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Syrian Forces’ Anti-ISIS Operation In Eastern Al-Suwayda Enters Its Fifth Day (Videos, Map)


Syrian Forces' Anti-ISIS Operation In Eastern Al-Suwayda Enters Its Fifth Day (Videos, Map)

A screenshot from the video

On June 11, Syrian government forces’ operation against ISIS in eastern al-Suwayda entered its fifth day.

While before the start of the operation and during its first days, some pro-govenrment sources said that it can be finished in less than a week, the reality on the ground appeared to be a quite different.

The Syrian military depoyed a notable group of troops supported by armoured vehicles and battle tanks to deal with ISIS members remained in the area. However, till now, the area has not been fully cleared from ISIS members.

Syrian Forces' Anti-ISIS Operation In Eastern Al-Suwayda Enters Its Fifth Day (Videos, Map)

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The main clashes are still ongoing near Khirbat Jarbu, Kura and Hibbariyah.

According to sources in the Syrian Arab Army, this complicated situation is linked to the  fact that a number of ISIS members from southern Damascus are now deployed in the area.



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  • Promitheas Apollonious

    they should have known that when you give a chance to your enemy to recover and regroup with your aid, as the syrians did, you find them again. Hopefully this time will not be this foolish and naive and finish the job once and for all.

    • leon mc pilibin

      There are no civilians going to be killed,thats why they allowed them to take a bus trip.Now they can be wiped out cleanly,and the sooner the better.

      • pjt

        Unless the take hostages again, which some will

      • You are forgetting that they have God on their side, it is miracle how they survived that long all of that. Their were attacked by pegans and kuffar including three world superpowers, over 40 countries and they were in relativly small numbers under constant airstrikes and attacks. They survived stabbing from the traitors in their own ranks, they survived the corruption and greed in their own ranks and purified themselves of them. And in all of that they managed to build a working state, gain the support of the people, errect the religion and win battles like in era of the prophet Muhammad(pbuh).

        • Monte George

          “They” were definitely not attacked by 3 world superpowers. They were attacked by Russians, but were (and are) founded, funded, armed, and supported by the USA, UK, NATO, and Israel. They are losing because God abhors the Synagogue of Satan and hates assholes.

          • They were bombed to stone age by USA in Iraq, they destroyed their convoys by most advanced missiles (see the Baghdad attack fiasco which lSlS denied in their propaganda because only few apache helicopters destroyed whole convoy in few minutes), Bombed to stone age by Assad and his Russian backers in al-Sham (Syria), China delievered advanced anti tank weapons so they are in too. Then local superpower Iran delievered brainwash militias and took advantage of the situation to spread its influence and later the British, French and all other countries under them in Europe.

            So im sure that you fail to see one of these things or silently ignore them because it doesn’t fit into your point of view damaged by the propaganda.

  • Attrition47


    The corporate media’s world of illusions

    11 June 2018

    For several years now, I have been writing these regular blog posts
    with one end in mind: to help open a door for readers and encourage them
    to step through. I select issues, usually those that dominate western
    media coverage and represent a consensus that we might term the Great
    Western Narrative, and try to show how this narrative has been
    constructed not to inform and enlighten but to conceal and deceive.

    It is not that I and the many other bloggers doing this are cleverer
    than everyone else. We have simply had a chance – an earlier one – to
    step through that door ourselves, because of a jarring life experience
    that the Great Western Narrative could not explain, or because someone
    held the door open for us, or more usually because of a combination of
    the two.

    My personal awakening

    It is easy for me to identify my own process of awakening. It began
    with the dislocation of moving to Nazareth and being immersed in someone
    else’s narrative – that of the Palestinians. Then, I faced for the
    first time in my career as a journalist an impenetrable wall of
    opposition, even from my own former newspaper, the Guardian, as I tried
    to explain that counter-narrative. In fact, I found that the Palestinian
    narrative was invariably misrepresented as anti-semitism. These were
    dark years of disillusionment and the loss of a professional and
    ideological compass.

