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Syrian Forces Counter-Attack Near Saraqib As Air War Heats Up Over Idlib (Maps, Videos)

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Syrian Forces Counter-Attack Near Saraqib As Air War Heats Up Over Idlib (Maps, Videos)

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On March 1, the Syrian Army and Hezbollah launched a counter-attack on Turkish-led forces in the area of Saraqib retaking the villages of Jawbas, San, Dadikh and Kafr Battikh, and forcing Turkish-backed militants to retreat from the eastern part of Saraqib itself.

According to pro-government sources, Syrian artillery and air forces were carrying out an active bombing campaign in support of this attack. Russian warplanes were also involved.

These developments took place amid the heating up air war over Greater Idlib. Turkish state media reported that Turkish artillery and drones had targeted Al-Nayrab military airport operated by the Syrian military near Aleppo city.

“The Turkish Armed Forces targeted the Syrian regime’s military airport in Aleppo, according to local sources on Sunday.

Al-Nayrab military airport, on the outskirts of Aleppo city center, was known as one of the bases that the Assad regime frequently used in the attacks against the Turkish Armed Forces and civilians in Idlib, northwestern Syria.

The Turkish Armed Forces used armed drones and fire support vehicles to target the airport, making it out of service, the sources said.

The regime army transported aircraft and equipment to Al-Nayrab from the Kuweires military airport in eastern Aleppo, which was targeted by Turkish forces the previous day, it added.

Local sources said the regime’s range of action has been further restricted as the Al-Nayrab military airport has been made unusable,” Anadolu Agency reported.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that Al-Nayrab military airport is mostly used as a logistical hub for ground forces, rather than the military airbase.

At the same time, Syrian air defense repelled a drone attack on Hama Airbase and intensified its operations against Turkish combat drones operating in the area. According to Russian media, Syrian forces shot down 6 Turkish UAVs. Syrian media claims that 3 Turkish UAVs were downed. However, the visual evidence allows to confirm one Turkish combat UAV (Anka) downed in eastern Idlib.


According to Russian state media, Turkish F-16 fighter jets two times violated Syrian airspace over Idlib on March 1. This version says that Turkish fighter jets were responsible for downing of 2 Syrian Su-24 earlier today. Syrian pilots safely ejected from the warplanes and landed in the government-held area.

Later on March 1, reports appeared that a third Syrian warplane was targeted by Turkish forces. However, these reports remain unconfirmed.

The recent developments demonstrate that if Turkey continues avoiding employing its own troops in a direct fighting, its forces appear to be not able to deliver a swift and devastating blow to the Syrian Army and achieve the goal declared by its top leadership: to force Syrian troops to retreat from all the areas liberated from al-Qaeda since October 2018. It is likely that Turkey is trying to deliver as much damage as it could to strengthen its negotiating positions before March 5, when Erdogan is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss the situation in the region. At the same time, Turkey is trying to get support from the EU by sending migrants to Europe and blackmailing the bloc with a new migration crisis.


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  1. Neo Onh says:

    Roast Turkey…

  2. Tim Williams says:

    As many as 8 Turk drones shot down so far today …


    1. Len Zegelink says:

      in liba shot down 4 turkisch drone,s haha.

      1. Hyper19 says:

        So where’s the proof??

    2. Louis IX says:

      Great news !

    3. EveryoneIsBiased says:

      8 seems not right, as SF said themselves, only 1 is confirmed, Syrian state media says 3, and Ru state media says 6.
      So it could be anything from 1-8, though i guess the truth is in the middle.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        I agree. I might see 2 or 3 and not 8.

  3. Boxman says:

    Russia, why play by the rules of the game? The western powers expect Russia to wage conventional war on Turkey and get sucked into a quagmire. But why dutifully trot out your precious troops and equipment to be blown up and shot down by your enemies? Why not take the fight to them? Hit them where it hurts?

    I’m calling for a preemptive decapitation strike on Erdogan, using a nuclear weapon if necessary. Yes, everyone in the west will go nuts, Russia will be declared a pariah state, and the world economy will tank for awhile. Big deal. Russia’s been through all this before, and the coming 4th Industrial Revolution is about to make international trade mostly unnecessary anyways. Being an accepted member of the global economic community is soon going to be an overrated privilege. So, f*ck it, why not play to your strengths and make use of that fine nuclear arsenal, Russia?

    I guarantee you the citizens of the US, Isreal and Turkey are not ready to die in nuclear fire so that their ruling elites can play empire games. They’ll choose withdrawal over death, every time. The question is, how proud are the Russians? Will the citizenry rise to this occasion?

    1. Tim Williams says:

      are you Quaaludes or meth ? Russia is not going to nuke Turkey … good grief

      1. EveryoneIsBiased says:

        Yeah, so many here who actually believe this BS. It is stunning.

  4. Tim Williams says:

    By the March 05 meeting, the entire Turk drone fleet will be wiped out, all the gains the RATS had made will be reversed, 70 % of the armor and vehicles they pumped in will have been destroyed, RAT population will be 50% smaller and Erdogan will be looking at tens of thousands of more IRANIAN militia members inside Syria …

    1. seawolf says:

      Although that would be fantastic development, you have to admit its extremely optimistic:)

      1. igybundy says:

        They have already started moving.. Convoys of Iranian missiles already on the way to syria.. Not sure if these are missiles or just replacements..But the shia’s are now in the fight and before they were just happy to sit it out and create a buffer for their own towns. If we see israel moving we know this is true..

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Hardly any in the whole world can believe any of that.

          As long as You stay in Israel, You also cant see Israel.

          What kind of translation is that. Its written that If Muhammed cant go to the Mountain the Mountain has to go to Muhammed.

  5. X00er00 says:

    The solution is simple actually, The Russian Federation have to apply for the rabid dog the same treatment the Americans applied to Joseph Stalin at the end of WW2 when Stalin was planning to appropriate for himself the Iranian oil.
    “You have 12 hours to withdraw or we nuke you back to the stone age” <~by morning the message was received that there are no Russian soldiers left in Iran.
    Give an ultimatum to the dog publicly and to the Turkish people saying that either they withdraw to their country, cease and desist all hostilities and end their support for the terrorists or we nuke you.
    I'd wish to see the turks trying to stop a full yield Tzar Bomba.

    1. Karen Bartlett says:

      Seems to be a lot of nuke happy folks on this thread. It’s not the solution. It’s the problem.

  6. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Erdogan better be careful otherwise his favorite Al Qaeda govt of Tripoli, Libya will be gone tomorrow.

    1. Al Balog says:

      Really hope that Haftar does so. I was skeptical of him at first (former CIA asset, Trump praised him and then shit-canned him, April 2019 offensive), but the more that I’ve seen the situation in Libya develop, the more he seems like the good guy. If he plays his cards right, he could become something like the Libyan version of Assad.

  7. Al Balog says:

    Nice ??. I just really hope that once Saraqib is re-taken by the SAA, that they take the lost land back in that southern green pocket. I don’t mean to sound like a wuss, but that green rat advance in the south is making me anxious (I do have anxiety disorder BTW).

    1. Tim Williams says:

      SAA needs to go all the way to SARMIN …

  8. occupybacon says:

    Let’s see how serious is Putin this time

  9. klove and light says:

    lololol turkish fighter jets in idlin airspace…and stupid Zionist brainwashed Folks here still believe that Putins russian Military is there to help……there are ONLY 2 possibilities ..

