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Syrian Forces Are About To Create Second ISIS Pocket In Homs Province (Map)

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Syrian Forces Are About To Create Second ISIS Pocket In Homs Province (Map)

Click to see the full-size map

On August 20, the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, retook the village of Taybah and the Maqbarah Mountain from ISIS terrorists in the province of Homs.

The liberated sites are located at the Resafa-Sukhna road. Thus, the Tiger Forces are now very close to creation of the second ISIS pocket in the province.

On August 19, pro-government sources reported that warplanes of the US-led coalition bombed the Tiger Forces in Kadir north of Taybah. No videos or photos from the area appeared. However, even the airstrikes took place they didn’t prevent government forces from further advances against ISIS.

Last week, the Tiger Forces and their allies created the first ISIS pocket in the province encircling ISIS terrorists in the Uqayrabat area.

Syrian Forces Are About To Create Second ISIS Pocket In Homs Province (Map)

Click to see the full-size map

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The river forms a natural barrier that considerably restricts the regime change elements mobility and supply efforts, and that can substantially work to the Syrian government coalition’s advantage.

Jan Tesarik

have you ever heard about bridges or planes?

Keith Smith

russia have planes. this stops isis building bridges…….

Moussa Saab

Nice one


What’s your point?


The USAF has systematically bombed the bridges over the Euphrates in last two years.

Floyd Hazzard

Pontoon bridges


For military purposes, are expensive, multiple component, and very large physical items of infrastructure, whose installation requires a military engineering corps, with suitable haulage and equipment, and their work in situ requires protection by ground infantry and aerial cover.




Well done them Syrians, the Washington barbarians will by gnashing their teeth.


WOOPS, Did ISUS just lose their road connection, that’s a shame.
I guess Daesh trash will have to hide in the wadis.
OH CRAP, that doesn’t work either! :DDD
comment image

Graeme Rymill

This article once again dredges up the claim that the Tiger Forces were attacked by aircraft from the US led coalition. Yet the Syrian Government stays silent. The Russian Government stays silent .Why would they? Because it never happened!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Then why are the US silent on bombing civilians ,the US is losing support among the western coalition and are in need of units so they have asked the other foreign backed FSA for help. The US knows it can’t use the Peshmerga forces to liberate those regions alone as they are foreigners and locals won’t do but some FSA Islamist groups can be viewed as local “technically” . Notice not many of the Peshmerga forces in the assault in Sinjar are there anymore, me thinks they are lacking any real large force of Kurds among the SDF.

The attack on the 19th would only be a distraction and they can deal with it after ISIS is dealt with, so anymore attacks by the US would look as they are supporting ISIS. The US is looking for a way to break the ceasefire nothing new here since this was done before , what do you expect of an illegal combatant. The attacks both occurred in Syria and the PMU unit was on the Syria border not in Iraq why the silence on where it happened.

US/Coalition forces watched as their FSA allies retreated back to Jordan yesterday as Sharqiyah and Ahmad ‘Abdo brigades retreated to Jordan after unsuccessful attacks on 3 newly established Guard points along the border. They have an Army in Israel and Jordan awaiting the go ahead to attack Damascus as we speak, you have no idea how long they have been waiting the answer is months. This way no reasons are given and these GCC, Israeli and US/Coalition troops to invade ,so the cat has stopped the mice again.

The invasion would need some good P.R. such as they could say they are not fighting ISIS and trying to fight the coalition and they could garner some support, which they are lacking as this drags on. The US is trying it’s darnedest in getting the Russians into a conventional war so they can lose and go nuclear. The US is trying to ensure the missiles are launched where as Trump would hesitate and Pence would not nor would Paul Ryan the speaker of the house.

Graeme Rymill

You can always rely on Woolpuller to reply to me but never deal with my question!

Why is the Syrian Government silent? Why are the Russians silent? They both protested when the Coalition bombed SAA troops on the outskirts of Deir Ezzor in September 2016. They protested when the Syrian Airforce Su-22 wa shot down by the US Navy F-18 south of Tabqa recently.

Yet now the allegation is made that the elite unit of the Syrian armed forces has been bombed by the US. The Tiger Forces are the unit that spearheads nearly every attack. It is the pride and joy of the Assadists. And yet the Government says nothing? Not a whimper? No outrage? No denouncing what, if it had of happened, would be evidence of US/ISIS collusion? Nothing? And the Russians are equally silent….