    It is in such a moment of bereavement – deprived of the consolation
    of the Great Western Narrative – that one searches for a door to
    enlightenment. It can be a long journey to find it. My door appeared
    while reading about the Propaganda Model of Ed Herman and Noam Chomsky
    in their book Manufacturing Consent, as well as stumbling across a
    website called Media Lens. They helped me understand that the narrative problem was not restricted to Israel-Palestine, but was a much more general one.

    In fact, the Great Western Narrative has been developed and refined
    over centuries to preserve a tiny elite’s privileges and expand its
    power. The role of journalists like me was to keep feeding these
    illusions to readers so they would remain fearful, passive and
    deferential to this elite. It is not that journalists lie – or at least,
    not most of them – it is that they are as deeply wedded to the Great
    Western Narrative as anyone else.

    Once one is prepared to step through the door, to discard the old
    script, the new narrative takes its hold because it is so helpful. It
    actually explains the world, and human behaviour, as it is experienced
    everywhere. It has genuine predictive power. And most importantly, it
    reveals a truth understood by all figures of spiritual and intellectual
    enlightenment throughout human history: that human beings are equally
    human, whether they are Americans, Europeans, Israelis, Palestinians,
    Syrians, Russians, Venezuelans, or Iranians, whether they are North or
    South Koreans.

    The term “human” is not meant simply as a description of us as a
    species, or a biological entity. It also describes who we are, what
    drives us, what makes us cry, what makes us laugh, what makes us angry,
    what elicits compassion. And the truth is that we are all essentially
    the same. The same things upset us, the same things amuse us. The same
    things inspire us, the same things outrage us. We want dignity, freedom,
    safety for us and our loved ones, and appreciate beauty and truth. We
    fear oppression, injustice, insecurity.

    Hierarchies of virtue

    The Great Western Narrative tells us something entirely different. It
    divides the world into a hierarchy of “peoples”, with different, even
    conflicting, virtues and vices. Some humans – westerners – are more
    rational, more caring, more thoughtful, more fully human. And other
    humans – the rest – are more primitive, more emotional, more violent. In
    this system of classification, we are the Good Guys and they are the
    Bad Guys; we are Order, they are Chaos. They need a firm hand from us to
    control them and stop them doing too much damage to themselves and to
    our civilised part of the world.

    The Great Western Narrative isn’t really new. It is simply a reformulation for a different era of the “white man’s burden”.

    The reason the Great Western Narrative persists is because it is
    useful – to those in power. Humans may be essentially the same in our
    natures and in our drives, but we are very definitely divided by power
    and its modern corollary, wealth. A tiny number have it, and the vast
    majority do not. The Great Western Narrative is there to perpetuate
    power by legitimising it, by making its unbalanced and unjust
    distribution seem natural and immutable.

    Once kings told us they had blue blood and a divine right. Today, we
    need a different kind of narrative, but one designed to achieve the same
    end. Just like kings and barons once owned everything, now a tiny
    corporate elite rule the world. They have to justify that to themselves
    and to us.

    The king and the barons had their courtiers, the clergy and a wider
    circle of hanger-ons who most of the time benefited enough from the
    system not to disrupt it. The role of the clergy in particular was to
    sanction the gross imbalance of power, to argue that it was God’s will.
    Today, the media function like the clergy of old. God may be dead, as
    Nietzsche observed, but the corporate media has taken his place. In the
    unquestioned premises of every article, we are told who should rule and
    who should be ruled, who are the Good Guys and who the Bad.

    To make this system more palatable, more democratic, to make us
    believe that there is equality of opportunity and that wealth trickles
    down, the western elite has had to allow a large domestic middle class
    to emerge, like the courtiers of old. The spoils from the rape and
    pillage of distant societies are shared sparingly with this class. Their
    consciences are rarely pricked because the corporate media’s function
    is to ensure they know little about the rest of the world and care even
    less, believing those foreigners to be less deserving, less human.

