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Syrian Forces Cleared Al-Ghab Plain Of Turkish-backed Militants (Map Update)

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Syrian Forces Cleared Al-Ghab Plain Of Turkish-backed Militants (Map Update)

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Syrian government forces have cleared the al-Ghab Plain of Turkish-backed militants and secrued the administrative border between the provinces of Idlib and Hama.


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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes



For this tinny Erdogan : Vlad is just there in the Sümeyye bedroom searchi for her blood… Ghiauru mă ! Ghiauru…

Harry Smith

Guys, Vlad is for Vladislav not Vladimir. Nobody speaking Russian will understand that you are talking about Putin.


Didn’t know that. Every day’s a school day.


Vladimir is Volodya or Vova. Perhaps a few more intimate variations that I don’t know of.


Ignore Saraqib, Idlib City’s the prize.

John Wallace

There were various reports yesterday saying the SAA didn’t lose it , retreated quickly or had retaken it so a little confused to true situation. Saraqib controls the intersections of the highways so it would help if the SAA controled that


True but if the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers and slavers are busy at Saraqib an indirect counter-attack could force them to scuttle and be caught in the open.


Thanks for the level-headed comment. A rarity in times of chaos.


Thanks, this weekend could be quite interesting. I’m quietly amused that the Greeks have vetoed Nato meddling, pity they didn’t tell the EU and ECB where to get off too. ;O)


That’s pyatt doing the deeds for Greece,seriously I warned of this cia maggot! I ponder will the current greek leaders resort to celebrate for pyatt wearing them white tights n miniskirt,with the little red buffa to tickle the cias tyrant cakeholes?


Correct. When the reports were coming in yesterday, no one had entered Saraqib as it was being bombarded. Now, they have entered it. However, some of it in the western parts are still not secured.

Tim Williams

nice real estate transaction yesterday …. today the SAA puts up tollbooths on the M4


This is really awesome, congrats Syria, congrats SAA! The price to pay is getting higher but no one said it would be easy.

Tim Williams

if not for the TURKS direct involvement … this would be over


For sure

John Wallace

And that looks like it is going to get messy. Wonder what Trump and Erdogan talked about behind closed doors and I imagine the neo cons are rubbing their hands in glee as a plan ? comes too fruition.


See my link below, Turkish government admits on their propaganda channel they are helping attack the Syrian Army. I’m trying to make a good screenshot that shows the highlighted text now, not sure how to do it in GIMP or some other tool.


Don, I have checked out your link below, is this what you wanted to share? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/26990b91d66b29eed45c7f4a26f7b02fe46047564e44d87596706bffe907ea11.png


That’s what having loose cannons on a ship is all about.

Kire Stojanovski

So close to Jisr al Shugur, it would be so great if they can liberate it first and then continue eastwards towards Ariha and then Saraqib, along the M4!


Turkey openly admits they are helping attack the Syrian Arab Army all over Idlib.




Turkey admits it is openly attacking Syria in Idlib with its army. 2/28/20

Joe Doe

The stupidest thing army can do it, is to wait.That’s why Westerns are winning wars because they do not wait till enemy bomb them. They bomb enemy before enemy can arm and set the positions for attack


The west is creating chaos, not winning wars. People with absolutely no morals are really awesome at this. ie: USA


Like nazis,well they tried they came but they all failed,just like napoleon and the vast rest too: God want clean fight,not incest cowardly ideology ended up getting such tactics decimated,we are not talking about brave usa bravery bombing the fk outts vietnam,cambodia,laos etc, sure it had certain effect like the nuke they hit japan imperial ambitions with hitlers,but that happened right in the end not the start,so sorry I cannot comfirm you claims to be of humane:

Hmm,no!The supidist thing is to argue with idiots:

Pave Way IV

They should bypass Jisr al Shughur for now and to the north-northwest through the al Rouj Plain. It’s indefensible by Turks and head-choppers as long as RuAF/SyAF own the skies, and lightly defended by unfortified positions now. Air support can destroy any artillery sneaking through the Jabal al Wastani mountains on the left side of al Rouj.


If the 4th AD and Tigers kept rolling up al Rouj to Killi and at Atarib, they would create a giant Idlib cauldron cutting the city and surrounding area off from all remaining Turkish supply lines. An al Rouj plain front wouldn’t be impenetrable by small, fleeing head-chopper units, but good riddance. With a few SAA ATGM crews and tanks, it could block any armor or supply convoys going either way.

I mostly want this to happen so I can see Smeagol’s eyes bug out again as he goes f’king berserk. His whole Idlib scheme falls apart the second he can’t freely roll convoys in from the Bab al Hawa crossing or Jisr al Shughur – M4.

Doom Sternz

Erdogan has now declared war on Syria and Russia, do the Turkish people understand what their elites have done? This will be the end of the Turkish nation. All that the Turkish Army is achieving is killing civilians and committing war crimes. Erdogan must be arrested and go before the ICC.




thes want attack the russian embassy


NATO doesn’t want this war to come to an end. They have tasked Turkey to delay it by all means. Russia must be advised.

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