NDF) began the first stage of their prisoner exchange in the city of Al-Qamishli on Sunday morning.

Kurdish forces released nearly two dozen government fighters from their prisons, while the latter matched the total number of Asayish personnel released.

The Asayish Spokesperson claimed that part of the ceasefire agreement was the dismantlement of the National Defense Forces in Al-Qamishli; however, this statement was called a “lie” by a Syrian government force.

Furthermore, the Kurdish forces were not able to keep control of the street blocks they captured in the government areas; except for the Allaya Prison.

The government forces were also not allowed to keep control of Kurdish neighborhoods in Al-Qamishli; this includes the Kurdish Corniche.

Map: Syria’s Army Is Clearing Mountain Area Near Palmyra



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  • Kurds have been trying to conquer Iran and Syria and Iraqi people for decades. Stalin originally funded the Kurds to use against Iran. Kurds are godless atheist genociders just like their idol Stalin war. And for the record, Stalin was not Russian. He was Georgian. The Russian people are good, Georgians not so good. http://faithandheritage.com/

    • ASA

      what a real bullshit