How can this be? It is because IT NEVER HAPPENED!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

I see you have a hard time fathoming most of these things silent diplomacy is just as effective as vocal diplomacy, as we have seen how the UN acts and with very little impact when it does say anything. There were pictures of the attack in the Syrian desert did you here the US say anything against it really. There are obviously more at play than a one who applies empty logic such as you at times , you lack understanding of human nature. You with all your baseless arguments without even researching anything fully shows your lack of conviction in finding the truth.

Graeme Rymill

Silent diplomacy!!!! lol This alleged attack would be Assad’s public relations wet dream if it had really happened! “The United States perfidiously and treacherously attack our beloved Tigers to help ISIS escape destruction.” But no according to you there is silent diplomacy going on. How does that go in this instance? Explain to me how the Syrians are silently negotiating… to do what? To achieve what diplomatic goal? With what end state in mind?. A laughable scenario!

Contrast this with a real attack that took place in September 2016 near Deir Ezzor:

The Syrian government insisted that the strike was not a mistake. Instead,
the government said it was “a very serious and flagrant aggression” that
aided the Islamic State and proved its long-held assertion that the United States supports the jihadist group as part of an effort to oust President Bashar al-Assad.

“These attacks confirmed that the U.S. clearly supports the terrorism of Daesh,” SAMA television, a state-run news outlet, said, using an Arabic
acronym for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. The channel quoted a statement issued by the Syrian military’s general command, which said the attack exposed “false claims of fighting terrorism” by the United States.

The Russian took it to the UN Security Council. https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/churkin-wonders-real-us-intentions-behind-syria-attack-discloses-excerpts-wahshington-moscow-deals-document/

The Syrians and Russians had a field day in September 2016 slamming the US for its alleged ties to ISIS.

This time … nothing …no denunciations.

Why such a different approach? A silent approach that Syria derives no public relations or diplomatic benefit from? A silent approach that hopes to achieve what exactly?

No it is a completely different approach because the attack NEVER HAPPENED!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You mustn’t read very well as always and also you do end up proving yourself wrong in the end.

Graeme Rymill

Read? I don’t bother ….. I only look at the pictures! :-)

Graeme Rymill

Here is my challenge to you: assume the attack really did take place. Assume the Syrian Government is pursuing your “silent diplomacy”. Please suggest a hypothetical scenario whereby the Syrian Government derives some political or diplomatic benefit from saying nothing. This benefit would have to outweigh in the undeniable benefits of publicly exposing the US as bombing the elite Tiger Forces and thereby trying to prevent an ISIS defeat. Silent diplomacy, in this specific instance, cannot achieve anything useful for the Syrian Government. Prove me wrong!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The only thing the US wants is a disruption in the peace and reconciliation process , as this will only expose these groups and their agendas. These groups attack only civilian targets and have no care they are mostly foreigners. The US uses all types of unethical ploys in sowing dissension in the region for their benefit as they always have.

They have had very little success in exposing these incidents take a look at Norway’s Egelund who said there was no proof of Phosphorus in use on Raqqa. These are the kind of things that have to be dealt with in the international theater of the absurd.

The only way to deal with it by documenting it , like Canadian Army did with the Croatians conducting massacres on the Serbs, their reports fell on deaf ears at the time. That was also due to US media and political interference, the area is still a mess today.There by keeping silent and documenting evidence helped and sad thing was the US backed out of the ICC putting themselves outside it’s law.

Trying to beat the US when they wield too much power has always been a trial in error in the making, they buried evidence against the US hidden away in various reports, to keep the public from knowing the truth. This is a fight that requires hidden and quiet diplomacy as the US will use all of it’s power to prevent any type of evidence against it from seeing the light of day.

Why you try not to show what you have until you know it is hard for them to talk their way out of things. They continue to bomb and kill civilians and what do they do to cover that up, say it is acceptable losses. These are the weak and lame excuses offered so how do people keep believing them?

Graeme Rymill

I’ll take that as declining my challenge….

Graeme Rymill

August 19 was when the attack by the US on the Tiger Forces supposedly took place. Yet the Syrians and the Russians say nothing … do nothing. How can this be? It is because it never happened.


Nope, the US want a reaction they can use to escalate and propagandise!
You roll with the punches is what u do!
1. DeZ attack happen that killed 200 SAA soldiers
2. We are expected to believe the FSA in southern Syria reject US orders to only fight ISIS and instead fight the SAA
3. US bomb the SAA near Tabqa to do what? Protect the SDF? Whne has the SAA attacked the SDF?

