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JUNE 2021

Syrian Forces Found Militants’ Modern Radio-Electronic Equipment Near At Tanf – Russian Military

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Syrian Forces Found Militants' Modern Radio-Electronic Equipment Near At Tanf - Russian Military

Illustrative image: Valery Sharifulin/TASS

Syrian forces have found modern radio-electronic equipment on positions of the eliminated militants near the area of At Tanf in eastern Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said on January 26.

During the search at the site of the fight with terrorists, the Syrian forces found modern radio-electronic equipment manufactured in Europe, ammunition for light weapons and Daesh [ISIS] literature,” the ministry said adding that government forces have also found banners and emblems of the US-backed Forces of Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo there. “These facts show the involvement of the US in the training and formation of a US-controlled armed opposition created from the defeated pro-Daesh forces.

The ministry also said that the eliminated militants “were planning a breakthrough operation in the nearest future.” The main aim of the operation was to conduct sabotage operations in the provinces of Damascus, Homs and Deir Ezzor. This effort is aimed at drawing attention of the Syrian Army from the battle on terrorists in the province of Idlib.

On January 24, the Syrian patrol destroyed two vehicles and killed five terrorists from the three vehicles-long convoy of terrorists near the area of At Tanf, the ministry added.

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There’s no need to state what’s obvious.

The axis of evil is responsable for all kind of atrocities made in syria.

Mo Richard

Why am I not surprised!!?


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Deo Cass

Russia is becoming increasingly famous for its “I told you so” verbal conjectures against the US/Zionist imperialist, colonialist terror forces without doing anything concrete to stop them. Hot air alone will not deter the Zio/Nazis. It will only give the impression that Russia is impotent to stop them militarily, emboldening them further to move the goal post and do more.

John Whitehot

take your slogans back to cnn, this does’t even relate to the article content


Honestly are we still trying to prove that the west supports and sponsors terrorism in Syria? How many time do we have to..Its like trying to prove that water is wet..

John Whitehot

“Honestly are we still trying to prove that the west supports and sponsors terrorism in Syria?”

seems you’re annoyed by it. More proof is better than less proof.


Are you going to wait until a guy kill 350 children to proof that he is a serial killer ? or do you need more proves ?

John Whitehot

So you are saying that we should stop gathering proof about it.

So now what? Nuke the US?

you keep criticizing this and that yet haven’t the single clue on what to do next.

all I see is people behaving like fucking zionists that would absolutely love to see the Syrian war becoming a generalized conflict.

northerntruthseeker .

All I see are ‘terrorists’ that ALWAYS turn out to be US CIA or Israeli Mossad agents…

NO, the answer is for the world to see how truly evil the US is and to stop having anything to do with them… Tell the Americans to go home and stop fucking around in other peoples’ nations….

John Whitehot

the more proof is gathered against them, the closer the moment you describe.

The US is currently ruled by a criminal organization, no matter who gets elected in governments positions.

Although the medias are making a gargantuan effort to prevent this fact to reach the public opinion as a whole, at some point it will be undeniable.

When that happens, the other countries governments will have to finally choose on which side they are, that of legality and cooperation, or publicly become supporters and allies of the worse criminals to ever exist on earth.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well look at it this way the more evidence of collusion the better and more shoe throwing the better. Just because water is proven wet we will still want to see that it’s water and wet rather than a mirage.

Langaniso Mhlobo

USA=SDF=ISIS=YPG=PKK=FSA.USA were defeated there won’t leave Syria.Is is busy with creating destabilization terrorist forces.Airlifting terrorist airdroping and training terrorist.Erdogans elimination of new USA Kurdish terrorists is the answer.


With no claim to be a military man , still I am surprised that Russia an Iran have not used this situation more to their benefit .
While I have no doubt Russian jets might be far superior to US/EU , the USAF in that area of the world out numbers Russian and Iranian vastly . When Iran recovered the RQ 170 from the US , they captured state of the art stealth design , even if the “technology” was faulty .
The numbers tell the story , one jet costs Russia guessing 5 to 10 million , one RQ 170 might cost the Russians or Iranians 3 to 5 hundred thousand dollars , presuming mass production . So for the cost of one jet , they could have 10 to 20 drones .
T2 and T3, could be used as drone airports , from there they could keep a much better eye on Al Tanaf , and also protect Dier Ezzor , and be helpful in the liberation of the oil fields from SDF or ISIS, as its unclear who is in charge of what on the east side of the river .
From this discovery of the “radio electronic equipment” , it is clear which direction the US is going .


Russia knows exactly the location of these terrorists in At Taff ¿ why don’t they just bomb them with Kalibr misiles ? This is ridiculous ¿ why is Russia waiting for ? ¿ To see how these terrorists advence north and re take Damasco, Palmyra, Allepo ? I know Russia is afraid of USA-Israel-NATO, but everything has its limit, don’t you think ?

northerntruthseeker .

They will not, for the Americans still have their illegal presence in Al Tanf, and the slime ball Jew spew media would simply look at any such attack as a provocation for a direct war between the US and Russia…

The best solution for the moment is to continue to bottle up the Americans and fraud “terrorists” in and around Al Tanf, and not allow them to infiltrate into other areas of Syria from that position.. Eventually that position will become untenable to American interests and the Americans will have to leave…


Russia is not afraid of USIN. It is merely not stupid. The U.S. in particular looks more foolish and dishonest with each passing day. Didn’t some famous military man say Never interfere when your opponent is making a mistake?

northerntruthseeker .

Absolutely NO shock from myself who knows the sick game the US is playing now in Syria..

Basically, the more territory the SAA now frees, the more they uncover American corruption and hijinks everywhere….


Where is the vaunted U.S. electronic warfare capability? Aren’t we supposed to be able to locate emitters and analyze their characteristics, if not the content of their transmissions? Did our EW experts identify the SAA traffic and equipment as government and thus prevent the “mistaken” attack on the SAA position SW of Deir ez-Zor? No, they were on R&R somewhere. What about locating and mapping mere jihadi cell phone use or are chirping cell phone in the middle of the desert such as to make no U.S. technician or analyst lose all curiosity?

This is exactly the case with identifying convoys of Toyotas. The JSTARS planes were on holiday too.

It is always useful to ask What is NOT being done to figure out who is in bed with whom.

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