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Syrian Forces Supported By Russian Aerospace Forces Encircle And Destroy 1,500 ISIS Members Entered From Iraq – Russian MoD

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Syrian Forces Supported By Russian Aerospace Forces Encircle And Destroy 1,500 ISIS Members Entered From Iraq - Russian MoD

Russian MI-24 Gunships

Syrian government forces supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces have finished an operation to encircle and destroy over 1,500 ISIS members that have entered Syria’s Deir Ezzor province from Iraq, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Saturday.

“The Syrian military with the support from the Russian Aerospace Force finalize the operation to encircle and destroy a big IS [ISIS] grouping, which had invaded from Iraq,” the ministry’s spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said.

Konashenkov added that ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) “have suffered biggest losses in recent months.”

According to a text statement of the defense ministry, between September 19 and 29 Russian airstrikes killed 2,359 militants, including 16 field commanders, and injured about 2,700 others. The airstrikes also destroyed 67 outposts, 51 ammunition depots, 27 battle tanks, 21 rocket launchers and nearly 200 specialized vehicles belonging to terrorists.

“On September 19-29, surgical strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces eliminated 2,359 and injured 2,700 insurgents. There were 16 field commanders of different levels and more than 400 extremists from Russia and CIS countries. In total, 67 strongholds, 27 tanks, 21 MLRSs, 149 ATVs with large-caliber machine guns, 17 car bombs, and 51 ammunition depots were destroyed,” the statement reads.

However, videos released by the ministry do not confirm the provided numbers of the terrorists’ casualties.

Russian airstrikes on ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham:

Clashes in Deir Ezzor:

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So Russia has been busy and ISIS has been dwindling.

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

And it took Russian intervention for ISIS to start dwindling in 2015. US intervention up to 2014, early 2015 saw an ever-growing ISIS.


Now we all know why ISIS is run by Israel and its lackeys(Saudis, America and Nato)

Makes me embarrassed to be a Brit knowing my government has been bought like a common prostitute for no more than a fish supper and a can of coke

Tommy Jensen

In fact we in the West pay hundreds of billions of $ to USrael for being f.cked.

We give them our sons and daughters to die for USisrael heroine production in Afghan. Open our countries, houses and welfare system for USrael proxy sadistic mass murders and change our systems, media and life to adapt us to USrael´s lies and deceptions and sick dream of “dominating the world”.

Jens Holm

You are hardly some typical dane. Im more typical then You. You are just some right wing far out building most thing at hate just as the radical muslims down there do.

You should have Your own country as United states of Evil persons.

Im against so many newcommers here, because we already have You. You are just lucky being born here by accident or something. Look out. What do ypu need.

If anything, You support the rich here taking billions machines has owned and not You.

Tommy Jensen

Its you as typical dane who are together with radical muslims, not me. Typically you dont like different opinions other than obeying the lies the media tells you. Danes are cowards as a people which I will show you later. Under Napoleon the Danish King and rich people in CPH were speaking french, the ladies wearing Josephine hats. Danish were for peasants. In 1330 DK was bancrupt by lending money to German barons and the danish King and rich people in CPH was speaking German, danish for peasants. DK then lost Skaane because the farmers were begging the Swedish KIng to pay them out.

Today everyhting in DK is American copy. The way danes talk, think, the systems, the jobs are 80% American; Nike shoes, Joe & the Juice, New Public Management, Associate Quality Manager, CEO, CFO, etc. Danish politicians are canaries to everything the Americans lie about. I am not far right, I have no stand in Western politics. I have only heart for God.

The sad story of it s that the danes are not aware of how brainwashed they are in copying US manners and lies. They do it because they think “we are among the leading because we say and do the same”. Here is 2 brainwashed ex danish ministers, Ulla Tørness and Mette Gjerskov talking for abortion (“abortion is freedom”) among African women under a globalisation meeting. Bill Gates and Rothschild have said poor children is costing them money why they invented “abortion is womens liberty”. Listen to what an academic MBA woman from Nigeria calmly and diplomatic tells the two danish ex-minister canaries. https://youtu.be/kzLjNwAZ58M

Jens Holm

Im not together witn radical muslims and I fight against people like Toerness and always have. Im against we are involved in Your regional shit and has fighted for we are not in those areas at all from NOT being in Afghanistan.