    1. russian air defense , S-400 is a piece of shit

    2. Russia is not engaing turkish planes

    well take a pick you fucking Zionist brainwashed idiots.

    pointless here…99% Zionist brainwashed cock sucking Putin Lovers here

    1. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

      2. For now.

  10. qveenz says:

    Well what if Syria welcomes the Iranian Covid-19 on the front line and Golan heights ? I guess that nobody has vaccin… but the Covid looks to spead strategically : China – Iran – EU – USA – Russia but not Syria, neither Yemen, Turkey, or… Israel.

    It’s just a question…

    1. Karen Bartlett says:

      Covid19 is little more than a common cold. Old people and babies and people undernourished are the most susceptible to it being a major problem for them.. Not vaccines, but vitamins D, C and zinc are what can successfully counter-attack or prevent it. (Bill Sardi, medical reporter at LewRockwell.com.)

  11. klove and light says:

    the russian Military Leadership should burn Putin, , and send 50% of his ashes to BIBI and 50% to erdogan.

    death to america to to Israel curse on the jews,, the houthi Slogan. the bravest of the brave

  12. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Question is will Qatar take in Erdogan if he has to flee Turkey?

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Erdo has the cash to pay for asylum.

      Infact an asylum is the correct place for him :)

  13. Tim Williams says:

    TERRORIST waving the white flag …. let them surrender … or kill them ?


    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Accept their surrender as prisoners of war.
      The US would love to see the SAA doing what the US Coalition of Terror do.This must not happen.

      They can be tried in a court for warcrimes if applicable.

      1. occupybacon says:

        If that happens, NATO’s 6th fleet would strike Syria

        1. David Price says:

          Turkey is in Syria illegally
          For Article 5 of the NATO convention to be implemented, it requires an Attack on a NATO Allie inside there borders.
          Turkey will meet with Russia within the week and seek a get out clause while saving face, they should not expect much.Maybe a promise of save protection of all Turkish Troops in observation posts on the outskirts of Idlib. THE RESISTANCE want to wipe these off the face of the earth.
          Turkey should leave now, NATO will not be dying for the trickster Erdogan who tried to deceive all put none

          1. occupybacon says:

            NATO bombed Syria twice and the missiles flew over Russian bases without them saying anything. But that’s all they want: protection of all Turkish Troops in observation posts on the outskirts of Idlib. They won’t help Turkey in any other way other than info and smart weapons.

        2. George King says:

          Over 6,000 US sailors sacrificed for what, show of force with BS intent as all well know.

          1. occupybacon says:

            They bombed Syria twice and Russia had nothing to say

        3. JIMI JAMES says:

          Your toast porky,just like ye blubber gut slobby leader jewhadi of ukraine(period)

      2. good american says:

        Sense sounds so sweet.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          Even on a practical level, who wants veterans in the future to have murdered people on cold blood with all the negative social issues that would bring.

          The Jihadi remnants are going to be a massive future problem for the NATO countries they flee to. With over 600 bomb attacks in Sweden in 2019, it appears that the ‘Love a Terrorist Chicken to do our dirty work’ favoured by the West is coming home ro roost :)

          1. R3mba says:

            lol..strap few hand granades around them and BooooK!! good bye scum..They died like they wanted.. fck them..

      3. George King says:

        I understand Erdogan is arresting those who refuse to fight, maybe a prisoner exchange for Turkish troops in observation points? Or of course we have seen a few videos where their fellow jihadist and turkish regulars were ill-treating captured SAA with jihadist style hospitality, maybe they would show them the same….

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          A disciplined army that prohibits the abuse of prisoners has many advantages. The enemy is more likely to surrender, and that the veterans after they leave service are not so mentally damaged as to be a cause of callous violence at home, being just two advantages.

          It is also important in this day and age to realise that todays soldiers are more aware of ‘wars of choice’ that destroy countries for the military industrial complex and the plunder of other peoples resources.

    2. R3mba says:

      Cut those scums to pieces. fckn subhuman filth!!

  14. Hyper19 says:

    16 villages have been liberated by the rebels since this morning.

    1. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

      Vow, they must have captured some goats.
      Milk and cheese for the terrorists.

    2. Legis Legis Juscius says:

      but now they are retreating and btw not rebels, this are turkish army

    3. Vassa says:

      IQ19 they are not “rebels”, they are terrorist and jihadist degenerates, just like you bitch… go join them, they need more virgins in hell.

      1. Hyper19 says:

        Lol assadist terrorist are looting homes taking everything from tv’s to toilets.

    4. AJ says:

      wtf do HTS/Al Qaeda know of liberation!

  15. TS says:

    In Mikhail Gorbachev’s Biography, he basically said that the Iron Curtain only temporally lifted her skirt to fool the western people into slowly adopting Socialism/Marxism and it work. The perestroika deception also goes into this.

    Putin has been called the Jewish King by many rabbis. He has a personal friend who is a rabbi, so it would seem he’s crypto and he’s purposely showing the world this, even though he claims to be a Russian Christian who Outlawed Street preaching unless in the state sponsored churches. Only Stalin enacted this law before Putin.

    Remember, Communism/Bolshevism is judaism.

    “Some call it Marxism – I call it Judaism.”
    Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, in the American Bulletin of May 15, 1935

    “There is no Jew who does not hope with all his heart that the Soviet Union will survive and be victorious” Zionist Review (London: Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland), September 26, 1941, p. 7

    Hitler’s fight was in retaliation to the Jewish bolshevik movement. Just listen to a few hours of Hitlers speeches. If you can say afterwards that Hitler was still a Zionist stooge, then that is precisely what you want to believe. He kicked out the jews and masons and introduced debt free money. He basically kicked the bankers out of Germany, no wonder he is so demonised. The victors write the history books, never forget that.




    1. Al Balog says:

      What are you, a Ukrop Nazi? Next thing you know, you’ll make a comment praising Stepan Bandera.

      1. TS says:

        The End Game is the Mes-sia-nic Age, with the Go-yim living under No-ah-ide in a socialist (for thee but not for me) one world Government – Gr-eat-er Is-ra-el being the cultural, spiritual, economic, judicial, military and political centre of the world. The disparate populations will be race mixed into one, and the only pure whites will be ti-ny hat-ted tribesmen – within a few generations, once all memory of any white race (other than chosen ones) has since been extinguished, all people will be raised a la Brave New World, to truly believe that certain root-less inter-national hye-nas have been appointed by God as overseers of humanity: and why not, they will look different to everyone else and they will hold all the power. All education, media, laws and mechanisms of the establishment will corroborate this new history of humanity, and there will never be any hope of salvation.

        1. Karen Bartlett says:

          Nonsense. Who made this stuff up?

      2. TS says:

        You keep repeating Jew lies. You haven’t taken the red pill.

        1. JIMI JAMES says:

          You are a flog,seriously you got no hope in hell (period) You fool truth not,loser!
          nose outta joint because you can’t deal with the facts sooner or later kepoot!

    2. Lone Ranger says:

      Oy gevalt shut it down you racist ;)

      1. TS says:

        Libtard snowflake.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          No sense of Humor comrade?:)

        2. JIMI JAMES says:

          You been exposed as another luciferian pro genocide wannabe of no cause!

    3. Karen Bartlett says:

      Bolshevism had nothing to do with Judaism, even though a rabbi said so (Zionists made their own rabbis because the traditional Rabbis did not support Zionism.) Likewise, Zionism is not Judaism. Bolsheviks and Zionists are not religious, practicing Jews. They were and are atheists.Theft, murder and terrorism are diametrically opposed to Judaism, which is a religion.

      1. TS says:

        You clearly havent read the old testament, the talmud, zohar and mishnah.

        1. Karen Bartlett says:

          I’ve read the OT. Not the others.

      2. TS says:

        1 Samuel 15:3

        Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.'”

        Lying kike.

        1. Karen Bartlett says:

          You are taking one verse out of one chapter of one period of Israelite history. This doesn’t make it doctrine, except to Zionists, perhaps, who use Scripture for their own ends.

