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Syrian Forces Foil Militants’ Offensive On Palmyra From US-held Area Of At-Tanf

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Syrian Forces Foil Militants' Offensive On Palmyra From US-held Area Of At-Tanf

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Pro-government forces, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have foiled a militant attack on the government-held ancient city of Palmyra from the US-held area of Al-Tanf in eastern Syria, the Russian military said in a statement on June 11.

According to the statement, the development took place on the same day, early in the morning (4:00 am GMT +3). Syrian troops reportedly detected a group of militants with motorcycles and vehicles armed with machine guns near Tall Ghurab. Five militants were killed and a vehicle and a motorcycle were destroyed in the erupted clashes.

The statement added attempts by militants to carry out operations from the Al-Tanf area are carried out on a regular basis.

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Hit them back!
Kill those pigs wherever they are !


That’s what they want. Slow and easy with political pressure is the way to go.


I hope they know what they are doing.
Just not too slow…..gives those bastards too much time to recover and regroup.


They can regroup all they want. Time isn’t on their side. Jordan is already wobbling.


Jordan is “wobbling” for economic reasons not because of Jihad defeat.
Have you heard about rich Arab countries collecting money to help Jordan.
Probably on US initiative.


Yeah, $2.5 billion over 5 years in loans. Peanuts. And Jordan is wobbling for loads of reasons. One of the main ones being that they killed their biggest moneymaker, tourism, by supporting the Syrian proxy-war.


They were same geniuses like Turks.
Who only later on discovered that destruction of Syria was not very good idea in the first place.
That Erdogan is so greedy for power and “Ottoman empire glory” that he completely forgot that by doing that he opens Pandora’s box with all bad things are lined up against Turkey
But than Israel is no better either….they all danced with the Devil…

Expo Marker

This is the reason so many put the blame on America and NATO for the creation of Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Openly supplying groups that would opt for everyone dead any day of the week.


…and the fact that “Al Qaida” means literally “The Network” – as in network of CIA funded Salafi extremists recruited for war in Afghanistan – doesn’t really help US cause…

northerntruthseeker .

Actually “Al Qaeda” equates to “the toilet” … Which is the real joke about that entire CIA created and funded operation…


Al-Qaeda (/ælˈkaɪdə, ˌælkɑːˈiːdə/; Arabic: القاعدة‎ al-qāʿidah, IPA: [ælqɑːʕɪdɐ], translation: “The Base”, “The Foundation” or “The Fundament” and alternatively spelled al-Qaida, al-Qæda and sometimes al-Qa’ida)
It doesn’t mean ‘the network’.


The literal meaning of al-Qaeda is indeed ‘The Base’. However, throughout 1980’s and early 1990’s Bin Laden’s organizations was an international hub-nexus that connected Pakistani, Saudi and US intelligence agencies with Afghani, Pakistani, central Asian and Arab volunteers for training and transit based on fundamentalist Sunni Jihad. In this sense al-Qaeda functioned as a literal network and this description of its actual function accounts for the occasional confusion and mis-translation of the name in various western sources.

Val Shadowhawk

That is because they did. And continue to aid the monsters. They and ‘israel’.


Trump is economic terrorists and is holding whole world population hostage.

Concrete Mike

Bof fuck them, they need us more than we need them.

Brad Isherwood

Putin’s going to cut a deal over ISIS…if not already.
Israhell might get to keep the stolen Golan… ( sorry…the Criminals might actually get that. ..and then be about thier Offshore nat/gas concerns + Golan oil and whatever pipeline route they can wrangle out of the theft)

US can reduce its bases/footprint in Syria,…even leave Al Tanf to Damascus.

Yet if** The US remains in Kurd Syria /Part of East Euphrates. ..
That’s to interfere with Silk Road. …please Israhell,…and possibly enable some future US Missile shield expansion.
Syria gets to experience the cunning of US political witchcraft ….Lucky them ( sarcasm )

Basically….Syria is to be partioned under agreement… was this enevitable ?

England, Dutch,France..even Portugal had East India company’s pillage and loot India
China was set upon by the Masonic MIC of Lord Palmerston and gunboat – Opium wars.

