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Syrian Army Clearing Euphrates Bank Between Deir Ezzor And Mayadin From ISIS (Maps)


Syrian Army Clearing Euphrates Bank Between Deir Ezzor And Mayadin From ISIS (Maps)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces and their allies are clearing a bank of the Euphrates between the cities of Deir Ezzor and Mayadin.

According to pro-government sources, the Tiger Forces liberated the villages of Zabari, Sa’lu and Tub from ISIS and deployed in a striking distance from al Muhassan.

Earlier, the SAA took control of Buqrus Fawqani and Buqrus Tahtani in the same area east of al-Mayadin.

As soon as government troops secure this part of the eastern Euphrates bank, they will likely start developing its advance on the western bank of the river with a clear aim to capture the strategic Omar oil fields north of al-Mayadin.

Syrian Army Clearing Euphrates Bank Between Deir Ezzor And Mayadin From ISIS (Maps)

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  • Michael Qiao

    they should cross the Euphrates now

    • nwoecb

      Agreed. But in any case, after the return of Kirkuk to central government in Iraq; the “Rojava” project is dead. SDF better do mea culpa and ask for forgiveness from Damascus and join in rebuilding Syria.

      • Xanatos

        Not dead, just doommed to fail. tremendous money is maintaining the fiction, Rojava.

      • WinstonSmith

        But the US terrorists have already bombed the Syrian army several times to defend SDF.

      • They should, doesn’t mean they will though. The whole Axis of Evil (except the Ottomans) is supporting them.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      no way. russians will not support

    • gustavo

      Yes, but SAA is just thinking about that. The same will happen when SAA arrived to Deir Ezzor. When SAA decided to cross the river, they were already blocked by SDF.

  • WinstonSmith

    The US terrorists and ISISrael will be pressing their proxies to go south to the oilfields if SAA gets into a quagmire even if momentarily, on the western bank of the river. Gotta be quick to clear this are out.

    • George King

      With collapse in Kirkuk the separatist idea collapsed in Iraq & Syria, not over yet but the die has been cast. micro and immediate, the Empire follows as so above so below.

    • gustavo

      What is SAA waiting for crossing the river and move north and northeast ?

  • John

    From what I am starting to see, the SDF has bitten off quite a bit and is having trouble digesting. There is an anti-SDF outfit actively whacking their troops now, IS is starting to hit back at them and is publishing the pics of those they kill. In Iraq, having big brother PKK exposed as being involved in Kirkuk and the Peshmerga fold like a bad hand ( whether through negotiation or they don´t have the muscle it really takes to play on first string) is marking this time with forbodance for them. The Kurdish leadership really needs to cool it. Start thinking about the welfare of your people and quit playing 3rd string gangster with the dangerous crowd. My two cents on all of this. A good one to all.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    last days of syrian war

    • Last days of the Daesh War. After that I fear it will continue. The Axis of Evil is not going to give up just because their Daesh puppet is defunct.

    • FlorianGeyer

      The war in Syria will not be over until Idlib, Northern Aleppo, Kurdish areas and all other US coalition pockets are liberated from terrorism.

      • Even then it’s uncertain, as The Mad Sultan, US, NATO, Israel, Wahhabistan, GCC all remain “players” who can extend the war.

  • juan carlos ayala

    deben cruzar el rio y no esperar mas, solo están dando ventaja a los yanquis

  • It’s all fine to clear Daesh from these Cauldrons, but what about seizing the oil fields on the east bank? Iraq army and PMU seem to have shifted focus to going after KRG. It seems finishing Daesh has become a second tier objective of both countries?

    • PZIVJ

      Clearing the west banks gives SAA options at to where to cross, and secures the supply line to Mayadan. Dashing across the river with a very limited force may get them wiped out, with no easy line of retreat.

  • gustavo

    What is SAA waiting ? With a good protection and support from russia aerospace force, Omar oil fields can be taken very fast. ¿ is SAA waiting for SDF to block its path to Omar ?