          1. TS says:

            Hold on a minute, you said “Theft, murder and terrorism are diametrically opposed to Judaism”. That obviously isnt the case once you study the OT. Its full of genocide with the Israelites wiping out entire cities of people’s as I showed in my previous comment. The god of the OT also permits babies being ripped out from their mothers wombs. You are very dishonest.

        2. Karen Bartlett says:

          I’m not Jewish, idiota. I’m American Indian, Irish and English. Mixed blood.

      3. TS says:

        Jews singing about dashing infants against rocks.

        Psalm 137:9

        Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.

        1. Karen Bartlett says:

          You misinterpret the Scripture. This is King David or another psalmist singing a song about the sorrow of what the other people did to them. It’s a heartbroken song, not serious, not a doctrine.

    4. JIMI JAMES says:

      Nice try flogged, but the fact remains Stalin Is communist not socialist deep state get it racist!

      Also mr desperato putin is100% russian orthodox,his liason WW2 strictly orthodox jews/rabbi,
      now you take MI6 british RUBBISH back to where the sun don’t shine flog https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/90a05770bf4eaf935cfa68e5d466c489b0276a29ac0998fade57dc7ac8fbbfad.jpg because you failed!

  16. Jesus says:

    Putin is micromanaging the matter causing unnecessary Syrian losses, let the military take care of the matter and operate at full efficiency.

    1. EveryoneIsBiased says:

      As a matter of fact, the SAA leaders are raging and just threatend Erdogan by message through Russia that they will soon take all op posts hostage if Erdo does not pull out of Idlib..
      Shit is REALLY going to get even more crazy..

      1. Karen Bartlett says:

        Wow! What’s the source?

    2. Karen Bartlett says:

      I don’t think Russia is micromanaging. Syria belongs to Syrians. I think they cooperate in strategy but not that Russia tells Syria what to do.

  17. GuyQ says:

    Beat the shit out of the Turks

  18. Hyper19 says:

    Rebels seize the village of Kafar Mush, South Idli

  19. FlorianGeyer says:

    Somehow Turkish self propelled howitzers must be targeted. It appears that they are firing ‘guided shells’ at some targets.
    The Turk drones are indeed a problem and it is perfectly legal for the SAA to attack Turkish airfields in response. The Iranians could facilitate this if the SAA does not have the necessary equipment.

    President Putin and his staff are dealing with a madman as we all realise. Russian actions to tame Erdo will me measured, and relentless against the Jihad’s , I am sure. Its not in the christian Russian character to backstab allies, unlike the Zionist Christians of the West who are in power.

    The morale of the SAA and allies is an important consideration for Russia. Russia and the SAA, Iran, Hezbollah and all the stalwart allies of Syris have achieved what the NATO Terror Supporters thought was impossible.

    Whatever weapons are necessary to neuter Turkey and eradicate the Medieval Terrorists within Syria surely must be utilised NOW.

    1. Tim Williams says:

      I read 90% of the guns have been knocked out of action

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        The Turkish guns or the USS 155mm towed howitzers that Erdo gave to Al Qaida and friends?

        Both would be good :)

      2. Lone Ranger says:

        Erdofuck will torture fuck his beloved white micro Pomeranian again, oy gevalt…the poor thing.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Mossad is cramping out a lot izf CGIs ;)
            Slow clap.
            Idlib will fall ;)
            Get use to it Shlomo…

      3. occupybacon says:


    2. Karen Bartlett says:

      Wish I could like this comment more than once.

    3. Angry Guy says:

      “Its not in the christian Russian character to backstab allies”

      Maybe not but you must understand that Russia is being led by Putins jewish oligarchs interest. What exactly do you call the inaction from the Russian side this last two weeks then? That is a definition of a betrayal and backstabbing an ally. More and more ppl are shocked on the internet at absolute lack of a response to the turkish madman from the russian military inflicting big losses on their ally. And Putin is a half-jew btw from the mother side, so is Lavrov. Russia is being led by ethnical Jews. This explains a lot doesn’t it? Syrian generals are raging because Russia command ties their hand with the appropriate response. But things are rapidly changing now as I am writing this…

      1. Karen Bartlett says:

        Nonsense-Mr. Putin’s mother was Orthodox Christian and had him baptized as a baby. She did it secretly, however, as Mr.Putin’s father was a communist. Mr. Putin was baptized by Patriarch Kirill’s father. (And anybody who’s mother is Jewish is considered Jewish by Israel, I believe. Not that they count. One would have to ask a traditional Rabbi.)

        1. Angry Guy says:

          I am talking jewish by blood not religion. His mother was jewish by blood. You proved my point perfectly.

          1. Karen Bartlett says:

            I think not.W hat is your source for this statement that his mother was “Jewish by blood”? It’s very doubtful, if she were Orthodox, for her to be of Jewish descent. Even if she were, Jewishness is determined by religion, not blood, according to the traditional Rabbis. https://youtu.be/-I9O9RWqdgk

          2. Angry Guy says:

            No, the Jews don’t care if you are religious or an atheist really. (in their inner circles) What is important is if you are a jew by blood as one of them. Everyone can convert to judaism. I dont have the link now but you can google it yourself.

          3. Jens Holm says:

            I have no time for that probatly usefull video. Jews are from very religios to very sekular. The main rule is to keep jews making jews. Thats why women are allowed to marry non jews and give birth to “half” jews and men can act more free.

            But its not kept.

            The Jews in USA came there and as many as 5 millions from Russia in the first wave from Russia. Those were enough and not integraed more then they needed and kept “the Jewish blod”, which also gor power by being well educated and by that given power.

            We still name that as the Jewish lobby. But that silently has changed. Jews do integrate and are mixted as well as other do but are a little slow in that compared to others.

            It might be therefor so many american curly hair jews join the Westbank as the contrast to that.

          4. JIMI JAMES says:

            Hey moron jews or your dogs ain’t god ,putin is orthodox christian which far excells over your ignorant rant,no matter what,like what the fk are you albanian?
            Hey stupid,may the truth hit ye thiockj skull like the powers in me,
            Get Thee Behind Me Satan: your false zog god burn in hell,Jesus is lord!

            Mr joe biden junkie sonovabitch,vile,evil,mr russiahakelection flogged wannabe!

          5. Redadmiral says:

            Really enjoyed this video you shared Karen. However, Shapiro, Finkelstein, Falk and let’s not forget Uri Avnery are hated more by Zionists the world over than Hamas, Hezbollah and all Palestinians put together.

          6. Jens Holm says:

            Thats not even the point for me. Most jews are very productive by raising them to ask and logic conclusion. The anytime pay a lot for having them in school. They pay for education. They work hard in their skills and actually are paid pr hour as a result.

            I think that should be rewarded. They do create a lot of jobs and are innovative.

            We have no problems with people here. We have high income tax, which is given back to all for free school, free education, free hospitals, good pension for all. That gives incitaments to work harder and improve our systems. People are paid back.

            That includes all, which work for people creating jobs.

            We even create jobs for the lazybums andforce the ones, which leadt can produce something not advanced. We do have many needed non advanced jobs too.

            So go and take a job instead of Your insinuations including the one about Putin. To me he is an ordinary criminal. His etnicity is not important.

            If I goo back in time and You are from ME, Your family started as Jews, then they converted to Christianity and then became muslims. After trying all that, You for good reasons became a sekular infidel haram.

          7. JIMI JAMES says:

            Syria was more generous,I am sure the more prudent are aware of that fact,
            as opposed to miseducated boxheads like you,but I guess jealousy is you curse now isn’t it eu-epp unconstituate mentally disorientated soros bot of no virtues!
            Yaeee vote for hitlary hey neo-liberal incest spawn wannabe,fk your teorrists,fk your excuses are only just that,you fear only for yourself you petty creedy gimp!