Syria with the – Gen Smedley Butler /War is racket ….comes as no surprise here.

Boris Kazlov

Did you run out of rants already?

Brad Isherwood

Rants are way F’ing longer than my last post : )

By the way, ….my perspective on what’s going down in Syria is more ballpark than the majority Putinistas magic 8 ball call.
Syria is partitioned – was among the few to say that’s what’s going down.
Putin cut deals with Netanyahu. ..ya….IRGC/Iran withdraw from conflict with Israhell.

Israhell get stolen Golan….
No magic 8 ball required here….it’s been salad tossed by Metro Sexual Zionist media,
Knowing Putin does Kabuki theatre suggests Israhell is getting it’s deals… as the Syrian conflict winds down.

I thought Russia would kick the living you know what outta of Empires gambit in Syria.
Ya…I’m disappointed. .

That’s life .


In Russia there is a struggle going on… Pro IsraHell & Contra IsraHell…we’ll have to see who wins…Anyone can be Bought with an amount of.. let’s say 20 Billion Dollar….so things are never Certain… and can change overnight…A Big plus is the Fact that the War in Syria made a lot of things Visible that were hidden…the inflammation that arose will Fester for a Long Time…a Lie has No Legs

Brad Isherwood


The 1% are wrecking America intentionally.
Hunger games – 3rd Quell California …..could be their Future.
China has a huge growing middle class where Lord Rothschild and company can make profits,
Or…..they can rip it apart like they are to US and Europa

Global transitions are moving fast….
Big concern the Elite will wreck into a wall

Daniel Castro

Actually, Portugal was the 1st western ultramarine empire, the others came later.

Brad Isherwood

Portugal ( That region)….had a % link to the 1st Templar order.
When the Templars were challenged by the Church Universal and some Kings,
The Money migrated to become the Swiss Cantons ( banking),
Some to Dutch region,Scotland…
Eventually the Masonic Banking is up and running…
By the time of Lord Palmerston and Empire Zionism ** out of his Masonic Lodge in the 1840s,
Ya…it’s a wrecking machine on the move.

I’d like to see the details of the Early Papal Bull of the Americas.
Spain got a huge piece of the Action,
With Portugal sneaking in and catching the Pope snoozing : )

How much % on wealth activity from America goes back to the Vatican…and The Queen of England.

It’s just good Business ( Lord Cutler Beckett /Pirates of the Caribbean )…BEI Company
And the Templar legacy from Portugal,
Do they still draw wealth from past signatory? : )


If Zionists Israel and US, UK, French regimes exist on this planet earth then don’t see dreams of peace. They will butchered each and every human child infront of your both eyes by their proxies.


The Balance of Power will shift some day…the longer these Atrocities will Continue… the Greater the Hate will be on the Day of Reckoning….This is the Day these Elitists Fear Most….they already lost Control over the Narrative…

Wise Gandalf

Israeli and US barbaric forces have intruded in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Afghanistan and are holding civilians hostage there. Depriving them of food, water, shelters and medicines.

All civilized nations need to rescue these civilian hostages from Israeli and US brutalities and provide them food, water, shelters and medicines in emergency otherwise the death of these millions of hostages will be a great disaster. Each day Israeli and US barbaric forces shot to death 4 – 5 hostages by snipper rifles when they wanna leave the hostage areas.

northerntruthseeker .

When anyone looks at the map of Syria and the criminal US illegally occupied territory, their “forward operating base” at Al Tanf sticks out like a sore thumb…. That position is strategically centered in the middle of southern Syria and it would enable the criminal US to launch assaults right across southern Syria and indeed to launch offensive operations to grab Palmyra and other points in central Syria to cut the entire nation in two….

I have said many times that the Russians and Syrians must demand the withdrawal of that forward US operation point immediately… The US will indeed use that position if and when they launch their long planned assault on Syria itself to conquer the nation by force….

And again, what just happens proves once again that the US created and is fully behind these fraud “terrorists”…. We see that proof over and over again and yet so many gullible people still believe that the US is in Syria to “fight terrorism” when the proof is otherwise…


Over time this Festering Wound will expose the Truth…The indignation will be enormous when sheeples find out their lives have been a Lie….