    Nothing more than statistics

    If western readers, for example, understood that a Palestinian is no
    different from an Israeli – apart from in opportunities and income –
    then they might feel sympathy for a grieving Palestinian family just as
    they do for an Israeli one. But the Great Western Narrative is there
    precisely to ensure readers won’t feel the same about the two cases.
    That is why Palestinian deaths are invariably reported as nothing more
    than statistics – because Palestinians die in large numbers, like cattle
    in an abbatoir. Israelis, by contrast, die much more rarely and their
    deaths are recorded individually. They are dignified with names, life
    stories and pictures.

    Even when a moment arrives to single out a Palestinian from the mass
    of death, western corporate media show great reluctance to do so. Just
    take the case of Razan al-Najjar, the 21-year-old Palestinian medic
    executed by a sniper’s bullet as she tended to the unarmed demonstrators
    regularly being killed and wounded at the perimeter fence encaging them
    in the prison of Gaza.

    Gaza is slowly sinking into the sea, but who cares? Those primitive
    Palestinians live like cavemen amid the rubble of homes Israel has
    repeatedly destroyed. Their women are hijabbed and they have too many
    children. They don’t look like us, they don’t speak like us. Doubtless,
    they don’t think like us. They cannot be us.

    Even those young Palestinian demonstrators, with their faces covered
    with strange scarves, launching flaming kites and throwing the odd
    stone, look different. Can we imagine ourselves standing in front of a
    sniper to protest like that? Of course not. We cannot imagine what it is
    like to live in one of the most densely populated areas on the planet,
    in an open-air prison over which another nation serves as jailers, in
    which the water is becoming as saline as seawater and there is no
    electricity. So how can we put ourselves in the demonstrators’ shoes,
    how can we empathise? It is so much easier to imagine being the powerful
    sniper protecting the “border” and his home.

    But al-Najjar undermined all that. A young, pretty woman with a
    beautiful smile – she could be our daughter. Selflessly tending to the
    wounded, thinking not of herself but of the welfare of others, we would
    love her to be our daughter. We can identify with her much better than
    the sniper. She is a door beckoning us to step through and see the world
    from a different location, from a different perspective.

    Which is why the corporate media has not invested al-Najjar’s death
    with the emotional, empathetic coverage it would if a pretty young
    Israeli female medic had been gunned down by a Palestinian. It was that
    double standard in his own newspaper that outraged cartoonist Steve Bell
    last week as he noted in correspondence with the editor that the
    Guardian had barely covered the story of al-Najjar. When he tried to
    redress the imbalance, his own cartoon of her death was censored.

    The Guardian’s editors argued that his cartoon was anti-semitic. But
    the deeper truth is that al-Najjar is dangerous. Because once you step
    through that door, you are unlikely to come back, you are unlikely ever
    again to believe the Great Western Narrative.

    The true message of Israel

    Israel-Palestine offered me that door, just as it has so many others.
    It is not, as Israel’s apologists – and the upholders of the Great
    Western Narrative – will tell you, because so many westerners are
    anti-semitic. It is because Israel lies in a grey zone of experience,
    one that is readily available to western tourists but can at the same
    time give them a chance to glimpse the dark underbelly of western

    Israel is enthusiastically embraced by the Great Western Narrative:
    it is supposedly a liberal democracy, many of its inhabitants dress and
    sound like us, its cities look rather like our cities, its TV shows are
    given a makeover and become hits on our TV screens. If you don’t stand
    too close, Israel could be Britain or the US.

    But there are clues galore, for those who bother to look a little
    beyond superficialities, that there is something profoundly amiss about
    Israel. A few miles from their homes, the sons of those western-looking
    families regularly train their gun sights on unarmed demonstrators, on
    children, on women, on journalists, on medics, and pull the trigger with
    barely any compunction.

    They do so not because they are monsters, but because they are
    exactly like us, exactly like our sons. That is the true horror of
    Israel. We have a chance to see ourselves in Israel – because it is not
    exactly us, because most of us have some distance from it, because it
    still looks a little strange despite the best efforts of the western
    media, and because its own local narrative – justifying its actions – is
    even more extreme, even more entitled, even more racist towards the
    Other than the Great Western Narrative.