Dude, if u dont realise that funding and supporting US backed FSA and SDF yet, both sides fought against each other, isnt a war crime! Then what is?

The USA can do no wrong huh?
So the war in ukraine has zero to do with the war in Syria huh?
Russian pipelines to Europe going through ukraine and proposed pipelines from Qatar to Europe via syria have absolutely nothing to do with each other right?

When are people like u going to wake the fuck up?

For Fuck sakes, u gave a man who started 2 extra wars (northern pakistan and Lybia) a fucking nobel peace prize!
And when they cant get a UN mandate they just form a coalition of the willing!
When are dumb cunts like u gonna finally wake up??????
I mean, our countries are filled with Islamic extremists thx to ur hegemonic venture in the middle east that started AS SOON AS THE SOVIET EMPIRE FELL!


Im talking about Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden!
And now we have to listen to your bullshit about how the US didnt do something!

we are waiting for the day the USA does nothing! we cant fucking wait for that day!
So in saying this….. WTF are u doing in Syria anyway?
Fucking Humanitarian Bombing like in Lybia? (how did that go?)
Regime change??
Who the fuck died and made u guys kings?

God i get so angry when Yanks come here and talk total fuckin bullshit!
Makes u wanna find a US citizen and just slit their fucking throats for being DUMB, IGNORANT CUNTS!

Graeme Rymill

Nothing you say explains why the Syrian government would stay silent. To prevent the US from propagandising its alleged support of ISIS? lol … seriously?



OK so When the Syrian army is alleged by the Western Media to attack and even plan to attack citizens and militants with Chem weapons, we are all supposed to believe this!
But when the Syrian govt make a claim about a US war plane dropping bombs on tiger forces, thats unbelievable!

Do u see the brain washing?
We all want proof or at the very least a motive!

Does the USA have a motive to bomb the SAA to slow them down or perhaps to aid their enemies? Hell yes! U know they do! Israel bombs the SAA not only near the Golan area but also in Palmyra!
USA bombed and aided ISIS in DeZ followed by an immediate attack on the high ground by ISIS
USA attack on the airbase with shit loads of cruise missiles was followed by an immediate attack of HTS!

We have tonnes of proof of the USA aiding rebels, HTS and ISIS!

But when a US war plane bombs the SAA its unbelievable! So while theSAA are fighting ISIS we are expected to have them with their mobile phones filming this single attack?

Sure proof would be great but is it believable?? fucking hell yes!!!
They’ve done it many times before and they will do it again!

But when compared to Syrian gas attack and all the fake white helmet footage used as proof, it was quickly denied!
No Gloves being warn, sarin goes into the skin and ur fucked!
The victims in one video were suddenly the same rescuers wearing white helmets in another video!
Motive: Why would the SAA use this gas against Civilians?
Why dont they use it against ISIS
Why did they use it when the enemy was collapsing instead of when the SAA were in retreat?
Where was the international inspectors?
Who inspected the aircraft that dropped the bomb?

So lets get this straight…. you saying “it never happened” is total rubbish, because for them to make this up would mean they can do the same thing over and over again. They would have made it up in the past too!
But in this moment of fast ISIS collapse, it makes total sense the USA did this! The tiger forces are the most active force in the SAA in terms of land gains!

totally believable!
Theyve done it before
Israeli’s have done it many times
Even the Turks admitted the Russian aircraft was shot down in Turkish territory (Erdogans words)
Which side do all the lies come from? YOU KNOW WHICH SIDE!
And just one incident the SAA claimed that america did bad immediately is unbelievable to u!
Thats because u are biased!
You know it and i know it!

Graeme Rymill

Read my lips….. the Syrian Government has never made “a claim about a US war plane dropping bombs on tiger forces”. The Syrian Government has been totally silent.

According to Almasdar news (a pro-Assad web site) ” a journalist embedded with the Tiger Forces” made the report. He clearly didn’t see the attack as the next few lines of the article makes clear. “The journalist added that preliminary reports from the area indicate
that several casualties were caused by the U.S.’ attack tonight.” See: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/breaking-us-coalition-bombs-syrian-army-near-isil-lines-southern-raqqa-unconfirmed/

The report remains unconfirmed by Almasdar. The Syrian Government has said nothing. Assad made a major foreign policy statement the next day (reported here by SouthFront) and said nothing about any attack on the Tiger Forces.