At pages like this, I have asked for a wall against You some west of Istanbul and before Erdogan one at the Syrian, Iraqian, Iranian border – oil out + food in to fair prices.

In most countries here and also in the arabic world of today the upper class spone another languge. Before french it what Roman Latin takin in by they and later the church were Superpowers at that time.

When the upperclass spoke french, german to the animals and the rest only our own languge mixted up with latin frases here and there, it had become a choise.

We had the choise to be either French connected or the Brittish would come and get us Brittish connected in the same way, but also because of very much culture and technology came from there. Napoleon used us by sending parts of his army to here, and we were forced too feed it. He did that all over europe. …………………………………………………………………………………………….

Let me remind You, that the dominating part of USA of today still are European and very much North Europe, but also that the many ones which went there were inopposition to what was going one.So we have have in some matters close relationsships, but those not er friendly in all matters.

let me remind me Denmark even for a short while posseded GB and we by that already in the vikingage got anglosaxions connection bein related there too.

You also could try to remeber US at WW2 saved us for communism. After that it was nato and after that EU. US made westerneurope and many other countries fine again by marshall help. …………………………………………………………………

You seemes to forget we are not dominated as You say. We do agreen in the western system for education, skill and hard work payed by hour and new things has to be tryed and old shit has to be taken away.

So we are not only USA. EU has a BNP/GDP(wik UK) bigger then USA and You have to ad many more countries to the world economy. …………………………………………………………………..

Here we are parts and partners not just bought and dominated or owned by USA but we also export and invent a lot expensive product and WORK HARD to get our way of living in stead of being kept down as fx the mainpart of muslims are. …………………………………………………………………..

Its true we in some matters are too much kind of accepting or laoyal to USA, but it will never be the opposit as we see here being among so many ignorant in most matter s in their head illeterate persons. NEVER. Its about dom selective % here and there up and down and in very selective many %.

Just as You have a car and dont like parts of its engine or its color. …………………………………………………………………….

Its You, which have states and regimes, which You insist to be not advanced and therefore get not advanced result. And dont blame us for taking in a lot of American culture. Right now You uses computer & Internet. You might have a cellphone as well and most of that is made in US-english, so we do copy and use it every day. ……………………………………………………………………

Go home and pay with Your Lego. Its Danish. In the Middle east we sell for millions of halalmeat, You can buy all parts for energypruction here because we made windmills economic and have billions of export inall kind of energy savings. We make pareparts to all advanced things from F16 to sattelites and like that. ……………………………………………………………………

There are no use in even copying anything from You exept we now and then would like less rain. ………………………………………………………………….

Finally Mette Gjerskov at Your clips are just the opposite to Toernes in political oppinios. Here she talks about womens lack of rights, which has to do with treating half of Your population even been sold as cars so bad, its hard to understand it possible at all, That has nothing to do with USA but parts of most of the world. ………………………………………………………………..

Woman are in almost all matters equal ciricens, make their own money and have their own banka account. By education, jobs as well as hard work they contribute to our economy and dont have to escorted by men and are allowed to go anywhere they want an decide by themselves. We also only use none mixted roomes, when we change clothe and are together in all the others, at the jobs and on the streets. ………………………………………………

We think we can see we have less personal crimes by that then in very restricted ones. Im sure we dont have more. ……………………………………………..

Our version af Gjerskov as well as Toernes are talking about abortion under some Gates/Rotschill tell a lot about how isolated You are in You head about the rest of the world, where I am. As a person Im not for abortion but against many unwanted children, which people cant give food and clothe every day. In those countries ot partds of them, people dont live long because of that and they also cant get health/medical care. …………………………………………….

By that Im for rducing before any preg. and thats possible. Here Trump by the way has taken all support away from that, but the danes and other from EU has paid in many, many millions in stead of USA. ……………………………………………..

So many billion starving people dying before 50 can satisfy You ? …………………………………………………………………..