            You got the scenario back to front like the luciferian liar you truly are a wetard!

          8. JIMI JAMES says:

            You moron,what part of jew do you not understand,putin is 100% orthodox!

          9. Jens Holm says:

            AG might be the last Khazar:)

      2. Jens Holm says:

        Mych like You onece worked for some jews paid pr hour but hardly did much and the got paid for that.

        You probatly only think watches re invented for car bombs.

        Etnics is not relevent. There are many small and big dirty Putins in the world. I dont se it matters if they are muslims, green or yellow. Its the same kind of people.

        I dont see chocking childprogrammes from Idlib even raising Putin to be seen as Jew. I support people making programs and comments like that are jailed as soon as possible and a great part of them has to work for the first time in their miserable lives – inside our menthal hospitals.

        The only succesfull growing might be Your hair. I kind of expect You are bolded too or will be soon.

        1. JIMI JAMES says:


          Creeps like you sorosbot facists assume you know it all,like fk you do,blowhards!

      3. JIMI JAMES says:

        He got rid of soros,browder,rotchilds and a host of other traitors via sanctions dumbass!

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Something like that in the farce version. Now Soros dont take the oil, Purin does. In those matters they are more family then any jew and arab.

      4. Christian S says:

        Zionist israel fundaments are biased on occult athiest zionist ideology who have blended in jewish society. They worship baphomet and love transgenders and hate jews who dont join their little crusade israel project, putin is the only leader with ballz enough who has exposed and mentioned zionist warcrimes in public( zionist bolsjevik murderin of russians ). Zionist build up circle of worldleaders from even when they were kids does not garantee those leaders will follow the script, zionist made many mistakes before

    4. Jens Holm says:

      Again Ypou write as if Turks are stupid sitting ducks. This has nothing to do with religion. If any christians are involved, its the ones from Damaskus.

    5. Per Jensen says:

      Yes, Putin must now support Syria more intensively against Turkey and its Nato supporters. Otherwise Russia will run out of resources in the long run, as the Soviet Union did in Afghanistan, and a new Afghanistan and Libya II will prevail in Syria. And don´t forget that the US and its allies control the global production means and the financial infrastructure and thus controlling the money, which means that they potentially can go on recruting and paying millions of poor young middle east men to join into their regime change project in Syria.

      1. JIMI JAMES says:

        Us economy is in life support fkwit,russia has china as manufacture backer in any event absolutely dwarfs your invalid elon musk and wall street infastructures and arabs do have the itch for real gold,know what I mean,you begotten incest spawn dolla 24t debts!

        1. Per Jensen says:

          Try spelling first.

      2. Jens Holm says:

        “In the long run” is danish”. English writers here might relate it to Marathon. Nå, prøv igen.

        1. Per Jensen says:

          Nej. “In the long run” is English.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            As You wish. Do You sell those new shoe :)

            Google translate says “long run” – Undskyld.

    6. tom says:

      What the Turks have been doing is illegal, and a violation of the UN Charter. If the UN meant anything at all, it would have voted censure and punitive actions against Turkey by now.

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        I agree, yet we both realise that the US, UK,Turkey, France and Israel in particular are the most warlike cheerleaders from behind. These nations leaders are devoid of all morals . The arming of ISIS and Al Qaida rapists, torturers, murderers of all, including babies.

        These nations then have the perfidy to claim that they fight for democracy, when the reality is that they employ criminals to fight for plunder that enriches the few.

      2. Ricky Miller says:

        It’s just as useless as the old League of Nations. But at least that forerunner had the integrity to boot more powerful states when they attacked their neighbors. This “United Nations” does nothing, except find ways to avert their eyes and make excuses for the transgressors.

    7. Icarus Tanović says:

      Any honest man wouldn’t backstab allies.

    8. Icarus Tanović says:

      Any honest man wouldn’t backstab his allies.

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        Correct, and unfortunately , few politicians are honest.

        President Putin is one of the few who are honest and adhering to the non aggression pact with Turkey is part of this. He gave Erdo a chance to alter his maniacle ways and Erdo betrayed President Putins trust. A silly thing to do.

    9. Assad must stay says:

      russia needs to be relentless against any nation who supports rats/headchoppers/terrorists, including torki lorki porki

    10. John Brown says:

      Russia can take down the Turkish economy any time they want and that will be the end of any Turkish offensive as Russia is the # 1 trading partner of Turkey with China being number 2.

    11. Dušan Mirić says:

      Isn’t it strange that after nine years of war, so many drone attacks on Khmeimim, US murdering General Soleimani Syrians, Russians and Iranians didn’t take Turkish drones in account? If Russians are able to spot wooden, makeshift drones kilometers away, how it happen that large aerial vehicle like UCAV gets throug? Why their control stations were not destroyed? Isn’t it strange?

  20. Tim Williams says:

    SAA is going to seize all the surrounded outpost in SAA territory … hold them hostage until the TURKS leave


    1. cactus says:

      is this confirmed ?

      1. EveryoneIsBiased says:

        This is NOT happening now. But the SAA leaders are raging, and put the message to Erdo through Turkey that this will happen soon if he does not pull out of Idlib.

    2. Lone Ranger says:

      Whehe, there will be a lot of crying and raging ;)

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          Mire missad CGI..
          Thanks Shlomo.

          1. Adi says:

            You welcome.When is the funeral this time and where? Teheran?

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            You are welcome.*
            I didn’t know CGI videos get funerals…

          3. Adi says:

            Those guys got,why those abouve wouldnt?


          4. Lone Ranger says:

            Was that in english?

          5. Adi says:

            Toasted Khomeini farts :)

          6. Lone Ranger says:

            +25matzo balls…

          7. Adi says:

            Btw…US Aircraft carrier group just entered mediteranian :) I guess you should start working on a shelter. ;)

          8. Lone Ranger says:

            They are always there…

          9. Black Waters says:

            That’s how the turks fight now? Sheltering behind the U.S gay army?


          10. SnowCatzor says:

            There have been plenty of Turkish funerals lately too, fool. So I wouldn’t gloat.

    3. Informbiro says:

      If they do that it would be the end for Syria unfortunatly.Hope they dont do that.Would be more devastating then the bombing of Turkish soldiers.

      1. Frank Dudley says:

        Thank you Mr Erdogan.

        1. Informbiro says:

          Well,we all saw what the attack on those soldiers brought.

          1. R3mba says:

            yeah bunch of gloating by your wahabi kebab boys on line

      2. Simon Ndiritu says:

        Just Like Saudis invasion In Yemen brought really good outcome for Saudis. In-fact, Erdo should be scared of messing with moderately armed state with vast allies and really nothing to lose

      3. JIMI JAMES says:

        Emp fkn’drr bot.

      4. igybundy says:

        give it a rest turkey!!! after sending half a million terrorists to destroy syria and taking 3 months to get 300 ISIS to leave, you think you are some kinda shit.. You are shit.. talk a lot and use kidnapped children to fight your wars. But you run away from a fight yourself. Go learn some history instead of regurgitating propaganda.

      1. JIMI JAMES says:

        I had mine today and thet were really good,incidentally I ain’t into this for money,what for? Like the man,money finds me instead,when you get used to it,not much to do,yet

        the things in life that no money can ever buy,i would not swap for billions,understand?

  21. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Good time to turf the Turks out of Northern Cyprus now.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Take swimming lessons and go there by Yourself. All winners get a bottle of Retzina, almost local tobacco from Latakia and a goat with food for one year and an instruction for making fata cheese.