    It is that shocking realisation – that we could be Israelis, that we
    could be those snipers – that prevents many from stepping through the
    door to see what is on the other side. Or, more troubling still, halting
    at the threshhold of the doorway, glimpsing a partial truth without
    understanding its full ramifications.

    Equally human

    To explain what I mean, let us digress for a moment and consider the allegorical film The Matrix.

    Neo, the hero played by Keanu Reeves, starts to realise that the
    reality around him is not as solid as it once seemed. Things have become
    peculiar, inconsistent, inexplicable. He is shown the door to an
    entirely different reality with the help of a mentor, Morpheus. Neo
    discovers that in truth he exists in a dark world taken over by
    computer-generated life forms that feed off the consciousnesses of him
    and the rest of mankind. Until then, he had been living in a dream world
    created to pacify him and other humans as they are exploited for their

    Neo and a small band of others who have liberated themselves from
    this false consciousness cannot hope to defeat their opponents directly.
    They must wage war through the Matrix, a digital world in which the
    computer life-forms always triumph. It is only when Neo finally grasps
    that the Matrix is an illusion too – that these life forms he is
    battling are simply binary code – that he becomes strong enough to

    Back to us. On the other side of the door lies a truth that humans
    are all equally human. From this vantage point, it is possible to
    understand that a privileged westerner or Israeli would react exactly
    like a Palestinian if he had to endure the experiences of living in
    Gaza. From this location, it is possible to understand that my son might
    pull the trigger, just like most Israeli teenagers do, if he had been
    bombarded, like them, with brainwashing all his life from his media,
    school and politicians depicting Palestinians as primitive and violent.

    From the other side of the door, Russia’s Vladimir Putin or Bashar
    al-Assad look as irrational, or rational, and as criminal as George W
    Bush, Tony Blair, Barack Obama, or Donald Trump. In fact, they look less
    criminal – not because they are better humans than their western
    counterparts, but simply because they enjoy less power and face more
    constraints in trying to impose their will. The issue is not about who
    is better. They are the same as humans. It is about who has more force
    at their disposal – and more will to use it – to perpetuate their power.

    Enslaved to power

    The conclusion from this is that the way to change our societies
    fundamentally for the better depends on a change in our consciousness,
    on liberating ourselves from false perspective, on stepping through the

    If we remain in a world of illusions, of false hierarchies of virtue,
    oblivious to the role of power, we will continue to be like Neo living
    in his dream world.

    And if we step only to the threshhold, glimpsing the shadows on the
    the other side, we will be equally in thrall to illusions, just as Neo
    took his battle back into the Matrix, fighting ghosts in the machine as
    though they were flesh-and-blood enemies.

    This danger can be seen in the case of Israel-Palestine too, where
    the horrors that Israel inflicts on Palestinians justifiably radicalise
    many observers. But not all step fully through the door. They linger at
    the threshhold, angry with Israel and Israelis, and beatifying
    Palestinians as nothing more than victims. Some manage to find false
    consolation again, this time accepting readymade conspiracies that “the
    Jews” are pulling the levers that make such outrages – and western
    inaction – possible.

    To stand in the doorway is as bad as refusing to step through. The
    illusions are as dangerous, the false consciousness as profound.

    Our planet and our children’s futures depend on us liberating
    ourselves, seeing the ghosts in the machine for what they truly are. We
    have to begin rebuilding our societies on the basis that we share a
    common humanity. That other humans are not our enemies, only those who
    wish to enslave us to their power.

    • neil barron

      Manifesto of stupidity! you haven’t learned anything have you. Go find another door.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Please do leave yourself Neil and close the door behind you.

        The account that Attrition has shared with us is worth reading and is in fact an account of the reality that you fear Neil.

        There is no hope for people such as you who are simply another form of ISIS who wish to enslave our minds.

      • Merijn

        Yeah Go find another door….latersss

      • Siegfried

        Count your SHEKELS and get lost

      • Attrition47


    • Merijn

      Good Post Thanksalot my Friend…

      • Attrition47

        You’re most kind.

  • Lupus

    Its all good. This desert hunt gives good training for the bigger pocket cleansing to come in East Homs/ DEZ

    • Рахматула Курбаналиев

      hello i no speak english all much, we are with you and help you

      • Siegfried

        Help if post in ENGLISH.