Tommy Jensen

The reason why I am saying you are with radical muslims, is that your parliament vote for funding and supporting ISIS/White Helmet with a majority from both left and right. Thank you for lesson on Europe history, I may have to nuance my opinion about this a bit. But as both Ulla Tornes and Mette Gjerskov you dont understand the video and my point because all of you live in a brainwashed illusion of Western media created reality. There is no hunger in Africa other than Western system created hunger. There is no overpopulation nowhere other than a Western invented concept. There is no lack of health systems or education systems other than Western forced classes of poor. The worlds population of 7 billion could comfortable live in Sudan or on 1/3 of Australia´s area. Go out in your garden. Your apple tree gives apples every year, one potato from this year gives 10 potatos the next year. One chicken gives birth to 10 chickens. Its raining even more in African tropical areas than in our areas, so how can there be lack of water and billions killed by hunger?

Listen to what the Nigerian woman tells you: “Its really amazing how you Danish women in your language can twist reality upside down”. To call birth control and abortion for freedom and a natural part of women´s liberty in a world where there is plenty of food and space for everybody, where children is life and part of hundred years of ancient history, because it disturbs the profit of Bill and Melinda Gates and Western Wall Street billionaires is sick and inhuman. There is NO difference between you, Ulla and Mette. Its the same Western selfgood colonial illusion about “helping” the victims after own colonial exploitation and destruction.

This is the principal part of it. Ok you want a real story from real life. I have been in those areas. Lived in a house invited by a single mother with 11 kids where 3 kids were not her own, she worked in the fields 40 hours a week for $150. All 11 children were nice dressed, went to school, 3 mobile phones, TV, water, refrigerator and due beds and furnitures. The mother´s worst preocupation was security. She wanted iron bars on the windows to sleep more comfortable at night. It was tight yes, but all of them were not unhappy, depressed and about to die, on the contrary they had dreams and visions.

And by the way, refugee children from Zimbabwe and Eritrea arriving in DK claim they dont learn anything in danish public schools.

As I said you and most danes live mentally in a western media created illusion that dont exist in a real world.

Jens Holm

You are right about our school system. We learn the children to learn be themselves very much being invesive instead of just replicats and dublicats.

Today our bruttonatinal product is 40 times bigger then fx Zimbambe, so dont tell we dont learn our children nothing as wel as educatins after that is worth notning.

Your children from there is in one of the most corrupt parts of the world. We have 0 corruption and are this year nr 1 in no corruption.


You are not right in all Africa is like Your descriptions at all. You are right about we can feed on on earth, but if people work hard to prouce food, they would like to be paid and many can not. So why do it. Is it really our problem when people again and again starve. Well, we do send money as well as food.

But is it really our respensability and not those with 11 children, when they some years only can feed 5 or less.


And yes, I agree with those 2 danish politicians. And why. We have had so many big families here in Denmark not so long time ago and therefore also know the difference.

The big difference is, that we secure us all as best a possible by high taxes, so all can afford to go to school, have almost free medical care and when they grow old no old people will starve even their children gives them no help.

So its not avoiding many children, but making a much better social securety sytem then being depended by Your children.

Ours get older and have all help when they grow old and Im sure all have a longer life too.

Tommy Jensen

Ok. Please just be aware that we are not denying DK its qualities and we recognize you, Mette and Ulla are people who profoundly want to be well meaning but without knowing it are doing the opposite of what you are claiming to be. You just dont understand that your language is manipulated to see life as the financial jewish wall street sees it. Statistics are lies and profit maximising wall street language. What does it help you to earn 40 times more if 20% of your children and population are eating anti-depressives, have extremely high suicide rates and are without soul and spirit? This is what the lady from Nigeria is talking about. She is talking about being human, about cultural soul, about being pro life, about leaving your statistics and obedience to wall street slogans, doublespeak and see that children are life and should not be planned after financial excell sheet systems and definitions. Today only 60 multi $ billionaires owns 50% of the planets wealth. The big families with many children should not plan and live their life to suit these 60 multi-billionaires as you/Ulla/Mette suggest, because its anti-life and in-human. They should continue to live their life as if the wealth from the 60 multi-billionaires were distributed. Why? Because its natural, pro-life and human.

“Its actually quite amazing how you danish women in your language can twist reality upside down”. (Obianuju Ekeocha).

Cant you see that you, Ulla, Mette are afraid to insult the 60 multi-billionaires who feeds you, and you therefore defend the 60 multi-billionaires positions?