      Remeber to cut the beard of the goat, when it grow and it lokk more and mpre like Your father and mother.

      1. JIMI JAMES says:

        Spell check,retsina.

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Brain check You know what it is.

    2. George King says:

      There is talk about Libya and stolen Hatay as well, Libya delegation in Syria for discussions and co-operations now…..

  22. François says:

    Since when a cockroach can pretend win a bear? And even millions of cockroaches can’t win a bear.
    So are the Turkish, they can’t win Russia.

  23. John says:

    Okay, where are all the trolls now?

    1. cactus says:

      they’re searching twitter to find any ak-47 or farms captured by hts scum and come here posting that sh*t and celebrating it

      1. John says:

        They seem to have been celebrating when Turkey shot down it’s own drone, supposedly. Doesn’t take much with them. :P

    2. Al Balog says:

      I was arguing with a legit Ukrainian neo-Nazi in the comments below. See for yourself.

      1. JIMI JAMES says:

        Satan will throw them under the bus,they vy incest,gods wrath decimate their lies cursed!
        Truth time,either they refine and learn and wake up or die for nothing,nobody but hells!

    3. Lone Ranger says:

      They are eating their dinner at the hasbarat HQ, matzo ball soup and gefillte fish…

      1. John says:

        Along with a large portion of crow.

        1. JIMI JAMES says:

          Yes the mighty eagle has never spent insomuch time as learning from the crow!

    4. JIMI JAMES says:

      Not much to defend other than same sex marriage I suppose,maybe hitler turning on its grave?

  24. cactus says:

    all this advance is made purly by the syrian forces alone ….russia didn’t provide any support apart from few air raids that targeteded terrorists…russia has the same approach with turkey as they do with israel they do not engage with them …this is a message to show that the saa is capable of defending it skies and breking the terrorists backbone in saraqeb

  25. Azriel Herskowitz says:

    The SAA counterattack failed and rebels are taking back villages in the Al-Ghab Plain. Kafr Nabl will soon be liberated by moderate rebel forces :)

  26. Lone Ranger says:

    SAA is gaining, Turkroaches are draining ;)

  27. shylockracy says:

    Excellent job by SAA and Hezbollah, there needs to be more and closer involvement of Iran and Iraq in Syria as Syria’s other ally, Russia, is too preoccupied with keeping the Ziojews of the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine and Erdogoon’s neo-Ottoman Islamists happy.

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Russia is trying to avoid giving NATO an excuse to attack Syria directly.

      Russian soldiers have died for the freedom of Syria and to give up the fight now would be an insult to them all.

      I trust President Putin to do what is right and honorable, whatever the consequences. To retreat now is only putting of the time when battle with NATO is inevitable, and today Russia is years in front of the US with missile development.

      The time to stand tall with Syria is NOW.

      1. Karen Bartlett says:

        Wish I could like this comment a couple of times too.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:


  28. Lone Ranger says:

    Hasbarats and Turkroaches will cry and rage ;)

  29. Tim Williams says:

    SAA forces now back to the M5 highway … SARAQIB has been reduced to basically rubble, dead rats are everywhere

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      Good good ;)
      Most excellent.
      Hasbarats will need a lot of Tampax :_)

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Heroes again gained honor an repect by shooting people, which did not shoot back.

          You certainly all are brave heroes. No wonder Jihadist grew that fast. What a chock when somebody shot back.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Hallo tampax.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          Indeed, its time you insert it.
          You are bleeding all over the place ;)

          1. Jens Holm says:

            Tampax can speak. Ha ha.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            I wouldnt go that far, your english is very basic ;)

          3. Jens Holm says:

            No, my english is advanced, Your simplified lawyers and doctors translated from the more simplified languages such as Turkish, Farsi and Arabic is not.

            You probatly also have a lot of things, where are taboo an not even is allowed to talk about. I never get answers for vital things here.

            Correct my english is fast and sometimes much more advanced then Yours and sometimes a kind of primitive. Fast medias are like that.

            Hard to see naming people as Tampax and like that should need Your kind of english. Your version is more like getting a nice looking parcel, open it and get only dirt.

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            Keep practicing..

          5. Jens Holm says:

            I do. I learned Your low version in schoold when I was 15 to 17 years old and before that “childs elementary english”.

            I also has worked several years as a porter at an international hotel as well as I was travek agent sending a lot of shipscrew to the Middle East by MEA and several other.

            I mention MEA because is got a gift from them, which was some days in Beirut, Dubai and Sharja on first class. By that I also learned all about the big railways and roads. We sold tickets to that kind of transportstion as well.

            It was some years ago. Much of that today is replaced by computerbookings.

            Some here right above told Iranians are sending a lot of missiles to Syria for support. I know the distances and the transport. I also know most misseles are produced in Bandar Abbas as far awy from Syria and Israael as it goes.

            Much like a car is more important then what is made for and good at. I am an english user and at least here, You hardly use a corner of it.

            I also do SMS and MMS english.

          6. JIMI JAMES says:

            So,I used to get the fastest visas worldwide,even roughing up in emergencys,
            4 days russian visas no problem,at the end of the day it boils down to reality!
            I won’t even elaborate on the rest,regardless the roads will open for syrians ok!

            Test do you approve 88% legitimate elected syrian deserved the false flag?
            Don’t pretend it was justified,because too many self assumed academics fell on their faces,many more where that came from too,mark my word,truth can’t lie!

            Conversely if you’re against the legit syrian peoples leader,you are only a tramp!

          7. JIMI JAMES says:

            Yep,soros will fund it for sure,

            Maybe next life you know in the lake of fire,or did it learneth insomuch advanced?

          8. JIMI JAMES says:

            Exuse me,but whade point of ye engleash is it beareths no truth,low iq flogged!
            Peace is no part of your incestrial ancestry,you but have severe hatred complex!
            pardon me engleash boxhed!

    2. R3mba says:


    3. Lonesome Cowboy Burt says:

      Another Mosul or Raqqa?

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Its a competition. Russians want to be as gret as USA and even the whole NATO with affiliates.

        So far its only “Much better then Raqqa” :(

        1. JIMI JAMES says:

          Dead wrong,if anything russians are against hegemony + nwo 21 genders,

          Are you drugfkd or what,cocaine,meth,weed,all combined?

          1. Jens Holm says:

            Some ancient family member was drowned in a barrel of wine.


  30. GuyQ says:

    Hyper19 is gone in hiding.

    1. PZIVJ says:

      He went Hyper right after you finished posting. :)

    2. Caesar says:

      Probably he has been blocked nearly by everybody. ?

  31. Hyper19 says:

    Third syrian jet comfirmed to be shot down.

  32. Hyper19 says:

    Artillery striking kurds in Manbij.

  33. GuyQ says:

    Turkey over did it. So the Russians said enough is enough.

  34. Hyper19 says:

    Iranian media: 21 Hezbollah soldiers died in Turkish operation.

  35. EveryoneIsBiased says:

    Another decisive point:

    Even when Turkey could not use Idlib airspace, there is a much bigger problem:
    Turks shoot from Hatay province, and have extremly efficent MRLS and other high caliber artillery, which likely are mostly resposible for the mass casualities of SAA.

    Only if SAA/Ru would counter fire on any artillery that shoots from Hatay, would this end this major threat.


    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Its perfectly legal in international law for Syria to respond in kind on Turkish soil .

      1. EveryoneIsBiased says:

        Yeah Florian, and like Colonel Lang i dont see NATO rushing to help Erdo in that case too.
        Questions is, will Putin (as such an escalating step has to be decided by top level, and as Russia decides the strategic descisions normally) approve it? Would SAA command do it anyway? I guess we will soon find out.

