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JUNE 2023

Syrian Fighter Jets Bomb Terrorists’ Aleppo-Bound Convoys in Idlib Province

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Syrian Fighter Jets Bomb Terrorists' Aleppo-Bound Convoys in Idlib Province

The Syrian Air Force targeted several convoys of terrorist groups’ vehicles, carrying ammunition and arms for Jeish al-Fatah terrorists, deployed in the southern districts of Aleppo, in eastern and southeastern Idlib, the Fars news agency reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed military sources.

“None of the vehicles of terrorist groups’ convoys could reach Aleppo’s territories and the entire of them were destroyed in the Syrian airstrikes inside Idlib province,” the sources said.

“The Syrian warplanes also targeted Jeish al-Fatah’s narrow corridor in al-Ramousiyeh and administration buildings in military academy, leaving many militants dead,” they added.

“Syrian snipers and the army’s mortar units have monitored and targeted any movement along Jeish al-Fatah’s corridor in al-Ramousiyeh,” the sources said. “There is no way for terrorist to dispatch army and ammunition to their comrades in eastern part of Aleppo city. A large number of militants in eastern districts of Aleppo are non-Syrians.”

According to earlier reports, several rounds of attacks on terrorist groups’ military convoys in southwestern and northwestern Aleppo were launched by Syrian fighter jets. It prevented the terrorists to supply fresh forces and arms for Jeish al-Fatah in the southern districts of the city of Aleppo.

The Syrian fighter jets’ strikes also hit badly long columns of terrorists’ vehicles in different roads near al-Zerbeh, Kahn Touman, Saraqib, Taftnaz, Kafr Hamra, and Haraytan.

None of the convoy could deliver ammunition, army and fresh forces to battlefield in southern districts of the city of Aleppo.

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The al-Ramousiyeh corridor is a blessing in disguise !! Like a plate of honey the Saudi-Terrorists are rushing in to be aniquilated in a meat grinder !! Congratulation to the Syrian Air Force and the Russians too

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