@ Tommy J, Its worse than that. They take (in the form of taxes and fees) all of our hard earned money and give it directly to the central banks to pay the interest on the debt based money. Their fraudulent yearly budgets are all debt based, i.e. meaning the funds (trillions of dollars/Euros) are borrowed from the Central Banks. Then, every yea, they give the vast majority of that money, not to us, but to their crony business connections. The entire system is fraudulent. We participate in the charade because 1) we spend all our energy hating each other; 2) we dare not challenge it for fear of ridicule and retribution and 3) we do not know how to fight the beast (i.e. these modern day satanist who worship their occult masters)

There are two beautiful solutions, One passive and one violent.

Passive: stop paying taxes, everywhere. IN the US adjust your W4 form to zero deductions. Find the same mechanism in Europe. For fuel and food find alternatives: grow your own food, walk etc. sounds crazy …well its better than passively paying for the murder of millions of innocents every year to steal their land and resources

Violent: The Lone Wolf Strategy. Randomly take out the leadership one at a time. Let them know you are taking out the leadership one at a time. Target Rothschilds, Bank of International Settlements officers, Central Bank Officers, Big Bank Officers, Politicians, Judges etc. Get them at home, on their yachts, at their restaurants. Randomly, one at a time. Bring FEAR back to their side. Make them constantly look over their shoulders. Make them nervous about footsteps. One by one. In no logical order or preference. Then watch the RATS jump ship as they quickly begin to distrust their comrades and their beautiful corrupt enterprise.


Tommy Jensen

None of your solutions will do. I believe more in China´s and Russia´s slow long term political undermining the Rothschild system. BUT….there is something we sheeple can do. We can make ourselves aware of what is going on. Inform ourselves and know what is lies and manipulation and what is truth. People who are informed, can not be manipulated.

andy l

Whilst it is good to see vermin eradicated I am somewhat sceptical as to estimates of kill numbers.


I know of what you speak andy I, but i believe these folks more than any site from the USA.

RTA (Bob or Al)

They also have it on RT, so I also have a tendency to believe it (otherwise the Yanks would be all over them (RT) with accusations it was false.


Sept 2017 wrap up and its good news


Not really, SAA has been stopped by USA troops (kurds) to advance to get its oil fields in Omar. That is ver very bad news indeed.


My Heart is totally with the people of Syria who for the last 6 years have had their lives and their country ripped apart, this affront to humanity will stain the Collective conscious of Syria for generations to come.

Of all the backhanded double crossing that Israel and its lackeys(Saudis, America and Nato) have done since the turn of the century this is by far the worst.

The Creator bless SAA&Allies Russia Iran Hezbollah and pro government forces for taking a stand against this evil that plagues humanity.

https://www.ratical.org/radiation/dhap/dhap992.html A Snapshot of what our beloved leaders( at Israels behest ) have done to the middle east.

Only a matter of time before what our leaders have done unto others will be done unto us.


Zainab Ali

in God we trust …. great job russian led coalition … more victories are coming

Borna Artuković

Russians have begun to use propaganda without strong evidence .. they use same method as american mainstream media . wtf ?! where are the pictures ?! 1,500 yeah right .. they could say anything on this way .


They probably have inflated the numbers, at least they are hands on fighting the terrorists, no harm in a bit of skepticism when looking at the body count.

Borna Artuković

don’t get me wrong my friend . i support russia intervention in syria ! I actually think that russia can do much more in syria ! they can defeat terrorist nusra,isis in a month if they want to . It just needs to be more careful with the numbers . we don’t want propaganda bulsith !


You can’t give an exact number unless you count the bodies and then it’s never 100% accurate, just look at those earthquakes and other disasters, it’s an estimation on how many vehicles are destroyed, how much personel that kind of vehicle can hold, they also travle in squads, so by bombing a squad you can also make an appoximate number, plus some other minor stuff, like killed by sniper, etc etc stuff like that.

Solomon Krupacek

problem is, when there are 500 dead terrorist and write 1500.


How do you know that it’s 500 and not 1200 or 1100 …?

Solomon Krupacek

i dont know. but 1500 is irreal. also 1200 is irreal.

John Whitehot

it goes like this:

there are 30 houses, with 50 ragheads inside each. All 30 houses are destroyed. Of course, maybe some of them was unlucky enough not to get to heaven, but that likeness is very low.