        1. Tim Williams says:

          IRANIAN will they don’t care about NATO or Turkey

  36. Tim Williams says:

    TURKEY had employed some sort of electronic interference blinding the SAA and Russian radars … It took Russia several days to isolate it and counteract the interference

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      I don’t think so, S-400 can’t be jammed.

      1. Tim Williams says:

        you would not use the S 400 against a drone

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          In optimal conditions not but in emergency, the short range variant missile can do the job just fine.

    2. Vassa says:

      Who said so, turkish twitter ‘experts’?

    3. Legis Legis Juscius says:

      dont think so, because already 9 drones from turkey and 2 small drones downend earlier in syria

  37. Lelouch Vi Britannia says:

    SAA should obey Turkey. Turkey is the boss here. With some old crap eqs you can’t do anything. Even Russia cant help SAA against Turkey.

    1. Tim Williams says:

      piss off and watch what happens now

      1. Lelouch Vi Britannia says:

        We are bombing Syria, its the happening. If Syria dont surrender, they will loose all of their equipments. Then they will be unarmed against Israel. Dont be that much Stupid. Syrian army is fighting over 10 years. Its not even an army. Some bunch of militants supported by Russia. They have no chance against TAF.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          Fuck off twat.

          1. PZIVJ says:

            Please try to keep it short and to the point, Florian. :)

          2. FlorianGeyer says:

            Lol. I am verbose at times, I apologise, PZIVJ :)

        2. Karen Bartlett says:

          Surrender to terrorists in their own country? are you insane?

          1. JIMI JAMES says:

            failed its 5th grade.

          2. Karen Bartlett says:

            Heh :)

        3. JIMI JAMES says:

          You flog,seriously roo much talk not enough researach,save lies for kweer bars!

    2. EveryoneIsBiased says:

      Truth is, that SAA would not stand a chance against a full out invasion of the turkish army.
      But that would totally threaten Russias security interests, which they can not let happen.
      We will see how that plays out.

    3. Ayman says:

      I would not say Russia cant doanything, but it would come with a cost for them as well.

      Look how Turkey fights today (modern warfare):

      E-7 AEW&C has detected 3 Su-24s and alerted F-16 CAP in region.
      F-16 didnt lock on to Su-25s, its radar was off but fired 2 AIM-120C7 with radar data (Link-16) from E-7. So Su-24s couldn’t notice radar lock. E-7 assisted C7 till its own radar actived in last seconds.

      Our E-7 AEW&Cs can also direct SOM missiles with Link-16.

  38. GuyQ says:

    Russians fired only 14 cruise missiles from the med. Turks and allies are running away.

    1. EveryoneIsBiased says:

      Where did you read that? Please provide evidence.

    2. EveryoneIsBiased says:

      Still nothing on the usual channels/sources. Again, where did you read this?

    3. EveryoneIsBiased says:

      Yeah, like i thought totally fake news.

  39. shylockracy says:

    Putin’s gonna host Erdogoon in Moscow this week. If the result of that meeting isn’t the complete liberation of Idlib from Turk/ISIS/al-Qaeda invaders, Syria can forget about the areas of Aleppo, Hasakah, Deir Ezzor and Homs that’re occupied by terrorists and a new era of violation of Syrian airspace, with Turkey imitating and joining ISISrael in launching strikes from within its borders, becoming a new permanent reality.

    1. lilbenavidez says:

      These cities were never taken by the Rebels.. since the push towards Saqreb you can track back the history-line in the last few days. They never took them! Which leaves us with one thing self-proclaim capture of own villages.. The Green side denied this flat out

      1. Karen Bartlett says:

        All are within the Idlib terrorist-occupied territories, therefore they must at one time have been “taken by the ‘Rebels'” (i.e. terrorists).

  40. Rhodium 10 says:

    Turkey have many outpost in Syria…if they go to total war….thats outpost would be smashed!..we have seen what happened with that outpost!…SAA only is allow to use S-300 if Turkish plane enter in Syria air space..but they can fire from Turkish airspace…in case of war S-300/400 avoid it..as have 250- 400km range

  41. lilbenavidez says:

    I just wanna point out that these villages listed up (Jawbas, San, Dadikh and Kafr Battikh) Were never taken by the rebels one of the reasons people ignored it on reddit and other places.

    SF has been campaigning and labelling the rebels desparate for claiming their own territories but this seems like even a bigger case here the MOD has even joined in on it.

    This is what happened to the so-called mighty Tigers claiming to have taken territories they never lost since taken it.

    It’s laughable how the tables have turned they accused this of rebels in the previous month but doing it even bigger because the rebels only did it with one town and it is still doubtful whether it was true or false but this is 4 small villages they never lost

    1. FlorianGeyer says:


      1. lilbenavidez says:

        since the push towards Saqreb you can track back the history-line in the last few days. They remained SAA since early Fabuary

  42. EveryoneIsBiased says:

    JUST IN: Reports of another downed Turkish drone:

    Yusha Yuseef@MIG29_

    ·3 Min.

    Breaking , Military source to me

    SAA shot down Turkish Drone south of Al-Zayieh Mount in South #Idlib

  43. Hyper19 says:

    Turkey humiliates assad cuck
    Turkish F-16’s after shooting down 2 jets.

  44. BaPH says:

    Look, its really simple. Arrest all Turks in outposts. Release them immediately unharmed over the border to Turkey.

    Confiscate equipment.


    1. Tim Williams says:

      hold them hostage

      1. BaPH says:

        No, you dont want to give any other country a reason to get involved. Just release them.

        1. good american says:

          What would that accomplish? Touch Erdogans dead heart?

          1. BaPH says:

            It would stop the turks being able to use the outposts as fire points.

          2. good american says:

            If they do that they will be reduced to rubble.

          3. BaPH says:

            They are already doing that, keep up.

          4. good american says:

            Like this? https://southfront.org/syrian-warplanes-pound/turkish-post-in-southern-idlib-casualties-reported-video/
            They must be really stupid if they try it again.

        2. Vassa says:

          They are already involved – turks are enemies. No reason to tolerate hostile ‘observation posts’ in your territory. They should be destroyed/disarmed and treated as POWs

          1. BaPH says:

            No declaration of war has been made.

          2. Karen Bartlett says:

            The Russians and the Turks officially agreed on the observation posts. The Syrians, like the Russians, are particular about holding to international law and agreements.

      2. PZIVJ says:

        Tim, How about something in between. Arrest Turks at two of the OP’s and seize the equipment, and continue to hold the rest hostage. :)

    2. lilbenavidez says:

      Low IQ stuff

  45. Hyper19 says:

    Turkish drones destroyed another Assadite convoy near Sheikh Moustafa.

    1. Vassa says:

      Hyper19 / COVID-19 virus

    2. Legis Legis Juscius says:

      russian hited turkish convoy near jish ash shugur

  46. Tim Williams says:

    video of rats being buried in the rubble of SARAQIB


  47. StafJustice says:

    There are no Russian air support…
    .only Syrian…

    The gains w as the result of the Turks inviting the rage of Hezbollah…we don’t have proper SAA fighters in Saraqib now ….the equation have changed…lots of Hezbollah fighters, the Pakistani, Iraqi and the Afghan fighter have poured in Saraqib in the last 24 hrs backed by syrian air power ready to avenge and retake Saraqib

    1. GuyQ says:

      Russia is using Cruise missiles now so there can’t be any air support

    2. Shia man says:

      That’s true I heard they put Hezbollah back on the front lines and the Russians and Syrians went back to the back line

      1. Karen Bartlett says:

        Where did you hear that?

        1. Shia man says:

          I seen this info on al mayadeen its Arabic news

          1. Karen Bartlett says:

            Ok, thank you.