        • jako

          so you are interested in Russian ISIS content

          • I always thought that the Russians are the evil guys who helped a bloody secular dictator to stay in a power and gave him necessary support and weapons to kill his own people but now i know they are federation of more countries and there are muslims too so not all of them (Russians) are bad. So i ask God to forgive me when i asked him to destroy all of them.

          • jako

            go away you CIA and Mossad whore

          • You are brainwash nobody except some conspiratists on this site will take your seriously.

          • jako
          • You just bruned the seal of the prophet you know that? Shame on you. There is valid criticism of lSlS but never burn the flag of the Muslims to insult them:

          • jako

            your false “prophet” was pedophile and you are CIA and Mossad servants

          • Icarus Tanović

            No, that was your ass.

          • hamster

            Actually, almost nobody in the Muslim world takes you seriously. You’re pretty much irrelevant and will remain that way.

          • Merijn

            Do you know that the Khazarian Israhelli-Elite is planning to Sacrifice all you Poor IsraHelli-Citizens…? Just like they did in WWII… and you work for these Fucktards? You are Workin’ on your own Destruction at the Moment….smart…very smart…I can tell you…Hasbaras ain’t part of the “Club” that is going to Flee to safety…

          • You cannot be serious can you? You are the same person than one guy there, he writes exactly same nonsense and thinks that he is funny when he insults somebody with that. Are you living in alternative dimension? What are you talking about. Im way smarter than you even if my english is not perfect and look at your picture if it is yours: Your forehead is deformed and this is clear sign of lower intelligence and low empathy.

          • And im here because i heard about this site(southfront) spreading lies about the lSlS on the lSlS website so im here to defend the truth not because somebody pay me.

        • Icarus Tanović

          It says, “Be with us, Allah! Al Aksa calls Al Aksa calls, Al Aksa calls and cry: AAAAAAH!” and so on.
          Wahhabi fakeery. As they are concerned about Al Aksa?! OH REALLY! Only if…they arent Mossad agents.
          FUCK OF:

        • That Orc is beyond help.

      • All we did was trying to help others. We muslims are not scared of death, may God accept us and allow us and all our families eternal greatness, this life is only a temporary one we all have to meet our lord.

        • Merijn

          You are just another Mossad-Cunt…. Your LIES are done Khazarian Mofos….Finito… Just Like your Israeli-Secret-Intelligence-Service… that they may Burn in the Desert…

        • gustavo

          WOW, your brain has been completely washed out. You have been prepared to burn yourself, congratulation ! you are a life hater. God put you on the Earth to love and to ejoy life and its creation, not to hate it.

          • No i love life and love my life too but im not scared of death knowing that life is only a temporary and we will once die all anyway.

    • Siegfried

      Open-range, not quite proper for troops without an efficient soil-air defense.
      And MOSCOW doesn’t deliver any S-300…..

    • Bill Wilson

      It should give the SAA a better idea on how ISIS can hide out and travel across that desolate region. You can get a bird’s eye view of that central desert by using Google Earth where one can zoom in for a close-up view of the paved roads, dirt roads, tire tracks across the desert and tiny hamlets/villages that are widely scattered. ISIS has been running thru there for years so knows how to get around the scattered SAA / FSA-US outposts and observation stations.

      • Lupus

        You got the point 😎👍

  • pjt

    Decent percentage of fighters “bussed out” are still going to jihad

  • Siegfried

    Hope the Syrians finish the CIA-crap there and can move finally to the OIL-fields occupied by the US and ISIS-g@rbage

  • Nice work by SAA! Get in there before the Daeshtarded Orcs have had time to build the sort of tunnel complexes that were seen in DeZ City, Raqqa, East Ghouta, and Yarmouk! Without those fortifications the Orcs are Sitting Ducks in a shooting gallery! :D

  • gustavo

    None area, none group of terrorists (small or large) must be underestimated. All of them must be attack with the same energy, brave, without fear, fast, without mercy, and with strong Russia aerospace force support and protection.