Yes, an estimate is made before each strike, video and photographic evidence, as well as local human intel, is used to firm up the numbers. Reading of insurgent bulletins further confirm casualty rates. Of course in mobile desert warfare human intel is not available, but burnt tanks and pick-ups and bodies lying in the desert are, and estimates of how many survived and ran away complete the picture. City warfare is probably the most challenging for accurate numbers. But it’s not rocket science.


It is not for a large convoy ! but let us wait and see the evidences.


A 30% casualty rate is great, and perhaps more manyana. :) The article does not state that all 1500 that entered from Iraq area are dead. You people assume to much! WHERE ARE THE TIGERS? To many ISIS monkeys running around the desert. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f28c0643917d3f1eec4037f2364ca2b475822ada5d9df766eb8406a0b8ad5424.jpg



VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Exaggeration can be easily exposed by the brutal facts on the battlefield. This was a lesson learnt by the Stavka during WW2. Do you really think the RF military command will repeat the mistakes of that time in Syria?


I am not going to get hung up on numbers, what i do know is Russians are not dropping leaflets 45 mins before a strike, and they are eliminating jihadis which is good enough for me.

Skepticism is healthy nothing wrong with it.


Let us wait for teh evidence. Russia uses to show evidences of what it claim.



Some pictures

RTA (Bob or Al)

Also on RT plus plus.

Tommy Jensen

Obviously not nough. The public wanna see 1000 dead bodies and a dozer pushing them into a big oven.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Those are near As Sukhna and T3 area , think these ones are actually were near Mayadin. the retaliation for the attack on the MPs so far in Idlib manpower is down 5,000 terrorists.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Yup, you’re totally right. The incredible liberation of Deir-Ez-Zor was propaganda. Right on. I suppose nothing can be believed until the LIARS in the US/EU/NATO media reports the events in Syria. Right?

Pavel Pavlovich

Actually this is more likely as it ever was.

First of, they are using more tactical aircraft that can attack moving targets with easy. Secondly, they have been acting more brazenly in the last months, and this has to do with the developing situation with DPRK in the Asian theatre (it is overall quite positive for us, who do not wish to be living in a unipolar world any longer if we ever so did),


I do not believe Russia is lying. Let us wait just few days and fr sure they will show evidence of what they are claiming.

John Brown

This is all part of the Israel’s offensive against the SAA to help Israel’s SDF grab as many oil fields as possible by having Israel’s ISIS and USSA puppet slaves attack the SAA. It won’t matter as they can’t bribe Erdogan now after failing in their attempt to murder him and and his entire family with Mossad death squads and also with turkey being on the list of countries to destroy according to the Yinon plan for a greater even more racist even more supremacist Israel. Turkey will attack the Kurds any time now.

RTA (Bob or Al)

“Turkey will attack the Kurds any time now.”

I never thought I would say this, but I hope so.

The Kurds are so spread out in both Iraq and Syria, doing some serious damage but to me, it seems like the so called Kurdistan territories in both Iraq and Syria could easily be fully breached and over-run – it is not just Turkey, Iran and Iraq also want a piece of the action against them.

As a side issue; do you not find it strange that the Kurds in Iraq at a referendum on having a state in the middle of an unfinished war ?.


The Kurds figure that the US Coalition is totally dependent on them to complete the Coalition goal and capture enough land to create a partition between Syria and Iraq and prevent a Shia crescent. Therefore, they are testing the waters with their referendum right now, rather than wait until later, and get double-crossed.

The Kurds are very suspicious of the US, and rightfully so.

If the Kurds are attacked and if the US Coalition doesn’t protect them right now, the deal is off they go back home, …… and no partition of Syria. It is a smart move on their part.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US using it as a tool to prevent the total destruction of ISIS and help extract the Kurds and foreigners who are part of it because they spent good money on training them. They are still needed for other destabilizing operations and Myanmar is only getting started as several have been shuttling back and forth to Pakistan region and Bangladesh. The US is trying to secretly establish bases for training there for ISIS so they can be transformed into ARSA. This is the Dick Cheney idea of a forever war create your own enemies this way you control the outcome.