  48. GuyQ says:

    Russia fired 14 cruise-missiles on TURKEY rats


    1. Hyper19 says:

      OLD news and they didn’t land where the turks were, hell there isnt even footage.

      1. GuyQ says:

        you live in your own dreams

        1. Hyper19 says:

          Says the guy reporting old news.

    2. Legis Legis Juscius says:

      but its an old report?

      1. Karen Bartlett says:

        Feb. 29th, the date says. Two days old.

        1. Legis Legis Juscius says:

          one day actualyy, february kas just 29 days

          1. John Wallace says:

            Depends where you are. It is well into the 2nd where I am so 2 days old,

  49. Tim Williams says:

    how much longer will ERDO be breathing ? Greta is pissed .. he is contributing to global warming … she even wants him dead now …


    1. Hyper19 says:

      LOL assad cuck lost half of his army and equipment.

      1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says:

        You’re fighting for evil. The world knows that. Turkish boys are dying for nothing. It’s very sad. Erdogan is a sick joke foisted on the poor and the ignorant.

        1. Hyper19 says:

          I dont like erdogan but our dead soldiers who died while the gangster Assad/putin knew they’re location will be avenged.
          And who are we kidding putin doesn’t give 2 shits about Syria or its population.

          1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says:

            You’re so goddamned brainwashed it’s pathetic. A hollowed out, sad, bitter little mouth piece for violent criminals. Congratulations. You’ve managed to make your mother’s 9 months of pain meaningless. Your brain is occupied and you don’t even know it.

          2. Karen Bartlett says:

            Pain doesn’t last in pregnancy for nine months, only during birth, but your statement sounds really good. Almost poetic!

          3. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says:

            Ah. Thank you. I’ve had practice. I have one son. I do know about pregnancy.

          4. Hyper19 says:

            Putin bombarded the syrian civilians like they were some experimental rats to test out his new shiny missiles, putin doesnt care about syria anymore he got his warm water port

          5. JIMI JAMES says:

            Sure everything your master that dirty wanker in the uk say,go thy way slave go!

          6. JIMI JAMES says:

            As if you do vermin problematic sic rabid dog need be shot outta misery(period)
            You don’t even realise how much bloods on your hands too,ignorus boxhead!

          7. Hyper19 says:

            We precisely strike our target, meanwhile assad/putin just dropping barrel bombs

      2. JIMI JAMES says:

        4500 tanks,I dont think so flogged!Assad what? I get it you love fooking pig heads (sic)



    1. Karen Bartlett says:


    2. Tim Williams says:

      ERDO dies very soon

      1. TURKISH SOLDİER says:

        We will come to conquer Europe!

        1. Tim Williams says:

          lol … you could not even conquer Gilligan’s Island in 74′

          1. TURKISH SOLDİER says:

            world leader is coming!

        2. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

          Stay where you are, the EU will send you every goat they have.

          Then you can conquer the goats at your leisure.

          You goat fucker.

        3. JIMI JAMES says:

          At least try to do a good job on brusselsprouts,that is if you make it pass sparta?

    3. Jim Bim says:

      you are orcs and Erdogone is gollum.

    4. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says:

      Hahahaha. Do you know that you look like a joke to the developed world? Americans hear “Ottoman Empire” and laugh their asses off at Erdogan.

      1. Hyper19 says:

        When the outside world hears the word American they laugh their ass off because americans are known to be bunch off morons.
        And no one is trying to bring the ottoman empire.

        1. JIMI JAMES says:

          Don’t matter biden,odummer,hitlary,peosi investigations commenced,they whom murdered civilians like 30 lawmen in kiev will be linked (georgian cia creeps)
          The plot thickens russia allready released most prisoners,ether way they are treated like humans tough yes but not ruthless like kiev post lies its ass off!

  51. Karen Bartlett says:

    SAA and allies will defeat the Turks and their terrorist allies, inshallah.

    1. Tim Williams says:

      they will … it will take longer and be more costly though

  52. Tim Williams says:

    another video of rats being buried in rubble


    1. BMWA1 says:

      Very good

    1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says:

      Violent, inbred Nazi trash supports violent, inbred Nazi trash. Why the fuck did you post a few low IQ bottom feeders in a wrecked, cesspool of a country carrying a Fascist Turkish flag? You will make people vomit. Most common people here in the US now know what kind of ignorant oafs and criminals now run Ukraine. Ukraine is a money laundering conduit for corrupt US elites. The people of Ukraine are robbed blind fascist criminals and they tolerate it. That is tragic. The American people will never support Ukraine in any kind of war, despite what old, crooked fools like Biden say. We know what kind of trash now runs “Ukraine”.

      1. Hyper19 says:

        Russian gangsters need to leave Ukrainian land and release all innocent prisoners.

        1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says:

          Man. There is no hope for you. Everyone will just ignore you and let you spit out the lies they poured into your now twisted mind. You’ll never amount to anything in life.

          1. Kananda says:

            block the pork

          2. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says:

            Good advice.

        2. JIMI JAMES says:

          First you must release the peoples free whats with this hail for speaking russian
          call that democracy? what the fk are you just another rabid punk seeking death!

  53. Hyper19 says:

    Turkish F-16 fighter jets annihilated the positions of Assad gang in Idlib countryside Şadi Daiyf and Al Hamidiyya

    1. Legis Legis Juscius says:

      false, already debunked

  54. BMWA1 says:

    Let’s go SAA!!!

    1. TURKISH SOLDİER says:

      They loved to die. ahahahaha

      1. Karen Bartlett says:

        And Turks are afraid to die. They only like death when they’re inflicting it on unarmed POW’s, women, children and old people civilians. Cheap cowards.

  55. Hyper19 says:

    Turkish drones destroyed 5 large heavy cannons and 3 Missile launchers in the Hama Qalamuduk region.

    1. Legis Legis Juscius says:

      turks running out of drones:))))))))))

  56. cactus says:

    i just saw 2 videos on of mass hts deaths after an airstrike hit saraqeb and the other hitting a turkish army position and them fleeing like mice ..saraqeb is 70% under the controle of the brave syrian arab soldiers clashes on going

    1. Karen Bartlett says:

      Great news. Got a source?

    1. Legis Legis Juscius says:

      still turkish controled drone, with turkish insignias on the drone

  57. Tim Williams says:

    IRAN issues ultimatum to Turkey … leave or else


    1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says:

      Uh oh. I’m almost sure that will result in even more dead Turkish boys. Those Turkish supply posts are a fat, juicy target. They could be obliterated, one by one, by Iranian jets and/or Russian cruise missiles. Wow. That could mean hundreds of dead Turkish boys. It could happen at any time.

  58. Tim Williams says:

    IRAN issues ultimatum to Turkey … leave or else


    1. Al Balog says:

      And if Turkey doesn’t leave, this is what will happen. Turkey is Gillberg, Iran is Al Snow ?.


    2. Karen Bartlett says:

      Turks want a war with Russia now?

  59. Tim Williams says:

    Grad rockets fired at RuAF base …


    1. yeah from the same source that stated yesterday that there were 14 cruise missiles fired from russians ships toward idlib –‘ ..

  60. Hyper19 says:

    Assadite convoy of more than 30 vehicles liquidated by Turkish drone near Maarat Numan.

    1. Legis Legis Juscius says:

      old news

      1. Hyper19 says:

        Nope recent

        1. Legis Legis Juscius says:

          i can see only 3 vechilces not 30

          1. Hyper19 says:

            lol need a pair of glasses

          2. Legis Legis Juscius says:

            3 hits, 3 vechicles, maybe you need glases?
            in mean time dozens of turkish sodiers killed near saraqib

          3. Hyper19 says:

            you think the drone stopped there? entire column got eliminated.

