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Syrian Forces Stop US Military Column On Road Near Syria’s Qamishli (Video)

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Syrian forces have stopped a US military column on a road  near the city of Qamishli in the Syrian province of Hasakah. The video was reportedly filmed in the area of the Al-Wafaa roundabout southwest of Qamishli.

Most of the province of Haskah is controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and their core – the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). However, the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces still hold some positions in and near the cities of Qamishli and Hasakah.

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Could be a good sign, that Assad is going to stand up to and against U.S. presence in Syria

Time will tell


Daara, the Desert, Idlib need to be cleared first I think.

Cheryl Brandon


Cheryl Brandon

He had better stand up or they will destroy.


For those who understand dick about Syria Haskah is deep within Kurdish controlled territory.

This peace of crap article is about NON-EVENT. And its main purpose it is to be misleading for those who don’t understand where Haskah is. To give them false impression that SAA is doing something about US – ILLEGAL presence in Syria.


haskah is mostly assyrians

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

For me it is hard to imagine this information is truth. First, we need clarification here. What “stopped” means? They opened fire on US forces?!? Hard to believe


Stopped means stopped. Not everything needs to be stopped with violence , although that is the American way of doing things.

The US convoy was stopped and the Americans turned around and left. Its as simple as that.

For all we know, the US soldiers got lost and took the wrong road :)


In Hollywood movie Rambo would get out of his Humvee and kill them all…


To qote Florian “Stopped means stopped” in English… you have very strong imagination.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Really? Ok, can you describe to me what Stopped means in this context? Why you pretend it is clearly said when it is not. How they stopped them? By hand-held “stop” sign and a policeman told them: “Sir, may I see your driving licence?” Describe it on-4-yo level for me, please.


sorry i lost interest in this conversation


Considering how cut off the NDF is in Hasaka, this is very brave of them. Also considering Kurdish plans for the ethnic cleansing of eastern Syria, we have to consider the SAA/NDF of Hasaka heros.?????????✌✌?❤


All I have said that article is misleading. As for “Kurdish plans for the ethnic cleansing” ….well SAA could ethnic cleans quite few Turds also. But we are not there luckily… they still might reach agreement and make US losers

Hisham Saber

The Syrian Arab Army control several areas around Haskah, and the environs. Remember, the Kurds, U.S., French and British forces are in hostile territory. Just the other day , 70 Arab tribes of the region held a big meeting and came out with a statement that they support Bashar’s government, and are against the SDF /U.S. et al being in Syria illegally.

Very soon, there will be a vicious insurgency to oust the invaders, just watch. Kurds will lose again, for aligning with the U.S./Israel, as we saw in Iraq.

Brother Ma

Praganda value at most. No real public fightback of Syria against US has occurred .

Hisham Saber

be patient, a fierce insurgency is about to start. Arab tribes, NDF wearing civilian clothes, as others will be, will shred the occupiers, and the biggest losers will be the Kurds.

Brother Ma

I hope so. The Kurds are like dogs who bite the hand that feeds them.if they want a country they can go fight for it in Turkey!


Nice, they have must hit the wrong way, for them everyone looks the same and they just think they can drove in where ever they want stupid americans

Chris P

This video title is misleading. Americans were lost and turned around to go in a better direction. That is a checkpoint and who is who? hahahaha

Chuma Anierobi

They should go back home.


Americans have been lost for many many years. ¿ What are you doing in Syria if you home is in north america ? They are really very very lost.


Yanqui ite domum.


lol ……. yeah, that is exactly what happened. A good one Attrition.


……………..I’m not gonna hold my breath……………


It is an interesting video, that offers a glimpse of what may really be going on in Syria. At times what is revealed with nuance creates the best paths to find the truth.

Normally business is done in Syria with force or threats, implied or direct. The US Coalition lives by this mode. It’s an American thing and unless one is born and raised there, one will not understand why it is so ( comment away, I have heard it all before ). The red lines are frequently laid out in public by the West and the Syrian Government and Co. do the same at times. But, there are real red lines out in existence and they are rarely revealed. This video unwraps one of them. What passed for a normal, calm situation just showed big time limits. It also demonstrated that more day to day cooperation is accomplished than advertised.

The SAA and Co. do not want to bite off more than they are ready to chew at the moment and the West doesn’t want a steady stream of bodies coming home because of screw ups by their patrols and other operations. So, there are understandings in place which help keep a lid on things most of the time. On simple reflection, the video offers more incite into realities over there, than is gleaned upon minimal thought. My take on it. I wish well to all.

Cheryl Brandon

DO NOT FORGET TO PUT THIS DATE IN YOUR DIARY; Remember the people who organized the illegal War in Iraq based on a LIE ? Well, they are having their SECERT meeting again as they they do every year. BILDERBEG MEETING will be held 7-10th June 2018 @ the Lingotto Hotel Turin Italy. They attendees may pretend they are upper class thinkers but, they are not!!! These people more than 6 zeros bank balances but, making the world safe/secure or for the majority is NOT THEIR GOAL!!!


………………we should send a drone with a tat.nuke to wipe out the filth gathering there……………………


Yeah, (((Stoltenberg))) will be attending too. These criminals need to get out of my country.


Invading war mongering scum.

leon mc pilibin

zio americans can only fight when they have air control,but are useless against fighters man to man,just like the child killers idf,,,that is why they use isis idiots to do the fighting and dying,,and then the zionists take the spoils…

Tudor Miron

I would restrain from taking too much from this video and article. That’s way too early to base solid conclusions on this short video. But lets wait and see how it unfolds.

Hisham Saber

The much anticipated insurgency against The U.S., French, U.K, and Kurds in north-east Syria is just about to start.

All the Syrian Arab Army, NDF and allies, also all the Arab tribes, need to do is shed military uniforms, and start wearing civilian clothing. Don’t fight the U.S. et al head to head militarily, but brutalize them like was done in Iraq, where 14 out of the total U.S. army battalions were effectively bogged down and shredded. IED’s, ATGM and snipers will make it hell for the U.S. ,French, U.K., and their Kurdish lackeys.


How a nice news. Syria people stand against USA.

Bill Wilson

Looks like they missed a turn so are going back.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


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