Rob Centros

The U.S. still thinks they’re going to get Syrian oil. Greed short circuits the brain.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US govt is always greedy and grasping the military thinks they can still hold onto them, but they will be quite surprised by what will happen.

RTA (Bob or Al)

“The American brain !!!!” ????

RTA (Bob or Al)

I totally agree.

Man Dagang

How russian counts the corpses as his own general been slaughtered on ground


While I do not doubt the operations as such at all, I just do not believe the casualty reports. Russia tends to overstate opposing numbers and their reconnaissance as of late seems to be a little off, to put it nicely.

I completely support your question.

RTA (Bob or Al)

You would.


not as much as the western countries.

John Whitehot

if I were you I wouldn’t perform such an effort in determining the veracity of casualties reports. The deleterious effect the clownish western MsM propaganda has exerted on your judgement is clearly recognizable at every post you make.

These casualties reports are credible, because it’s a small, ever shrinking area and if: – ISIS is out of hiding places – they concentrated large numbers of men and equipment in such little zone.

Last week iirc there were attacks with strategic bombers and Kalibr SLCM. It’s entirely possible that they hit ISIS this hard.

Also: the important aspect of recon in these cases isn’t to assess damage, but to generate and validate targets for striking assets. If they found a given number of ragheads in certain areas and then hit them with murderous fire you have high likeness to have killed them.

You should also state on which basis Russian reconaissance “seems to be a little of”, lately.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They plan these strategies along with encirclement and no more bodies moving means there are many kills and a small number wounded, still in all strikes and plans are always measured for effectiveness in kill ratio.


OH come on Boy, only because it FITS not inside your Head?!


As in the videos in this article, they have satelite that are monitoring the situation. Before the strike, they know how many people are on the strike point, than, it is easier, you wait 30 seconds, then when no more dust, they count the bodies

คงศักดิ์ วงศ์ชูศรี

That mean they can because Russian force are close contact battlefield so they loss their general.

Tudor Miron

Do you mean that incompetent Russia that actually rebuild Suryan army from ashes and played a major role in helping Surya defeat US/UK/Israel irregulard armed forces (daesh, nusra, fsa an other trash)? I would assume that Russian generals should do as American generals do? If it was like that there will be no Russia by now :) May I ask what country you’re from?

John Whitehot

one of the most idiotic, useless and stupidly fanatic things ever written over the internet. They should give prizes to the likes of you. You should apply for a manager job at CNN or CBS.

Prince Teutonic

Yes, how indeed becuase there are no generals left to count the dead ISIS bodies?…

Floyd Hazzard

Very well done.


I think think this combines both the Idlib province fighting with Deir Ez Zor province fighting. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, or HTS, is in Idlib province. Perhaps the 1500 “ISIS from Iraq” were killed out on the Palmyra – Deir Ez Zor highway, I guess?


I would guess the “1500” ISIS where tracked moving up the river to the Mayadin area, and then west of there along desert roads. So many of the dirt bags did not make it the DZ highway (encircled by air assets and some cruise missiles). But the operation is still on going I think. Hope to see this ISIS attack collapse soon. :)


The Syrian government coalition was expecting this. And was prepared to deal with it.


See how the ISIS hand is moved to obstruct the Syrian forces, so that Uncle Sam’s SDF hand can steal some territory and oilfields for the fake Israeli Kurdistan. Their turn for Russian attention can come later.


A great work Russkies!

Cheryl Brandon

Great teamwork from SAA+ Russian troops. thought Russian helicopters and men would have had gone ahead and, secure all the oilfield belonging to Syria????Still, you can still win it back if you do some joint work with Iraqis forces maybe> keep fighting; We pray for more victories/

Cheryl Brandon

Great team work between the True Russian and Syrian brotherhood! Keep fighting! Thanks for all the crucial work of the fighter pilots! The 2 bridges over the Euphrates are cool. Keep fighting. We pray for more victories; Thanks for showing us the photos of the 3 snakes working together and, thanks for pushing the UN re Golan Heights and War Crimes by EU/U$A +KURD$ in Northern Syria and Iraq as well!


Wonderful :)


Like most numbers in the Syrian War, these are probably highly inflated. As a rule of thumb: reported numbers are 2x to 3x for every side. No doubt dropping bombs from 30,000 feet causes casualties, but there isn’t any war to verify and each side has different numbers.

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