          4. Legis Legis Juscius says:

            lol keep dreaming, how then you losing ground in syria tell me?

    2. Caesar says:

      100 would be a nice rounded figure, do not you think?

    3. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says:

      Turkish Troll Liquidated By His Own Empty, Worthless Life

    4. AJ says:

      This could just as easily be a Russian strike on militant convoy.

      1. Hyper19 says:

        They are russian made tanks.

    5. John Wallace says:

      Video of SAA attacking Turkish convoy and wiping it out. Oh it is the same video bu that is the point.

    1. John Wallace says:

      That is actually where your brain was until someone pricked it. I suppose one could say vacuous.

    2. russ says:

      I thought that was new meat in the IDF…

    1. again with the disinformations..the source (Syrian_MC) is trash..just yesterday he claimed that there were 14 cruise missiles fired from russians ships toward idlib –‘ ..

    2. GuyQ says:

      Russia has been firing them since yesterday,

    1. Legis Legis Juscius says:

      what that means?cant understand arabic

    2. cactus says:

      it’s not erdogan …it’s hafez alassad

  61. Fuckturkius Sraloukranius says:

    Russian AD personnel shall start operating S-300. Turkish islamist aggressor shall be annihilated. All turks on the holy land of Syria shall be eliminated!

  62. igybundy says:

    Russian Minister of Defence: We can not guarantee the safety of Turkish aircraft over Syria after SAA shut down the airspace over Idlib.

    Also Hezbollah or SAA fired ballistic missiles against some targets from aleppo.. Rather than sitting it out in Sunni areas, Hezbollah has started moving today..

    1. namulit emperor says:

      liveuamap has a funny disclaimer about this first messages’ source, sputniknews:
      ‘The source is state-funded media. Please, be aware, do not rely on this source without proper objective analysis of facts to form a judgment.’
      All while most ‘news’ reported is by ominous rebel ‘media centers’ and Turkish sources now…

      1. Tim Williams says:

        They are a joke … A jihadi runs it

        1. JIMI JAMES says:

          I should know there are alot of pro kweers there too that represent the nwo sly!
          They are a very cowardly mob,seriously I praised turkey for arresting the skank!

  63. cliff says:

    The Russian and the Iranian must deploy more air defence batteries and artillery and mens power to manned them,no deal with the awvw greedy Turkey governments.The Russian need to expand its air operations by opening a second major air base would will be temporary till the whole situation in syria is over ,latakia is the west side of Syria and the next should be for the east side of Syria.Tukey knows they dont and can’t afford a full scale war with Russia and Russia need to show the world they word is stronger then steel and they won’t compromise anything against they allies.

  64. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

    Syria should target other targets inside Turkey, as far as they can reach. Even Ankara if they have the right weapons to do that.
    Its stupid trying to fend the turks in Idlib only, while the turks can attack anything anywhere they want in Syria.

    1. Dibass says:

      If Assad were to take your advise, he and is comrades would be dead in week or so. If a single missile or bomb lands on Turkish Soil, Assad is in deep shit. NATO planes will be flying all over Syria and pounding Assad’s forces.

      If Assad wants a chance to remain in power, attacking Turkey directly is the last thing he’l do.

      I laughed when I read your comment.

      1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

        NATO WHO ?

        1. Dibass says:

          A U.S carrier strike group entered the Mediterranean sea on Saturday night. the U.S, Germany, Britain and France opposed Greece’s veto of a Turkish formal request for help.

          1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            France Germany and Britain ARE THE ONES WHO ASKED GREECE to VETO in the first place!
            This is just for the cameras…
            Nobody wants to help the US in any war for oil no more.

          2. Dibass says:

            Do you really believe that? NATO is an American tool and it will do exactly what the U.S wants. The U.S is getting into position in case it has to support Turkey in Syria. Turkey and the U.S disagree on many things, but they certainly agree on Syria. Make no mistake, should a single bomb land on Turkish soil, article 5 will activate.

            I smell a war with Iran pretty soon. The difficult part is Trump winning the election. The Trump administration shows no sign of wanting to negotiate with Iran, even as the election approaches. Iran in turn continues to advance in its nuclear program. The pentagon has deployed military machines in the Middle East like never before, and are ready at short notice for this war. The brazen killing of Soleimani was a warning shot by the Americans that things will get really hot if Iran doesn’t change course.

            I don’t care about the Iranian regime falling, because they obviously do not care how many people in other countries die because of their proxy wars. I want Iran to fight its wars without involving any Muslim country. If not for Iran, Syria and Lebanon wouldn’t be in this mess right now. If Iran insists on dragging others to pay the price for its cross-border military ambition, then I welcome any direct hit on Iran by the Americans. at least this will force Iran to fight directly and openly alongside its proxies.

          3. russ says:

            phuck carriers are even bigger death traps than are Merkava tanks… Let’s see a show of hands for industrialized nations that don’t have carrier killer missiles… Anyone???

      2. Tim Williams says:

        Iran could care less about Turkey or NATO …

        1. russ says:


        2. Dibass says:

          Iran might not care about Turkey, but it certainly watches NATO’s every move in the Middle East. It threatens that should NATO replace the U.S in Iraq, the safety of European soldiers will not be guaranteed.

          Do not mistake me for a supporter of NATO or Israel. I am only being objective that Iran is bringing untold suffering to the population of other countries due to its insistence to fight Israel through other countries, using those countries as a shield.

          I wish that the Americans will one day take this fight directly to the Iranian soil so that other countries can live in peace. They just don’t have the nerves to hit their enemy directly from Iran despite having the means.

  65. tom says:

    I am disappointed that Russia allowed Turkish fighters to enter Syrian airspace and shoot down Syrian military aircraft. It must be made clear to Ankara that any further illegal incursions will be met with lethal force.

  66. russ says:

    ATTENTION NEWEST TURKISH AIR DEFENSE… Turkey doesn’t have the Patriot(the false hope defense system) nor the S400 so they have trained their army men to go outside and throw chairs in the air to counter cruise missiles…

  67. goingbrokes says:

    Turkish drones use American satellite intel in all its forms, israel supplying Turkey with as many drones that it needs. What no one can answer is: how does Turkey, who is basically broke, manage to afford all this? Who is paying? Because it ain’t Turkey.
    EU is out of the picture, they are in a complete mess about Brexit and the threatened immigrant flows. Africans (not Syrians) arriving already on Greek islands.

  68. SnowCatzor says:

    Hmm, looks like a reversal the battlefield from last week i.e. Terrorists taking southern Idlib, Syria taking Saraqib. Its important to remember that the Syrians originally took Southern Idlib with barely a fight (so didn’t lose much/anything in terms of personnel or equipment), but the Terrorists suffered two major defeats before taking Saraqib.

    Also the Syrians still have a net-gain in Idlib at this time (and may counter-attack soon according to some), and will retake the important M5 highway with Saraqib’s (hopefully) imminent recapture.

    Clearly this advance once again makes a lie of the ‘catastrophic’ Syrian casualties routine being put out by Turkish/terrorist media and online trolls.

  69. World_Eye says:

    Nice SAA keep taking what you lost and shot down anything that flies in Idlib especially those nasty Turkish drones that made you so much havoc on you and your equipment. RIP to all that died by ottoman nasty Erdogan motherfucker.

  70. Cedric Hunter says:

    Turkey will lose this initiative. Their economy cannot handle the strain on petrol or combat re-supplies.
    The Russians and Syrians are weathering the tempest for now. But when they counter attack, the Turks and their allies will fold like boken tables. Erdogan is a desperate man.

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