I don’t think so, I don’t think we have any outrage or indignation in us anymore.

Hisham Saber

I wouldn’t worry too much about the U.S. and their hold of al-Tanf. If you study the forces aligned against them, just waiting for orders from Damascus, and especially Tehran, in the case tension and aggression reach an intolerable level, the base at al-Tanf and all foreign U.S., French, British and their Kurdish lackeys will be no more than a speedbump.

And once the proverbial shit hits the fan, and the axis of resistance fully mobilizes, the vast multitudes of armed men wont stop until they restore Palestine.

The U.S. knows this. So does Israel. So they wont push their luck, except try little dirty tricks. But time and the overall geopolitical situation are not on their side.


The Russians shall bring their Tupolevs a few times over the Al-Tanf zones ..
But I don’t expect that PUTIN will do “high-waves” during the Soccer World Championship. /till half-July isn’t to expect some major Russian interventions)
BUT AFTER THAT.. we’ll see IF he still sustains Assad or sold-out..


If the Russian MoD is talking about this in public, you dam sure know it is coming up behind closed doors. Stuff like this is really bad for US/Coalition/Israel/ et al interests. They cannot get caught with this much red paint on them and expect to get what they want. This kind of crap passed muster years ago, when few understood what was going. For this activity to be continuing now, is horse’s ass stupid by US and Coalition partners at this stage of the game. Ya can’t do things in broad daylight when everybody is watching ( no matter who you are ), especially in front of those who can really throw the wrench in your game. My take on it. i wish well to all.


The US only has to fool Americans, and that is real easy.


Even that game is thin beyond usefulness.

Manuel Flores Escobar

they are militant- US backed forces of Al Tanf…but they have changed to ISIS brand( now ISIS sleep cell) in order to attack Palmira…we seen the same in east Swayda….

Concrete Mike

Yes its kinda hard to hide that pattern now if your the us.

Russian MOD has warned them a couple times so far. Lets see what happens next.

Bubba Junior

My understanding is that most American officers there do not belive in what they are trying to accomplish in Syria. Having Kurdish rule where there is Arab majority will never- ever last a second after the Americans leave.


The US is trying to block the roads from Iraq to Syria.
The US will not give up, the sacrifice of Arab and Kurdish lives is worth it to further American tyranny.

Wise Gandalf

You should go in the USA and begin a new, famous guerilla war.


You don’t have to block American roads, they are already falling apart from neglect.
Another decade and the US will be on horseback, again.

John Mason

So true and the US can’t even protect its’ own airspace, 9/11 is an good example.


10 years really you give us 10 years?

John Mason

About time that the US base is put out of commission, permanently. Having the enemy parked right outside your back door can’t be good for Syria’s attempt to retain its’ sovereignty and get rid of the terrorists. Maybe the UN Sec Gen should investigate the US violations of its’ own mandate and International Law instead of protecting those terrorists in Idlib.


Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Crystal-clear violations of its own charter, and the UN hierarchy is willfully oblivious.


its called “double standards” and it is ages old modus of operation by the West

Joe Dirt

yawn, SF over hyping the event, and most of Syria is still in control of USA, Russia, France, Britain, Israel, ISIS, YPG, FSA, Turks, SDF, and minor tribal fractions. LOL


The yanks are at at-Tanf for a few reasons. The area reaches the Jordanian border, which is a life-line for the eastern Homs jihadists. How else could Daesh be able to mount attacks agains Al-Bukamal? They launched missiles to Damascus in April in tandem with the cruise missile attack. It has served as a constant infiltration point into the deserts on government side – Israeli special operatives, Saudi financed insurgents, NATO observers etc. It’s not deadly, but it is a thorn on the side.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

I heard US may abandon it in a deal with russia


The reluctance of SAA to fight US directly is understandable, but if you have to defend Palmyria from attacks coming from US-held territory, then you might as well go for an attack on Al-Tanf yourself. The best defence is a good offence.

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