PMU bombed near Al-Tanf (on the Iraqi side)! With HIMRAS, not proven but why the fuck does the US have HIMRAS in the area in the first place?
Do u see where I am getting at?

US bombing SAA near Al-Tanf! why? Because its too close to USA backed forces WHO FUCKING REFUSE TO FIGHT ISIS AND INSTEAD FIGHT THE SAA!

Dont u see through the lies??????????/////?

The USA and Israel have one agenda! REGIME CHANGE!!!!!!

So they aid who the fuck ever helps in this matter!

Because if u are one of those people, this is why u don’t believe this!

OK lets consent that it is possible this is counter propaganda against western media propaganda!!! Now….. what does is achieve???
NOTHING! Because be it True or False, the SAA cannot do anything about it, RIGHT? They cannot simply attack or ridicule the USA and its Propaganda machine because they will lose!

So what should one do???
Report it and carry the fuck on!!!

There is absolutely no reason to make this report up FOR NO REASON AT ALL because it accomplishes NOTHING even if it is true!

So therefore….. based on past actions of the USA
Based on the FACT that, true or false this makes no difference to what the SAA can do against the USA military and Media machine…..
How the fuck u can deny this as bullshit is beyond reason!

If it us bullshit, why haven’t the SAA made up TOTALL BULLSHIT and weaponise it to their advantage throughout the last few years of this war?

Suddenly now, its unbelievable after MANY MOTHER FUCKING INCIDENTS WHERE IT DID HAPPEN!!!!!!!

But ohhhh not. This one doesn’t count!!!!

Like I said….
Report it!!
Nothing can be done about it!
But fuck it…. report it and carry on!
Thats the best u can do against the most powerful military in the world with the most God man awful powerful propaganda machine the world has ever seen!

What are u doing????

“if it looks like shit (the USA and Israel), smells like shit…. then 9 times out of 10….. it is shit!!!!!!”


Graeme Rymill

“They cannot simply ……..ridicule the USA and its Propaganda machine because they will lose!” Says who? Not the Syrian Government or the Russian Government!

Only two months ago when the Syrian AF Su-22 was shot down both governments protested vehemently. According to a statement released by Damascus at that time, the US act of aggression in Syria airspace was a “flagrant attack was an attempt to undermine the efforts of the army as the only effective force capable with its allies… in fighting terrorism across its territory.” Officials added that, “this comes at a time when the Syrian army and its allies were making clear advances in fighting the (ISIS) terrorist group.”

Why should the Syrians now be suddenly be scared of the US propaganda machine? In the past 2 months the military situation in Syria has gone from strength to strength for Assad and the Tiger Forces have had a huge part to play in that. For an actual attack on the Tigers to go unconfirmed and uncondemned is totally unbelievable. For an attack that never happened to go by without comment by the Syrian Government is very understandable.



OK so what if it happened, happened fast bu no footage was available! Lets say they bombed, missed (which was the report)…. now what? What do u do?
u report it! u have no proof but u report it anyway!
If u make it up, what do u win? Sympathy?
They did report it and it became nothing!
If they didnt report it it would be nothing!
So the way i see it, why make it up in the first place?

The SU-22 incident had total proof! Even the pilot was captured!
But this was just a single pass over bomb perhaps to scare them off and buy a little time for certain ISIS mercs to escape!

But lets say the tip of the spear contained 30 Tiger forces in this area, all fighting ISIS….. like they’ve got time to whip out their mobile phones and record this shit!

Your saying it “Never happened”.

Im saying it did happen because i believe there is no motive for the SAA to make it up when without a recording, this report means NOTHING! So just report it and whatever happens happens!

AND….. they’ve done it before!

So the US and Israel have done it before AND they lie!
And the SAA is far more trustworthy than the Coalition forces!

So i take the SAA on their merits, proof would be nice but a single bombing is hard to rpove on the front lines of battle and i sure as shit wouldnt put it past the USA to do this!

So my comment is simply here to counter ur comment!

U say “NAY” and i say “YAY”

i nullified u!

Graeme Rymill

“missed (which was the report)”….. try again!

The report: “preliminary reports from the area indicate that several casualties were caused by the U.S.’ attack tonight.”

that’s not a miss……


This second pocket will be a great news for Syria people and army. Next wee we see you in Deir Ezzor, be confident.


This second pocket will be a great news for Syria people and army. Next week, we see you in Deir Ezzor, be confident.

Karel Glogar

Bravo Syria and Russia,Hisbalah and Irán

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